super pom

Splorch: “Good question there you tiny sphere with glasses! … Sounds familiar. Hm. ANYWAYS. Well you see, I found poor little Boom here out on the streets with his little sister. The little children were without a home or anyone to take care of them. Probably due to some poor decisions. Isn’t that right, Boom?”
Boom: “… I’ll take over from here…”
Splorch: “Go right ahead! It’s mostly about you anyways. Talk about yourself more, I’ve noticed a lot of your answers on here have been rather vague.”
Boom: “I… what? Anyways… Pom and I grew up on the streets, we were doing just fine until Pom got really sick. I don’t really know why… but I couldn’t do anything about it.”

Boom: “That’s when Splorch came along… He said he could help out, he had a lot of access to medical supplies. I’ve never seen this guy before… I wasn’t sure if I could trust him…”
Splorch: “Wow. I’m hurt.”

Boom: “But… he assured me he’d help Pom and keep her safe… if I agreed to work with him.”

Boom: “So I accepted…”
Splorch: “Sure did! Best employee I’ve had so far." 

Boom: "There was a lot more to the job than I thought there would be… But he kept his end of the deal so it didn’t matter.”
Splorch: “Too bad it keeping your sis from leaving wasn’t apart of the deal. HAH. Wasn’t that a mistake. Speaking of which, where is the little scamp anyways? Don’t tell me she left again.”
Boom: “… she’s… around…”
Splorch: “Well hey, why don’t we just make it like old times and ditch that big lizard. Your position is still available." 
Boom: "Pom will be back… She promised.”
Splorch: “Promises are only words, my friend. I can assure you those don’t hold forever.”