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The Raven King, Chapter 3 – Andrew Does Shit No One Expects Him To, Pt. 1

In which we prepare for more Serious Orange Sportsball Business, the picture-perfect princess quote happens, Andrew develops new levels of Interesting™, Kevin is a Grade A jealous boyfriend, and have I mentioned I love Wymack enough recently?

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Raven King.

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on BPD! nursey: we know that he hasn't been playing hockey for as long as a lot of his teammates, lets talk about how bpd fucks with your sense of self and can cause you to cycle through interests/hobbies like it's your job so he never really settled on a sport until hockey and sometimes he has this crushing fear that maybe he hates hockey and isn't any good so why is he doing this again???

I feel this so hard anon.

Look, he’s super intelligent and when his BPD lets him, he’s amazing at taking directions. And upper middle to upper class society is super obsessed with prodigies. So he’ll pick up something and while he’s learning the basics he can (mostly) justify to himself when he stumbles. But the second he feels like he should know better, or be better, he becomes so disillusioned by his interest. That tends to happen most often with sports verses artistic pursuits. 

Because in sports there are more objective indicators of success (like records to break and teammates’ stamina to keep up with). There’s also no procrastination in sports. Let me clarify. Derek can put off a humanities or art project until the last minute and still pull off a great product. If he does well enough to garner praise, “it’s chill, I didn’t spend that much time on it.” If it sucks for whatever reason he can just shrug, “I half-assed that project anyway.” 

So there was soccer, basketball, football, and even–lacrosse.  You also have to remember that he’s pretty clumsy off the ice. Which is what all of these sports had in common, they were off ice. Something about how challenging skating was at first kept him interested. And he could see the progress by how infrequently he fell. 

So were there times he wanted to quit? Definitely. Especially since he doesn’t start playing until he’s in middle school (some kids have been playing for as long as they can remember). And that was before he hit his growth spurt, so there were a few years where he was constantly back and forth about whether he was cut out for it if he was gonna be this tiny d-man going against six ft plus forwards. 

He does have soft hands and he does learn how to be so graceful on ice. And maybe that doesn’t help when he feels like a poser in his own life (pretending that he’s anything more than an oversized poet). It doesn’t help when he’s looking at colleges and constantly wondering who he’s supposed to be; what’s the right decision; who would even want him? 

Everyone’s supposed to be their own worst critic, but it’s a whole new level when you have BPD. It’s Nursey spending the rest of the day after a bad practice hating himself and wanting to quit before the coaches cut him and all of his friends leave him. It’s staying up at night after missing an “easy” pass wondering if any college would accept his transfer request (wondering if his parents would still support him or if maybe he should start over somewhere completely new where no one’s learned to hate him yet). 

It’s not easy. But he does goes to therapy and learns how to alleviate that thought pattern. And when he can believe in his abilities, when he really lets himself get what he gives and appreciates what he brings to the team, it’s a beautiful feeling. 

feel free to send me more thought on Nursey’s BPD

Korrasami/Fullmetal Alchemist crossover

(or: maybe just an elaborate excuse to draw abs)

I SAID I WAS GONNA DRAW IT tumblr this crossover is giving me a lot of feels~

you say you want a revolution

So largely thanks to Hamilton, queenitsy and I spent most of brunch giggling over a Founding Fathers boy band AU, because we are Very Cool.  And now I really want this to be A Thing without having to write it:

(This is MY MASTERPIECE. Also Madison’s head fit onto Howie’s eerily well.)

  • They are called Revolution, of course.
  • George Washington is the original heartthrob of the band and the responsible one who breaks up fights and gets them places on time and stuff.  He’s the only one who they all always get along with.  He’s the oldest and he’s been in the business for a million years - he got his start on some weird MMC-esque sketch comedy/musical show on Disney or Nick when he was like nine, playing a character just called “the General.”  People still call him that sometimes and bring it up in interviews and he’s very polite and gracious about it but privately he finds it very embarrassing.  He has a steady girlfriend named Martha back home but is very private about it.  The guys call him G-Dubs (“…and sometimes just Dubs.  Wait, why did I just get choked up over that?” #WASHINGTONFEELZ)
  • Alexander Hamilton is the baby of the group at first, and very much George’s little brother - and then suddenly he hits puberty and everyone’s like “…whoa” and suddenly, surprise!  The band has a new heartthrob!  He’s a total prodigy and super charming but also constantly in the news for various scandals, flings, and unwise public statements.  He loves G-Dubs SO MUCH YOU GUYS.
  • Thomas “TJ” Jefferson is kind of the laid-back dreamer of the group.  He keeps a dream journal and frequently tries to turn its contents into songs, which are sometimes brilliant (“Declaration” was #1 on the charts for seventy-six weeks) and sometimes bananas (no one liked “Virginia” except Madison, TJ, and did you forget you’re not in a country band?).  Smokes a lot of pot.
  • John Adams is no one’s favorite member of the band but probably the hardest-working of all of them and actually has the most solos.  He has a steady girlfriend back home too, Abby, and is actually pretty public about it, but because he’s not that popular she doesn’t really deal with any shit from the fandom.  (Mostly she’s written as the wise best friend/matchmaker in fic, either getting the Mary Sue protagonist together with her guy of choice, or aggressively shipping the fic’s main slash pairing, which is usually the extremely random and based-entirely-on-hotness pairing of Alex/TJ.  There is a small but fierce contingent of John/TJ shippers and Abby finds it actively hilarious and will read choice bits aloud to John just to watch him turn red and start spluttering.)  He and Alex get into a lot of screaming matches, even when they agree, and George is like “Just let them work it out, let’s go hang out on the other tour bus and talk about Virginia” to the other two.  Also, he and TJ are best friends even though they disagree about absolutely everything.
  • James “Jimmy” Madison is the one everyone forgets about.  He’s surprisingly indispensable - he misses a concert once because he has laryngitis and it’s their worst performance ever - but still no one really cares.  He loves TJ the most and is very hurt that TJ actually considers John his best friend.


