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heYo all n any, my name is cecy, nineteen, she/her n hailing frm gmt+1 !! i’d like to formally apologize for .. myself n for not knowing what the Heck im doing !! anyway under the cut u’ll find a lil on somi n just hmu or like this for the Plots fam !! SIDE NOTE: for some reason my ims aren’t working, im assuming they will at some point .. but i think i can still reply if u im me first ?? so pls hmu :^) i have a connections page HERE but i’m all for the brainstormin !!


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pls if you love me you all will go support one ok rock because their music is fantastic and the released their new album ambitions the other day and it’s 10/10 (as well as all their music)

I don’t think Dragon Ball Z will ever get a super saiyan transformation as effectively breath-taking as it was for Gohan. 

Ever since Cell saga ended, Dragon Ball Z as a genre ended up throwing around different forms of super saiyan left and right as if it were nothing. I’ve been starting to notice there hasn’t even been much achievement in turning super saiayn too. It was a struggle for Future Trunks, Gohan, and even Vegeta. 

Turning super saiyan was an achievement that came out of raw emotion. 

When Gohan managed to reach ssj2 you could feel your heart stop as he stood there with tears flowing out of his eyes and the stares he got from everyone, even Cell, who knew this child had reached something higher than just super saiyan. 

What was even better was Gohan was always a sweet kid who showed a lot of power for his age. Not only did we finally see what was hinted since the start in action, we could see it change him. 

It was like he was an entirely different person. 

He was malicious, he wanted to torture Cell and this is Gohan

Watching this kid change and fucking kick ass was exciting. It was like this whole side of him that you know if it comes out the person who messed with him is going to be dead. 

I love the series to death but it’s lost a lot of excitement since it caved in to particular fan desires and struggles to keep itself afloat among that…I don’t think it’ll ever reach that peak it had during the Cell saga. 

But man, the artistic genius that went into the creation of this powerful alter ego was magnificent. I still get goosebumps watching the whole transformation and fight all over again.

THE EVER LONG AWAITED— my part of an art trade w/ @tasteless-combination / @mayugesplace who requested Wolf! 2p! America x  Bunny! 1p! England ( I lOVE MINT CHOCO SHIP <3 <3 <3!!! )

I’m really sorry Hakiii if it took too long QAQ </3;;;;; But still– I hope you like it despite being super late OTL…

I’m thinking of a davekat au where one of them is super fuckin. Immortal and is like 300 or more years old but still doesn’t look a day over 22. And it’s a secret and they become friends and start to fall in love and then it gets harder for one to keep the secret of their immortality from the other until fucking. Somehow the other discovers it and is like holy SHIT. DUDE. YOURE FUCKING OLD YOURE A GEEZER. And then things happen??? Whichever one is immortal is like super…proper?? Like basically put together.

I think it would be Karkat that’s immortal. And daves just like how is he always so put together this isn’t good for my severe terminal gayness I think I’m in love rose don’t make that smugass fucking face at me this is a serious problem I’ll grow old and die and then what will he do how many has he been with am I just a fling to him what do I do rose STOP LAUGHING.

And Karkat has like this SUPER old antique cello from god knows when and he can play it so beautifully it’s mesmerizing but he won’t let ANYONE touch it bc it’s Very Very Old and his most prized possession.

And idk stuff happens?? Things?? Dave and Karkat want to spend forever together so they search for a way to make Dave immortal too but Karkat isn’t aware of any type of way bc he was all weird and mystical and half-mortal half immortal bc I guess like one of his parents was a god or some shit so he will live forever but requires food and drink and sleep and he was literally born immortal and stopped aging after 22. Like his aging process just darted to slow until at 22 it stopped altogether.

It’ll take a few years but they’ll find a way to make Dave immortal.

And after a few hundred years they have some problems and Dave leaves for another few hundred years and then comes back and they make up I guess but. Things just happen. Idk. It’s 1:30am and I just watched every twilight movie there is while deep cleaning my room so I’m all about immortal AUs rn. But this is different from those movies obv.

literally an ELF

I started listening to K-pop since 2007.
I clearly it was yesterday…. I listened to ‘Marry U’ by Super Junior, that being my first K-pop song. I instantly fell in love with Kim Heechul, my ultimate bias. Till this day still. He’s always been number 1 on my bias list..

This past week I began binge-watching ‘old(er)’ K-pop videos.. from groups like big bang, 2NE1, 2PM, super junior, FT Island, shinee, b2st etc. and there is a certain very beautiful nostalgic feeling that comes with it. I remember fangirling so much back in the day. I just want to point out that I followed almost ALL kpop groups during 2007-2011, I liked alot of them. Everything after 2011… seems so… different for me. I dont feel the way that I used to feel (before 2011…) Ofcourse I am still a die hard K-pop fan, but something in k-pop has changed so much.
I do listen to k-pop, and I do follow several groups.. but……….

