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omg I remember when I was... I think like, 8/9? (idk, every memory before like age 15 is a bit of a blur to me) and a girl in my new school asked what kind of guys I thought were cute and I struggled to answer and said simon cowell, because he was rich and had healthy looking teeth lmao. like, that's the exact reasoning I gave her. It's super weird as a lesbian looking back at this shit and realising you have always been a raging lesbian

not to shock you but,, that’s gay as hell. you were a lesbian child.


northern downpour - panic! at the disco


Of course i’m playing Dream Daddy I want to be popular too


Idk why but my dadsona ended looking like some kind of retired mafia boss so I went for it. His name is Caloy Flores.

I think is the piercings’ fault

Friend: …you’re going to wash that jacket afterwards, right?

me, shoveling deer teeth straight off the ground and into my pocket, with no intentions on washing said jacket: yeeeeeesssss?


the audio cd is a delight from start to finish, but these are a few of my favorite moments.

(All the dialogue was taken from the translation done by hikikomori-sama found here. There is also a link in their post to the audio cd itself so go listen to it!)

I love how in Moana they don’t give a fuck Moana is a girl. I mean her parents weren’t trying to find her a husband, or weren’t trying for a BROTHER. They were so chill she’s gonna be the chief. Even tho they only mentioned male chiefs (i mean who were before her dad) but no one even questions that she is a girl. She is daughter of the chief and it means she’s gonna be the next chief. And i think it’s beautiful.

And I absolutely love how her hair looks. So natural. Not this perfect hair style disney princesses usually have, but super natural messy look.

@sir-scandalous listen,,,, this started out as some aesthetic piece (which was supposed to be a gif but bad things like to happen to me) but as soon as i drew the tablet it reminded me of you and your freaking godly talent of finger drawing so i had to change it to you. also a ton of people have drawn you so why not jump in on that ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

self care n productivity =

- make your bed.

- find motivational quotes, studyspo, scenes from films, whatever you want, print them out and stick them near your desk.

- have a journal for positive affirmations that you can scribble in or doodle in or flip through when you’re feeling down.

- put almond oil or rose hip oil on your skin and flip through your flashcards or make your notes while it’s getting absorbed.

- if you’re into Harry Potter, turn your desk or bedroom into your house dorm or common room. I’m in ravenclaw so my desk chair is blue, same with my pen case and my folder of papers and I have the ravenclaw emblem stuck in front of me on the wall.

- watch productivity videos on youtube or vlogtobers/vlogmases of youtubers who are also students.

- cut your nails.

- wash your hair.

- put a few rings on (trust me, it works, especially when you go back a cup of tea and you look down at your hands and you feel a bit brighter because of how pretty they look (super weird but truuuust me).

- make a mug of tea and watch a tv show related to what you want to study in uni or have as a career.


[Connor]’s the kind of player that coaches like to coach, and players like to play with.