super otis

Otis is super serious right now. Guarding the door. Waiting for my mom to return. He misses her dearly because she has been off getting surgery on her back. 

The surgery was a success. The doctor thinks she’ll get some relief from her previous immense back pain. However, the recovery has been a bit rocky. The first day she couldn’t even sit up. She is doing better today, being able to walk around a bit, but she has 32 staples in her back and it is in a lot of pain from the cutting and whatnot. 

The plan is to head off to a rehab hospital for extended care. She will stay there for ten days and rehab her tooshie off. This is bad news for Otis. I can tell how much he misses her. Moping around the house looking for her. Waiting by the door hoping she’ll come through it. I miss her too. The hospital is just too far away. It is over an hour of driving and I don’t think I could handle the trip. But I talk to her on the phone and that will have to do. 

In any case, I really think her back is going to feel a lot better in the long run. I just worry the recovery period will be long and painful.

anonymous asked:

I am thinking about getting a corgi as a pet. What are your thoughts about the breed? Barking? Shedding? Exercise requirements? Recommendations? Special powers?


Thoughts about the breed…

One of the oldest known breeds. Originally bred to herd animals. They wanted a short dog so cows couldn’t kick them in the head.

Very smart. Sometimes too smart. Mischievous, but not in a bad way (most of the time). Corgis have a great sense of humor and will make you smile. They are great for cheering you up on a bad day and will keep your life interesting. I would say they are some of the happiest dogs you’ll find. 



It is a profound bark from a little dog. 

But usually it is not without cause. Mailmen. Loud vehicles. Vacuum cleaners. I think that is pretty typical for most dogs. I haven’t had much trouble with persistent barking. Though sometimes Otis will bark at weird stuff. Like when we use the spray thingie on the kitchen sink. 



I have a layer of corg on me at all times. Brushing often with a furminator can help a lot. 


Corgis have a lot of energy. Having a good space where they can run around and tire themselves out is important. We have a fenced in back yard. Thankfully Otis LOVES to fetch, so I can actually exercise him quite a bit just by throwing his ball over and over. I can even do it while sitting down. 


Crate training! Corgis like having a nest. A place they can go and close off from the world. Otis is super curious and will investigate everything, but if we put him in his crate, it is like the whole world disappears and he can finally relax. I’m not sure he would get a full night’s sleep if we didn’t put him in there. 

Special powers…


Calling all crafters!

Otis needs a couple of custom accessories for a super cool project coming up…are you a talented sewer? Want to help Otis look super snazzy? Here’s a quick run-down:

  • We need a faux collar with a tie, and also a new cape
  • We will cover your materials costs and shipping, and give you big THANKS here, as well as on
  • Deadline is November 24th (mailed by this day)

We know that isn’t a ton of time, so please only respond if you have the time to complete the items. And since it’s such a short time it’s probably best if you live in the US, just given shipping times/costs this time of year.

Interested? Email Bonus points if you have made stuff for pups before, or have a little portfolio/blog link you could send. Once we’ve got our crafter, Jessica will email out more detailed instructions (like sizing, materials specifications, etc).

Otis says “Thanks for your help!”