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Nug Catcher

Short one shot piece for a competition being run on deviant art by ages-of-thedas 

Cullen X Trevelyan - SFW- Pure pre romance fluff!

Involves nugs in sweaters, mischief and Cullen - What more do you want? BTW I take no responsibility if this rots your teeth XD


Scribbling away Cullen didn’t notice his office door open a crack, although he did frown when he heard a ‘psst’ sound. Once certain he wasn’t imagining it he looked up to find Inquisitor Trevelyan peeping her head in.

“Cullen,” she breathed. The way she said his name, with such relief and joy made him smile softly. “I need your help.”

Instantly the smile dropped into frown and he returned to his papers. “What have you done now?” he asked wearily, it seemed this wouldn’t be the friendly social call he’d been hoping for.

She exclaimed something of a garbled gasp at the accusation as she slipped in, checking over her shoulder first, which he noted couldn’t be a good sign.

“This is serious Cullen! Will you help me or not?” she asked crossing her arms over her chest.

“Last time I agreed to help you,” he grumbled briefly making her gaze. “Vivienne refused to talk to me for almost a fortnight.”

“And I said I was sorry!” Trevelyan huffed and flung her arms away, then moved to crouch in front of his desk. “Please?” she asked sweetly.

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anonymous asked:

How do I tell if I got sold bad shit? I'm new to weed lmao and my dealer is a old friend but he delivered with a g inside a bag of cigarillos ??

Maybe to keep it fresh or mask off the scent? Idk anybody else have an answer?

Bad weed can be super dry, or super leafy!! Nugs w seeds in them aren’t ready to be sold so that’s definitely bad but ayee you get free seeds out of it. Also make sure that the weed you get is crisp on the outside and soft and tender on the inside. It should have a decent amount of trichomes ((the little sugar looking crystals that cover the nug)) and it should taste decent and hit nicely!!:))