super pregnant

Would Bulma have prevented Vegeta from going to the tournament?

It is clear that Vegeta tried throughout all episode of not showing how much he cared about the birth of his daughter, but it is also easy to think that Bulma had demanded him not to go to train for be present at birth, in the same way that  she demanded that he be on her birthday (We know that She is the one who rules their marriage).

But it’s a curious fact that in Episode 77, it was Bulma who reminded to Goku that he was going to invite to Vegeta to train. Even, she didn’t look disgusted by the idea. (In adittion, she felt guilty and apologized for holding up Vegeta’s training in episode 83). And It makes me doubt that if Bulma really had prevented Vegeta from going to the tournament in the first place.

Which makes me think that like does Goku work in the farm because Chichi forces him, Vegeta uses to Bulma as an excuse to justify his “acts of charity” in front of other people, as if “she forced him to be more human”.  

Maybe, also she demand him that he gives her affection (or to spend time together), so that she make believe him to be forced to do it, when in fact he wants to do it too.

And the only person who knows the truth is Bulma and she follows him in his game because he feels more comfortable, and she is happy with that.


I just noticed something

Remember when Goku asked Vegeta to go train and he had this blue shirt?

And Bulma was wearing this pink apron thingy?

And they kept emphasizing how Bulma will give birth soon

The shirt Vegeta is wearing here is the SAME when he talked with Goku about not wanting to go train to be there for Bulma, SHE GAVE BIRTH IN THAT ACTUAL DAY GUYS

It’s like he KNEW she was ABOUT TO GIVE BIRTH



Reasons my classes got cancelled in college
  • Theatre: My teacher scored an audition for Monk.
  • History: My teacher couldn't get in the damn parking lot
  • Communications: Teacher straight up wasn't feeling it today.
  • Film: Teacher had to guest star on "All My Children" reunion
  • Journalism: Teacher was still trying to get PHD and needed to wrap up a project
  • Art History: Teacher was super pregnant
  • Photography: Teacher could not get access to the lab
  • English: Teacher had so many goddamn papers to grade just give her a sec
  • Engineering: HAHA like I would go to an engineering class god I could be so much richer by now
Reasons why Padme was a badass who deserved better:
  • She was the freakin’ Queen of her home PLANET
  • They loved her so much they wanted to change the laws and to keep her in royal office (Naboo has elected royalty why not). 
  • Even though she sort of retired she still became a well respected senator when her planet needed her.
  • Cared about the rules but when it came down to it was like fuck it imma get what I want and married her jedi hunk of a man child.
  • Her safety is at risk? A whole council of Jedis told her to be careful? Better go rescue Obi wan then. 
  • Was super pregnant and still working as a politician.
  • On that note, was a politician who was secretly married and expecting but apparently that was fine? Either the republic was uber progressive or she was just so awesome no one would mess with her? 
  • Diplomatic wizard. 
  • Smart, caring, and ready to fight if necessary.