super panning

  • ChiChi: Oh, Pan. When are you going to talk?
  • Gohan: Well, don’t push her. Remember: “Tis better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.”
  • Goku [to self]: *What does that mean??? Quick, better say something, or they’ll think you’re stupid.*
  • Goku: Takes one to know one!
  • Goku [to self]: *Swish.*

Urgh, I don’t know why I’m drawing DB/Super Fanart. :D Like, why did I start watching the show? Tumblr community got me hyped. 

Top: Bulma and Vegeta taking care of Pan.

Bottom: Revelation..? (Like, Adult-Trunks going home and Vegeta mentioning that there is only one child again, and Bulma being like “Actually…”
Haha, make up your own story.)

I’m trying to develop a sketchy style that still reads (and can be taken further). Normally I’m a full-render person who hates everything with lines. I just don’t want to spend FOREVER on every single piece. (And DB compelled me to go anime-ish, because realistic Vegeta looks super strange and uncanny, haha.)