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ryoutakises asked: Tanaka Ryuunosuke or Sugawara Koushi?

Crow Son or Mama Crow? How ‘bout both? ╮(─▽─)╭

First time using Twixtor ( this super smooth slow motion effect) and it looks super magestic, i’m proud (BUT I WASTE MY 3 HOURS OF LEARNING IT I’M SO DONE OF THIS MEP PART) c’: i was supposed to do Jack/Anti edit but my deadlines, everything wants me to do it, soooo maybe i will do Anti edit next week? i dunno i will see xD

as someone whose handwriting has been horrible and almost entirely illegible (including,,,to me,,,i could not read those terrible hand shapes) for my Entire Goddamn Life i am so weirdly super duper proud of how much my handwriting improved over the summer???

look at this?? look at those mostly recognizable letters….. words separated by spaces….Punctuation…………………im shook

Jon + Damian

( minor spoilers for Super Sons 6 )

Is it just me or was anyone else surprised when Jon ACTUALLY listened to Damian and went home? I’m just so used to the ‘sidekick’ or younger half of a duo to disobey that sort of thing. Jon is oddly obedient. I know he’s 10, but still. 

When he’s Superboy, he acts like his dad AS MUCH as possible. Calls Damian out when he gets too dramatic, etc. 

But when he goes home on time and Lois is talking to him, he quotes Damian. Without admitting it, I’m sure he respects and/or looks up to Damian which is why Jon listens to him and acts this way. 

Whether it’s Damian or Superman, Jon wants to make them proud & trusts them. At first I was worried that his character relied so much on the influence of others but you know what? That’s exactly how a kid is. 

The only difference here is that this is the strongest kid in the universe and I’m nervous about Damian Wayne al Ghul leaving any impressions on him.

  • Taken from personal experience.
  • YoonMin Shippers: very sweet very nice very lovely like I have no bad words for these people how are they so nice literally all fics of their otp is angst angst angst how are you not rolling in rage
  • TaeKook Shippers: very dirty but try to be low key about it but then just blow up with all the bottled up thirst and go on kinky one shot rampages but also really weird in the best way possible
  • NamJin: calm as fuck, secure with their ship like really mature and idk why, I respect you but I don't understand you
  • VHope: oh my god dirtiest people you'll ever meet but they have 0 shame, yeah they read that one shot of v calling Hobi daddy while being fucked in a public restroom with Jungkook in the next stall and they're proud of it
  • YoonSeok: super laid back when expressing their love for this ship their tags are either 'oh they're so cute' or 'omg they looked at each other' //idk how you survive because I rarely see any quality YoonSeok shit so I give you props for sticking to your guns// well shut me the fuck up yoonseok is sailing nowadays hold onto it while you can
  • JiHope: you're either a sadist or the sweetest cinnamon roll because I've seen you guys blushing and getting flustered over Jimin just grazing Hobis thigh but then going off into your own fantasy of 50 shades of JiHope, some of ya'll are nasty.
  • JiKook: idk why but most people I've met that ship JiKook hard also ship Jimin with everyone like they want a BTS sandwich with Jimin in the middle but at the same time they're very loving and pretty much adore their ship but say anything about "lol Jungkook ignores Jimin he hates him" and they'll be serving your head for dinner
  • VMin: oh man these guys are the funniest, they can be dirty but it mostly consists of pervy jokes and their favourite moments between their ship are when the two are bickering or jokingly insulting each other they're down for pretty much anything
  • TaeJin: Kinky af and it scares me how quick you can go from sweet to horny
  • JinKook: you guys are cute af, sure you can be nasty like the rest but you're genuinely happy just watching Jin dote over Jungkook and it's the sweetest thing ever and you deserve every ship moment that happens because you guys are the real cinnamon roll

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I never really realized how pale Ethan is, but I'm kind of glad he is pale cause it kind of makes me happy since I too am pale, I always am told to tan and people act like my reasoning for not tanning is stupid, I'm like "Look, I don't want to tan cause I just don't like it. I don't have to be tan in order to attract anyone, being pale is just fine!" So, Ethan is someone I really look up to not only with personality, but I guess body image too. BLUE BOI IS BEST BOI!

I’m glad that seeing his paleness made you a bit happy! And I’m super proud that you’re not letting anyone change your mind about being pale. Imo pale skin is super pretty. ;)

i know this won’t look like much to others but i just passed my career high for the first time ever as support only. i had gotten that career high prior with an ex and never got beyond it. but this time i’m doing it completely on my own and only as a support. i’m super proud of myself

i’m gonna get plat this season gdi


enesokei/cakepcps commissioned: Sprite, seven characters

@cakepcps​ commissioned me to make sprites of seven of her characters and holy fluffballs this took longer than I expected but I’m super proud of how they turned out!! It was also a fun exercise in using this style to create radically different characters, and an exercise in making characters who look similar but also aren’t the same. Hope you like it!