  • Benjamin Franklin is their manager.  He knows everyone in the industry but otherwise he’s mostly useless as anything except a source of incoherent folksy witticisms.  George does all the actual planning.
  • Lafayette is their weird French pop star opening act.  Alex and TJ fight over who he likes better.
  • Laurens is Alex’s paid best friend who he might be sleeping with, no one’s really sure.
  • The Schuyler Sisters are a very successful girl group and Alex has a high-profile relationship with Eliza and eventually marries her.  That does not put a stop to the scandals, including the rumor that he’s sleeping with Angelica (he’s not, but only because she wouldn’t do that to Eliza).
  • Aaron Burr was a member of the band but quit early on when he decided they were going nowhere fast.  They basically became massive successes the next day and he’s never quite gotten over it (and his solo career is nowhere near their level of fame).  He and Alex are constantly publicly sniping at each other.

The band eventually breaks up when George decides he is 32 and tired of being in a boy band/performing in general.  (Alex sobs when George refuses to be convinced otherwise.)  They think for like 30 seconds that they might be able to keep going but then John and TJ have an enormous knock-down, drag-out fight and literally don’t speak to each other for twelve years (historical fact!).  Alex proceeds to alienate literally everyone (well, he patches things up with G-Dubs pretty quickly, and Ben is inalienable (HA!) because he literally doesn’t care what these children do), then engages in several very public flame-outs before pulling together a respectable solo career.  TJ focuses on songwriting and Jimmy becomes a very successful producer; they work together a lot.  George and John both retire from performing completely and are happily domestic.

Years later, TJ and Aaron are both up for some award and Alex is very public in his support for TJ, which surprises everyone because the bad blood between him and TJ is still going strong.  TJ wins, Aaron blames Alex, and that year Alex says something sassy to Aaron on his way to present an award at the Grammys…and Aaron STRAIGHT UP TACKLES HIM ONSTAGE and they get into a SUPER VIOLENT FIST FIGHT and it takes security a good 15 minutes to pull them apart.  BEST GRAMMYS EVER.

Years after that, TJ and John are photographed having dinner together and everyone LOSES THEIR SHIT because OMG IS REVOLUTION GETTING BACK TOGETHER???  And they’re like “What?  This is not a big deal.”  BUT IT IS A VERY BIG DEAL.

(and then, idk, they found a record label called United Songs of America or something, who cares, LET’S TALK MORE ABOUT THE SILLY PANTS THEY WEAR DURING THEIR FIRST TOUR)

-Consequences- (Closed with Livinglikeleevi)

He wasn’t sure exactly how long it had been, maybe three days. 72 hours since he had been taken and locked up in that van and began his journey back to the lab…

The whole ride had been terrifying though he had to keep it all contained. He was on the verge of panic as he thought of ways in which the plan could go wrong and how he really could get locked up again. Cade had to keep focus, no matter how badly the urge to just freak out and try to escape now rather than stick to the plan pierced his thoughts.

Cade had remained on the cold floor of van for what seemed like hours. He was aware that the main facility was quite a ways away and that it would take a long time to get there.  Even so he wasn’t waiting to be a certain distance from the lab but rather from the city. His plan was to not end up being too far from the city but also far enough away for the lab to believe there were plenty of other places he could have gone…

When the time was right he jumped into action. He sprung from his place on the floor, having not actually been tranquilized like the officials believed him to be.. Using his abilities he bent the officer’s gun, rendering it useless as he then used the same abilities to unlock his hand cuffs. Quickly he incapacitated the man guarding him and started his escape.

What followed was the twisting and mangling of metal by the mere power of one’s mind.

