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cupcakemolotov  asked:


26. Wing!kink/other nonhuman traits

In the interest of keeping this one mini I totally failed at the smut! Oops. 


In her position, chained to a wall in a gross dank cave, about to be a freaking sacrifice - it probably wasn’t smart to bare her fangs and snarl at the witch that approached. But screw it, there was no way Caroline was going to go out sniveling and pleading for mercy from a man who according to all reports had none to spare.

Klaus looks amused, rather than irritated, standing a few feet away. “Such spirit,” he remarks, watching her with a twitch of interest that makes Caroline nervous. “And so very pretty. Shame you have to die.”

Caroline’s about to snap something back, but the witch makes an annoyed noise. “We can’t use her.”

Klaus straightens, expression darkening. His tone is low, dangerous, and the witch cringes slightly in response. “Explain.”

“She’s not a vampire.”

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