Commission Info

So my cousin, who is so cool by the way, has her own little movie that she’s been writing for years and is finally filming it and we’ve all been so excited waiting for updates and stuff and she was looking for someone to play a club owner and put out open auditions on Facebook. My dad (who is her actual cousin ffs she’s my 2nd cousin but I don’t like my first cousins so she’s just my cousin) auditioned for the part just for shits and gigs and actually got it!! I’m so happy for him I’m so so so much more excited for it to come out now!!!


Collab with the super awesome and sweet @emeraux she did the lineart and i did the coloring, hope you like it! >w<

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Hi Hachi! I wanted to tell you that your art is super super nice and I love it with all my heart! I've been following you for so so long and you've improved a lot and I'm really proud of you! Also, you're a big inspiration for me ;v; Aaaaaand you probably get this a lot but I also wanted to tell you that you're a super sweet and kind person! I've wanted to talk to you for ages but I'm... easily intimidated and also an awkward potato and I don't know how so :____ Aaaaaa have a nice day! <3

thank you so so much for being such a long-term follower ;;___;; when I look back at the way my art was 2 years ago it’s…mildly cringey to say the least, but it feels really rewarding to know that thanks to sharing my work online and getting so much encouragement and support from you guys, I’ve improved and kept at it, and it’s honestly thanks you all that I’m where I am right now TvT

dfhgfdgd YOU ANON ARE THE REALLY SWEET ONE *HUGS* the best step toward wanting to talk to somebody though, is to stop yourself from thinking of others you admire as being somehow ‘too cool to approach’ or ‘out of your league’ - and don’t put yourself down! Whether you struggle with picking topics to talk about, or get really shy when first meeting people, y’gotta have a little confidence in yourself and trust even if you hit a couple speedbumps, folks will see how genuine and friendly you are and hook onto that instead <3

Artists are just everyday folk, except we tend to have worse backs than most….so much bad hunching


patheticmeow-deactivated2016041  asked:

I really want to learn how to draw but I'm afraid of how bad my art will look. I don't want people making fun of my work behind my or anything. Do you have any suggestions for beginners?

My suggestion? Ignore them. It seems super hard, and I know that it may be you know- stupid - for me to say such things but you just have to be confident in your work. We all were in places were we had terrible art or something we weren’t proud of, hell it still happens! We just need to keep on trying and trucking forward!

And if it does end up on a blog like mine or is on my blog please DON’T BE AFRAID OF ASKING FOR IT TO BE BROUGHT DOWN. It doesn’t matter how many notes it has, it will be put down and if a bad art blog refuses: ask me and I will aid you in asking for the taking down of the artwork

Now on how to get better?

Look at objects around you and practice drawing it. Take note of all the little details in life and admire them. Look at the human body, animals, ANYTHING you want to get better at and draw it. Draw it again, don’t be adraid to keep trying because I know that you will get better. Practice and inspiration are strong keys to making a great artist.

Just know that life around you can provide an amazing amount of tutorials as well as places on tumblr! So look around the web, take art classes, or admit work for museums.

Bottom line: Just keep working and don’t care what people say. I believe you can make amazing things.

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Do you think it's weird for someone to call you "senpai" if they are older than you? Because I call you "senpai," even when I talk about your art to my friends, and they all say that I shouldn't call you that because I'm actually like six years older than you. I don't think it's weird, cause to me you ARE my senpai in art because you've been doing it longer and are better than me, but I guess I just wanted to see if YOU think it's weird at all. Either way, I still see you as senpai~! :3

ahhh stop it stoopp iiiiittttttttt ;A;

asdaksdajs I actually get very flattered when people call me that??? Like, it’s sort of a bit awkward but still so very very nice and makes me super proud?? so thank you!<3

Actually I’ve ~looked for~ the definition of it to be sure what it means, and it said it wasn’t only someone older, but also someone more experienced in a certain subject. so the fact you consider me that makes me all alskdajs dhhdhhh duhduhDuh

thank you again^_^

Can I just say how proud I am of Jack?

Wait, no, how proud all of us are of Jack.

I might’ve only been here for 9 months, but looking back on his older videos and looking at him now, he’s come so far!

Like, he started out in a cabin with crappy internet, with only a couple of us watching him at the time. He was still in college! Then eventually he finished college and did YouTube full time. Then more and more of us came to watch him, and we all became one big happy family, all 5 million of us.

And, like, the people he used to watch on YouTube, the people he used to look up to, he can now call his friends. Not many people can say that! He even got to go to conventions with them and even meet some of us! How frickin cool is that?!

He built such a loving community; no, family, that I am so proud to be a part of. And we’re gonna keep growing bigger and bigger.

Jack, we’re all super proud of you, keep doing what you do best bud, we love you :) <3

six months ❤ 💋 💌

every day i fall more and more in love with her, and every day we grow stronger and closer

i can finally look at a person and go, yep.  this is it.  she’s my one.


look at this thing i made, i’m proud of it and everything