Firstly I want to say how much it hurts for me to see Super Junior slowly dissapearing. And I know they, not too long ago, released a MV. But I feel Super Junior is underrated nowadays, not appreaciated, almost as if its fanbase is decreasing or people that are new to kpop are not interested in them. I find this so sad. Lately I have been fearing that this decrease in popularity will only make them quit much sooner. Suju has been in the game for 10 years. For me, they are the kings of Kpop. Super Junior played a big role in introducing kpop to the outside world.
Secondly.. Its okay that 'new’ groups are being introduced, yet at the same time all these groups mask Suju’s potential renewed succes, which makes Suju being overlooked often.
But… I also find myself not interested in any of these groups and I try so hard to be interested in them. I know EXO is popular. BTS, Seventeen and a few others, and dont get me wrong, I like the music, but I dont feel any of it. I dont feel the music, I dont feel the members, I dont feel the vibe and the music videos….. Everything is boring.
They dont give me the feeling from back in the day. All these groups are the same.
Am I just an old ass kpop fan complaining, wishing for those golden years to come back… or… seriously… Seriously, is Kpop just getting very, very, very boring in general?
Besides that, I am still a proud ELF, and I hope other ELFs will stay like that also for the next years. I am so terribly afraid of letting go of Super Junior…. They have a very special place in my heart… I want them to be popular again. I dont want to lose them.

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Instantly fell in love mortina. SO FRICKING CUTE!!! anyway how would tina feel about morty's son, morty jr.?

HELLO!! I’m so glad omg..and ahh god I wonder
Tina would probably think it’s a little weird that Morty has a son (considering if morty jr. is still alive i mean he aged super fast in that episode and by the end skit he was SUPER OLD)  and Morty having to explain how it all went down would be HILARIOUS. Ultimately she thinks it’s nice that he didn’t abandon the baby and was responsible..earns Morty some points for being a decent human being. 

Teddy Bears | pip-girl1000


“You still have to protect this little bundle of love. Can’t be in two places at once you know. What if a group of crazy Super Mutants tries to bust down the door? Your too busy keeping the door up to be fighting back properly. I’ve tried that.” She shivered at the thought. “But, if you have a backup partner- me!- you can call up and feel better knowing those big old nasty people are going to be gone. Isn’t that right, Jamie?” She cooed.

“Super mutants? They’re not as prevalent out here as back home. And we’re in a town. We’re pretty safe…” West shifted the baby as he started getting fussy. “Pip, if you want to stay with me, that’s fine, just say so. There’s a whole nother room I’m not using. I mean, it’ll be Jamie’s when he grows up, but that won’t be for a while.”

No sleep for the weird

Can I have a Sehun scenario where he wakes up at 4am and finds you still awake watching stupid YouTube videos wearing on of his old sweatshirts and has a super messy bun? Thank YOUUU I love your blog btw

AN: sorry that this took so long anonnie OTL I’m so lazy these days. I hope you enjoy this.

I hoped for the millionth time that night that I wasn’t disturbing Sehun by shaking the bed with my hardly suppressed giggles. the early hours of the morning were already here,and so was I,still awake and watching weird stuff on YouTube, wearing one of Sehun’s sweaters that I stole borrowed. As the video got weirder, I could not help but inhale sharply while stifling another fit of hilarity. I felt Sehun stir beside me and I grimaced as I started worrying about waking him up for good,but his eyes promptly opened and glanced in my direction. He sat up, a disoriented look ornamenting his face, red from the heat of the night. I sat and watched him, since it was too late to pretend I was not still up.Hoping he would just go back to sleep without questioning my doings, I cautiously stared at him ,as if he wouldn’t notice the interruption of his slumber if I remained subtle enough. But to my misfortune, he turned to gaze at the computer screen and raised a brow in questioning. The video I was currently watching ( remix ) was the first thing to greet him,to his greater confusion. someone had made a strange remix of the “Lucky Star” anime,and clearly he did not seem to understand what the point was,not that there was ever one. Slowly, he turned to look at me with a raised brow.

“Babe…what are you doing?”

“I’m sorry but, I can’t sleep so…I decided to watch something ,and ended up getting to the weird part of YouTube. I’m sorry I woke you up,Sehunnie.“ I closed the laptop. “Go back to sleep, I’ll go to the living room”

As I went to get out of the bed to let my boyfriend rest, I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist,pulling me down. I could feel Sehun’s chest rising and falling slowly at a calming pace ,and i felt my fingers let go of the laptop,leaving it to sit on top of the blankets. He began placing soft kisses on my shoulder in a lazy pattern. I could not help but grin, he was just so charming even in his sleep. “Do you really think I’ll let you leave when you look so cute in my clothes?” He mumbled.

I wriggled around to face him and kissed his nose before laying a soft kiss on his lips. He groaned sleepily and ducked his head,hiding in shyness that I had never been aware of when he was completely awake. It was another side if him I had yet to discover. In this moment, his affection was filled with pure innocence…Or so I thought. He began nibbling the skin just above my collar bone and I gasped as he left small marks all over the exposed portion of my chest.

