super perv

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Sometimes I really wonder if Vmin realizes how sexual or kinky they're acting or is everything really just innocent playing with them like?? Maybe we're just too perverted lmao

Tbh, I think they are both some super duper perv dudes (Tae oh god Tae, between him and Joonie idk how who’s the most kinky, and Jimin is more subtle, but DO YOU REMEMBER THE TIME WHEN HE SAID “IT’S NOT HIS BACK YOU GUYS SHOULD ANTICIPATE” AND THEN LOOKED DOWN AT TAE’S CROTCH??? cos I damn do, man), but idk THEY ALSO LOOKS SO INNOCENT AND CUTE AND CARING WITH EACH OTHER???

Girl, how they mess with our brains so much. I low-key think that they perfectly know the fans live for their “”””””playing around””””””” and they enjoy it *massive eyeroll* It’s a bit like… you know, when they all shift from adorably cute to smoking sexy in 0.23 sec and you are like HOW??? 

H O W  I S  T H I S  E V E N  P O S S I B L E ? ? ?

And you simply don’t know where truth lies and never will  ¯¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I swear, they must have had some sort of classes to be this good at it

request for sobbing-jester who wanted a character from SNK / KNB suffering in the heat

i always had it in my head that marco loves the sun / heat so i promise to draw you someone from KNB suffering ;w;

edit: my boyf thought it was jizz on his face….IT’S SUNSCREEN