what superpowers the signs would have
  • Aries: flight
  • Taurus: being able to freeze time
  • Gemini: super strength
  • Cancer: being able to shoot lasers from eyes
  • Leo: basically spider-man
  • Libra: teleportation
  • Virgo: mind control
  • Scorpio: immortal
  • Sagittarius: invisibility
  • Capricorn: psychic
  • Aquarius: being able to jump through time (time travel)
  • Pisces: super speed
The Year of The Blerd

The word “BLERD” is short for “Black Nerd.”

And this cosplay edition is for blerds!

There are so many critics, haters and racists in this sphere, so sometimes it is hard enough to represent yourself if you are black!

Cosplay is about dressing up as your favorite characters, and it doesn’t matter what is your skin color or body type or who the character is so long as you enjoy it!

You don’t have to disregard your blackness to embrace your geekness!



What super powers the signs would get

♈ Aries: Pyrokinesis

♉ Taurus: Terrakinesis

♊ Gemini: Shape shifting

♋ Cancer: Invisibility

♌ Leo: Super strength

♍ Virgo: Animal manipulation

♎ Libra: Telepathy

♏ Scorpio: Mind control

♐ Sagittarius: Teleportation

♑ Capricorn: Telekinesis

♒ Aquarius: Flight

♓ Pisces: Hydrokinesis

This is the seal of alchemy. It is actually a formula. The circle in the middle stands for the void (nothingness in a state of potential). the square around it represents thought…meaning that the thoughts activates the potential energy. The triangle represents intention (as added by universal energy or source mind) and the outer circle stands for manifestation. So it is basically a formula telling that thought creates reality… and the reason the inner and outer circle are the same shape, is because of the truth that everything-ness is nothingness. This symbol is from back in the day when it was a big secret that mind is actually what creates manifestation.