It hadn’t been as hard as he had expected it to be, though using his abilities like that had been incredibly draining. Luckily Adam had been going through with the plan from his end and was able to pick Cade up a short ways away from the wreckage. If he had made it to the lab though…well it certainly wouldn’t have been so easy, perhaps he wouldn’t been able to escape at all…

All of this led his thoughts back to one man, Jeremy. That man almost got him sent back to that literal hell. Not only that but he had used Leevi and even handed the brunette to them like he was some kind of bargaining chip. Cade was furious, blood still remaining at a steady boil. That vile cretin treated Leevi like shit and tried to hand him to the lab. And for what reason? Just to get rid of him? That man wanted him out of the picture. Why? Because of Leevi. That stuck up blond nearly sent him back to that place just so he could keep Leevi to himself and treat him like a god damned toy.

Knowing all of this he knew he would end up back in this city after he escaped. He needed to know Leevi was alright, and he needed to have a word with this Jeremy guy.

It was late, or really perhaps it was early. The clocked had just rolled over to 3AM as Cade cruised down the street in another stolen vehicle, Adam with him in the passengers seat. He already checked Leevi’s place and found that he wasn’t there. Surely the brunette was at Jeremy’s then…even if he wasn’t though at least he would find that prick instead.

Finding Jeremy’s address was like nothing to him, people these days were so easy to find, meanwhile he survived by being near impossible to find. Cade pulled up in front of the blonds place, parking the car. The heavy rain left Adam sitting in the car to watch as his master slammed the door and head up to the building.

The front door was no obstacle to him, it swung open for him before he even made it up the steps. Cade was quiet about all of this though, stealthily walking into the foreign abode, already dripping wet from the weather. Cerulean eyes scanned the area as the entryway seemed to branch into the living room. His gaze quickly found the body curled up on the couch, chestnut locks draping over the edge. Leevi.

Hurried footsteps remained quiet as he went over to the couch and knelled down. His hand moved to the brunette, gently shaking him awake. “Leevi. Wake up.” he told him in a hushed tone, his cerulean gaze peering at the man despite the dark of night. There was just enough lighting in the room cast in through the windows from street lamps and occasional passing cars to make out each others forms and features.

Despite Cade having found Leevi his expression was still serious. His eyes showed concern yet managed to be distant in a sense. He was still wearing Leevi’s hoodie though now it had blood on it again, his own, and others. His wound had ripped open but he wasn’t concerned about that right now. The man also looked like he hadn’t slept in days, which he hadn’t, he kinda looked like shit. Cade didn’t care about his own appearance right now either though, he was only concerned about Leevi. Who knew what this asshole might have done during the time he was gone…

This episode was a well deserved tribute to the Yukio Kasamatsu.

I guess he is the most appealing representation of all those hard workers out there. Yukio’s not a prodigy, not super-talented, not really tall for a basketball player, yet he’s a captain of one of the strongest teams in the country. How’s that? 

Hard work. Lots of hard work. Kid is not going easy on anybody, including himself. 

Moreover, he’s the most detailed representation of the ideal captain that we have in the series. If not Nijimura, I’d probably name Kasamatsu the best captain out there. There’s also a normal side of Akashi that is a good example, but it’s almost not shown, and the Emperor side is not even a subject. You don’t use teammates as pawns, Seijuro.

*I already questioned myself what would be if Emperor side of Akashi had to encounter Kasamatsu as the captain, but I guess I’m not prepared for horror movie with these two.*

Kasamatsu’s strict, yet he allows teammates to be themselves. He mastered the carrot and the stick approach like a pro. I honestly believe that if Kasamatsu happen to meet Nijimura the two would exchange some knowledge on kicks and would definitely became BFFs. Most of the time we see Yukio annoyed with the way teammates behave themselves and who wouldn’t be annoyed having a bubbly blonde in the team? but when times are hard he’s the one to stay collected, push them forward and offer the help. 

I also believe that after every defeat (Kaijo here suffers the most in the series) the thought towards teammates that “you have failed me” would never came up in his head. He sees the way everybody works, so in case of defeat the first person to blame for Yukio would be himself. So the only thing I can wish for him is loosen up a bit.

Kasamatsu is definitely the best senpai in the entire series for me (alongside with Nijumura who’s representation is sadly very limited). Strict, caring and fair. And his totem-animal is obviously grumpy cat, I mean really, they even have the same pout. :)

every single god damn thing about speak now and everything it’s associated with is underrated speak now is the forgotten child the super smart prodigy that gets ignored Bc the other siblings are prettier TBH Taylor legit thinks it ain’t exist like “speak now ???? Oh u mean RED lmao” listen to me you cowards

Slytherin and Ravenclaw and to a somewhat lesser extent but still honestly Gryffindor too, are all houses based on elitist principles, Slytherin just happens to be the most blatantly discriminatory. Hufflepuff is the only house where the founder was like, “uh I’ll just… take basically anyone with a decent attitude”. Hufflepuffs believe in guaranteed universal income. Hufflepuffs are advocates of strong social safety nets. Hufflepuffs are like REALLY GOOD social workers & teachers etc who find the kids who slip through the cracks in the system and make it a point to make sure those kids don’t get left behind just because they’re not from wealthy families or super prodigies or the kind of kids who act out.