“That’s payback for waking me up,cutie.” He smirked before pressing a firmer kiss to my lips. “Try to get some sleep, I’m taking you out for ice cream later”

I hummed in agreement as he pulled the blanket back up to cover us. It took me a few minutes of listening to Sehun’s slow breaths ,but I eventually was able to find sleep, feeling safe in the arms of my beloved.

AN: I swear these are getting shorter. I hope you enjoy this short but sweet piece. Did you know that it’s really hard to write while you’re listening to Exo and attempting to sing along? I try so hard but can never quite hit those high notes.

- Admin Olli

Christ I haven’t worked with colour pencils in ages… I love it ;u; this here is finally a more complete picture of Tahn Ruskett, my FC/OC in @hubedihubbe, @ladycadmium and @luleo’s supers universe! Tahn Ruskett is 21 years old, half Filipino, half English, and completely blind. Her powers however are a super sensitive touch, and a slightly heightened hearing. She uses vibrations to pretty much see where people and objects are, however she can’t define any details, and in that sense is still very much blind, and she struggles with suspended objects (low hanging lights, for example) and cannot at all detect things that are flying. Because of her ability to sense vibrations, she can usually pinpoint locations of people a few corridors away, which would be very handy in stealth operations against TriCorps.


Happy Birthday Lee Hyukjae!!

I can’t believe you’re already 30 years old! You still look so young and cute and handsome and just… You’re so perfect! I just don’t know what to do without you. You will probably go to the army very soon too and idek if I will survive that. Two years without you :( But let’s not think about sad things now! I’m just so happy I know SJ and especially you! You always make me happy and I just love you so much! What if I didn’t know SJ? My life would have been so boring, without you to make me happy. You always make me laugh with your cute gummy smile and all the stupid things you do. You’re such an idiot and a dork! But I still love you. What if I didn’t have you to make me happy? But fortunately I do and I’m so happy because of that!
I Don’t even know what I want to say with this… But I just wish there was a way to tell you how much I love you. I don’t think I’ll ever have to chance to tell you because I’m a very unlucky person and I’m sure I’ll never have the luck to meet you :( But I still… idk… I just love you, okay? You little cute, dorky and perfect anchovy! I’m just so lucky I’m able to be your fan and that I’m able to love you. I love you so, so, soooo much!! ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

So this is my outfit for my show in SANTA CLARA, August 15!! I’ve had this outfit for a few months and me and my BFF JUST decided to also get jean vests to bedazzle. So the vest here is the one I’ll wear, it’s just not decorated yet!!

I was super pumped up about this skirt because it’s awesome, obviously, but I JUST saw an old pic of The Queen Taylor in the EXACT SAME ONE!!!!
I kind of freaked out all excited-like but then I thought that it could be kind of weird to wear it to the show? I don’t want anyone to think I was trying too hard, ya know?

I’m still planning on wearing it, I mean it’s pretty badass and super fun! Buuuuut if Taylor and I get thrown into “Who wore it better” I need your guy’s votes! Hahaha

taylorswift I LOVE YOU TO PIECES AND TO THE MOON AND BACK!!! I’m thrilled that a skirt I picked out for your show is one that you too have worn this era!! It’s really special! 👗👭

I can’t wait to see you in SANTA CLARA!! Look for Ashley and me in Floor D, Row 32, Seats 3&4 💋😻❤️😘

this is super late but w/e I DREW THIS FOR THE POKEMON 20TH ANNIVERSARY! Some of these pokemon I’ve had since Ruby, others are a bit newer, but all of them are super special.

i started my first ever run of ruby all those years ago with a mudkip named Drippy, and though I use a swampert named Torin now, I still have her! It’s weird thinking just how old some of my pokemon are but I love them to bits.

Honestly as much secondhand embarrassment I get from it I kinda love seeing Dean slowly lose his ladies’ man status and awkwardly transition into dirty old man territory. Because even though Jensen is gonna make a hell of a silver fox, it still tickles me that after all these years of scoring chicks without lifting a finger we’re at that point where it’s like “heh heh yeah you’re getting old dude.” He’s not gonna have the same charm or ability to use the same tricks and one day it’s probably gonna hit him super hard when he’s super gross and accidentally mistakes a guy’s daughter for his girlfriend. Of course at some point he’ll have a major midlife crisis and in an attempt to be hip and cool he’ll try to do something that ends with him being hospitalized for a hernia. And when he’s lying in bed that’s when the thoughts about people and feelings will come back to rear their ugly head

and Dean will never have felt more alone.

But then Cas will come visit him in the hospital and read to him and even though Dean will roll his eyes and protest he’s secretly grateful for the company. One time (though Dean will later blame it on the painkillers) he’ll even get Cas to sit on the bed with him while he reads and force his stiff aching body out of bed to turn down the lights and not so sneakily uses the controls to lower the bed as he winks at Cas with that small spark of his former self in his eyes.

And when Cas finally turns to kiss his forehead goodnight (which inevitably evolves into a full-on make-out session), all he can think is yep. He’s still got it.