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Goku Black’s Super Saiyan form! Super Saiyan Pink? Well that’s new! XP



  • Week 1: Never Not Pass- The winner of this care package cannot be named a Have Not for the rest of the season. So long slop!
  • Week 2 (July 31- August 5): Eliminate Two Eviction Votes- The winner of this care package could single-handedly flip the house by preventing two Houseguests of their choosing from voting in this week’s eviction. 
  • Week 3 (August 7th- August 12): Super Safety- The good news is, the holder of this care package will be safe for the week. The bad news is, this Houseguest must also wear a “Super Safety” costume all week long. 
  • Week 4 (August 14- August 19): Co-HOH- This winner automatically becomes Co-HOH, sharing all HOH perks and responsibilities for the duration of the week, including choosing one of the two nominees. 
  • Week 5 (August 21- August 26): BB Perks- This winner gets $5K to bribe one Houseguest! Bribes may influence voting, competitions, vetoes or nominations. The bribe can only be given to one Houseguest, for one action, within the week leading up to the next eviction. 

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“Adventures of Tintin 2′ Release Pushed Back Due to Jackson’s Work on Hobbit 3”

Stephen Spielberg’s sequel of “The Adventures Of Tintin” was set to release on Christmas 2015, but it was eventually pushed back. The movie will be directed by Peter Jackson, and his work on the forthcoming “Hobbit” movie is the main reason why “The Adventures Of Tintin 2″ has been pushed back.

In the interview with IGN, Tintin actor, Jamie Bell revealed us that the script for the movie has been written. He was also speaking about Spilberg’s work on “Hobbit 3“, and that the main reason why the movie has been pushed back:

“It’s weird,” the actor contained. “I saw Steven [Spielberg] recently, randomly. I bumped into him. I hadn’t seen him for awhile, and we were talking. I asked him to sign a Tintin book for me to my unborn son and stuff, and we were talking about it. He was like, ‘Yeah, it’s happening. It’s being written. As soon as Peter’s back from Middle-earth, we’re going to do it.’” So now I’m just waiting.”

The second installment of “The Adventures of Tintin”, which was titled as “The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun”, by IMDb, was originally scheduled for Christmas 2015 release. But with Jackson’s dedication to the third “The Hobbit” movie, it was pushed back to the unknown date.

Plot details of “The Adventures Of Tintin 2″ are still unknown. But there are some speculations over the internet that the two Tintin stories “Seven Crystal Balls” and “Prisoner of the Sun” may be the foundation for the second Tintin’s adventure.

Producer Kathleen Kennedy has previously spoke about the possibility that the film may get its story from “The Calculus Affair”. While Jackson himself mentioned “Destination Moon” and “Explorers on the Moon” as a potential cores for the third and fourth installments of “The Adventures Of Tintin” franchise.

So guys, what is your opinion about it? When do you think the movie will be released? Can you imagine that Tintin can have a 4th movie?

NASA just upgraded its supercomputer so it can recreate the origin of stars
Simulating the Universe.
By Futurism

One of the most powerful computers in the world, NASA’s Pleiades, just got a massive upgrade.

“Another 14 racks containing Intel Broadwell processors were incorporated into Pleiades on 1 July, bringing the total number of Broadwell racks to 28 and increasing the theoretical peak performance of Pleiades from 6.28 to 7.25 petaflops,” the team reported on their website.

Astrophysicists at the University of California, Berkeley, and Lawrence Livermore Laboratory (LLNL) need all the computing power they can get in order to run simulations that will lead to a more profound understanding of the origin of stars, and star clusters in our galaxy and beyond.



Good Smile Racing 4th Round Race Results! 

The racing team with Hatsune Miku as its mascot just finished their 4th race of the 2016 SuperGT series at SUGO! Out of 28 competitors in their tier, GSR finished in 7th! This gets them an overall 19 points for the season, placing them in 5th. There are four more races to go for this year! 

Pre-racing pic is by official 2016 Racing Miku illustrator Yonema. Second pic was taken during Round 2 at Fuji.