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Collection of the remaining Screenshot Redraws I did- the first two I abandoned midway due to lack of interest, but the third was far enough along I could come back and polish it up before posting. Enjoy!

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Maeno Tomoaki pls <3

Okay, doing this because today (26th May), is Maenope’s birthday!

Happy Birthday, Maenope~!!

  • He has an older sister, with whom he had watched Dragon Ball and other animes when they were young. And it was the Dragon Ball series that made both him and his sister be part of the voice acting / anime industry.
  • When he was a little kid, while playing outside with his older sister (which he calls aneki btw lol), he was almost hit by a speeding truck, because he tried to cross the street without a chaperone
  • His sister also entered a voice acting school, earlier than him and he entered a different one from his sister’s.
  • In one of the schools he went to, he was schoolmates with Kakihara Tetsuya and in another, with Suzuki Tatsuhisa.
  • The senpais he look up to the most are Morikawa Toshiyuki and Namikawa Daisuke. He said that he’d want to be just like them, with such a wide and versatile range of voice, regardless of genre.
  • He loves the Dragon Ball series a whole lot.
  • Also, he has never failed to see any of the Doraemon movies.
  • He loves spicy food.
  • He’s a heavy gamer, especially of RPG game titles, and he likes making mage/wizard class characters.
  • Also, he’s into MMORPGs, most especially the game called 信長の野望 (Nobunaga’s Ambition)
  • He’s a big fan of the idol band ZONE.
  • The first one to ever call him “Maenu” was KENN, which he reciprocated with “KENNU”.
  • Both his radio shows with Tattsun and KENN always ends up with them talking about eroi topics. lol
  • According to Tattsun, the M for Maeno actually stands for “do-M”.
  • He’s a self confessed “do-hentai” (super perv) lol.
  • If he’ll compare himself to an animal, he said that he’d be like a dog.
  •  When asked the question “If one day you’ll turn into a woman but your voice would still be the same, what would you do?”, he said that the first thing he’ll do is of course, check out and touch himself everywhere in his “new” body.
  • He said that if he becomes an invisible man, he’d like to visit a women’s bathhouse lol
  • While recording for the Toshokan Sensou anime, he saw Marina Inoue’s nape which led to him ending up with a nape fetish. 
  • When talking with Wingu, they both slip into their Ibaraki dialect most of the time.

  • Check him out hugging Ohsaka Ryota…

  • And then trying to kiss him….lol

  • In the First Night for Otomate Party 2013, during the part of the event’s game corner where they need to use musical instruments, his team mates, Suzumura Kenichi and Yusa Kouji made him play the recorder/flute because they said that it fits him and that he’s so thin, he’s like a recorder. 

    PS he totally sucks at playing it. LOL
  • And because of that, the both the senpais he look up to the most, Morikawa and Namikawa, ended up making fun of and laughing so hard at him

  • Also check him out posing with some stuffed bears…

  • And I leave you with random GIFs of him… lol 

EXO Reaction when you take their virginity

Oh my… this request >////< I just love smut! for reals. I know this both are not the same but they are pretty similar! I hope you like it huns! Good night/morning Admin A~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: “Let’s do this slow hun… I don’t want to mess up” *He is a natural. He has it with him and knows exactly what to do. One of the best nights of your life* 

Kris: *The next day he feels like the best man in the world* “Yeah I rocked it last night!” *Sassy AF*

Sehun: You: “I think we should start with something.. not that hard. Vanilla sex will do”
Sehun: But.. I don’t like vanilla, I love choco!” *He is not getting the idea, so innocent*

Tao: *Really worried about his role last night* “I did good! Didn’t I? .. Y/N?? .. You liked it right?” *Nervous laugh*

Kai: *He is literally in paradise* “AHHHH Y/N~” 

Xiumin: *Doesn’t let you go?* “Let’s do it again! Please! I loved it! It’s my new hobby!”

Baekhyun: *You are riding him while he is enjoying it to the fullest* “Oh jagi… keep moving like that”

Luhan: *Goes and writes every detail of last night so he won’t forget how to do it the next time* “And I moved faster.. and harder… I think she moaned when I did that.. yeah~”

Chen: “Should I lay like this? Or move a little? Should I face you? How does this work?”

Kyungsoo: *Act all innocent and hides his super perv side*

Lay: “Jaagi… Jaaagi~…this is… ahhh…~!” *Moaning like an unicorn*


EXO Reaction to you super gluing your fingers

I really hope you guys like it. Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/

Chanyeol: *His hands end up worse than you* “Ehh… I did it on purpose!”

Kris: “My thing is painting not…crafts and that…” *Avoids glue at all costs*

Sehun: *Can’t stop laughing* “Oh Y/N! You look like a little kid!! Let’s go back to Kindergarten!”

Tao: “How is that even possible? I don’t get it… I can’t hold your hand!” *Never thought it could happen in real life*

Kai: “Ahhhh!!!” *Tries to help you* “No I’m sorry I can’t… Call Kyungsoo, he is the strong one..”

Xiumin: *Teases you “Come on… you can do it! Open your hands like this”

Baekhyun: “You did what? With super glue? But… oh no hospital.. now!” *worried*

Luhan: “Good! That makes it easier for tonight!” *Super perv mode*

Chen: “You want me to… aish this girl.. so clumsy sometimes!” *Struggling *

Kyungsoo: “come.. I have an old remedy for this” Perfect guy*

Lay: *Over reacts a little* “She won’t be able to hold my hands ever again!!”

Suho: *Doesn’t want to admit it but he ended the same as you* “Let’s just.. meditate… and find our inner peace.. But our hands have to be together”



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