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My full Thirteen x Rose piece for the inaugural edition of the @whopride fanzine! I’m so excited to get to get to share it with you all! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

Super Sexy Jay Torres modeling the amazing features and colors of the Lago Temple Square Suit by @aronikswim. Love the colors and the flower patterns in the suit. Beautiful shot by @ejlphgphy . The idea of the suit is to bring out your beauty, as showcased perfectly by the stunning Jay Torres.

Notes to reader insert writers

As a reader insert writer and reader I’ve noticed when the writers describe reader they often discriminate certain types of readers, I’m sure they don’t do it on purpose. Or stories that are cliché and repetitive. Now I’m not here to spread hate, I’m just here to point things out so it might help with writers. So here’s a list of do’s don'ts when writing reader insert fics.

When going into detail about reader
•Us insets like (h/t) = hair type and (s/c) = skin color. I know some writers don’t like using these but it really let’s the reader ‘insert’ themselves into the story. Using (h/t) can stand for hair color, hair length, and hair texture!
•When describing a female reader styling her hair, write things like casual hairdo or fancy hairdo.

•I have come across quite a few fics with the use of sun-kissed skin and pale when describing the reader. Please don’t do this, it excludes POC when using pale and like myself I’m a pale ass woman and I can tell you I don’t have sun-kissed skin, not everyone has sun-kissed skin.
•When a female is getting ready for an event it’s often described the f!reader has long hair that seems to be easily curled/blow dried/straightened. First things first, not all women have long hair! And they have all types of hair texture that have very different hair prepping steps and techniques, some have more hassle doing these types of hair styles.

Extra tags to “reader”
•Seeing extra tag to reader like plus!reader or deaf! reader, etc. are awesome, because you can included reader that might feel left out and you are giving other readers a heads up of what they’ll be reading
•f!reader = female and m!reader = male reader are really important, I personally need to do this. It lets, again, readers know what they will be reading.
•Gender neutral reader are awesome! It’s a little more difficult for some to write gender neutral readers, but it’s the most including extra tag to “reader”, because no matter your gender you’re included!

•when adding a mental illness to the “reader” tag, be careful to not romanticize it. And just because the reader gets with their ship doesn’t mean there mental illness just disappears, it will still be there, but their ship can be a big help in their life.
•I’ve come by quite a bit if fics that have an insecure plus!reader, now don’t get me wrong, we all have insecurities, but not all plus people are insecure about their body nor hate it. It’s good to write both insecure and confident plus!readers!

Moodboards for reader insert stories
•When making a moodboard for your fic and you have reader inspired people in them, do a mixture of different body types and skin color. You might have to make more than one moodboard but it’s worth it and important.
•You might not be able to find something you’re specifically searching for, for all types of reader and that’s okay, I’ve been there.
•Just do one body type and skin color of person. Such as caucasian super model! Not everyone is white and a super model, have diversity

The clichéness
•Sometimes readers (like me, lol) love the sappy romantic storylines! It’s can be such fun writing and reading those!
•When the reader ship is confessing there love they’ll say “because you’re kind, funny, smart, and beautiful.”. Please don’t do this way. Write why they’re kind, smart, funny, smart, and beautiful. It adds a lot and makes it more memorable. Also, no one is perfect, so if you make the reader A+ in everything it doesn’t make them relatable to the reader, to make the reader feel like this is them in the story. It’s good and realistic to have the reader have flaws.


I’m still not done with these OT!Sans hoodies, and I worked so many hours on them already… T_T Making so many at the same time was MAYBE not the best idea. hahaha. haha. ha.

On the plus side, I worked on a few custom Sanses before I got into this hell! US!Sans has a scarf instead of the hood, and short sleeves. UF!Sans has red accents instead of yellow, and a bit more detailing at the pockets. Just for the reminder that I’m super open about making minor modifications to my existing models, like color changes or small details. Especially for the AU hoodies, there are so many versions of them all over the place, I can accomodate you to your vision of the character. ;)

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Do pirate spain x merman romano mpreg please

Chat: Sure, okay, anything 4 u doll


They met by accident, it was like they could of avoided ever meeting, but Antonio took a turn and was sent into a spiraling world fantasy.

He was a scholar, a pirate at heart though. On his ship he always had his nose in a book and a smile on his face. His crew loved him, thought he was the nicest captain at the sea, and gosh did Antonio believe that.

It was a late evening when one of his men was looking in his bookcase when a large book fell spilling pages and drawings all over the floor. “I didn’t mean to do that,” Gilbert whined as he started picking up the pages.

Antonio rolled his eyes fondly, walking forward and helping him. That’s until his hand came in contact with a folded up piece of paper. He pulled it apart easily, it smelled of fish and salt water. It was a map with a red circle around a bay off the Mediterranean Ocean it was labeled, “Mermaid Bay.”

“Mermaid Bay, eh?” Gilbert laughed and looked at the map, turning it all around, trying to find any kind of clue, “we should check it out, I heard mermaids can grant you wishes to your heart’s desire.”

“I’ve heard they can kill you with a scream,” Antonio patted Gilbert’s knee and stood up, shoving the book back in it’s place.

The man stood up, “aren’t you at least curious, don’t be a party pooper captain!”

“I’m just not sure,” Antonio huffed setting the map on his desk, “whatever, yeah, tell Kiku to change coordinates towards this Mermaid Bay.”

And Gilbert went running out, Kiku changed direction and by noon they drifted to the Southern tip of Italy.

The oceans were a bright blue when they got to the secret bay, the waves lapped against the worn wood of the boat and Antonio’s face changed as the noise of the humming engine just shut off. It was silent, everyone froze in their places, the only noise around them was a caw of a seagull that circled around the dead ship like some kind of vulture.

“The boat, the engine ran out of oil!” Gilbert yelped, scrambling up from the bottom of the boat, “what do we do? We don’t see land.”

Antonio sighed dramatically, of course this would happen to him, “gather a crew of people, have them go towards land.”

“Land? Land is that way!”

Again, it was like someone hit pause on the whole crew. Antonio couldn’t even breath as he turned around to see someone floating in the water. He was beautiful with gold scales contouring his face and big bright, cat-like orange eyes. He had a head of auburn curls that were tamed by a heavy circlet made of shells and seaweed.

All the captain could get out was a confused ‘uhhhh’ as he viewed the smiling creature, monster, uhh thing! A golden tail appeared from the crystal blue depths and flapped around as the merman gave him a head cock.

“Feliciano!” A voice snarled, another merman came bobbing up, he had beautiful bronzed skin that the ladies on land would lay in the sun for hours to just reach the color, but what made him 100x better was his freckles. They were everywhere and they added a line of innocence that Antonio just wanted to count every single one. Like the gold mermaid, he had curly brown hair and the brightest green eyes that put shame to anyone with that color. He looked like a super model, one of those beautiful foreign kind that had a mist of mystery to every single cell in their body.

To everyone looking at Antonio, they thought he was under some kind of spell. Their usually aloof, yet playful captain was now drooling over the flesh of the creature that was floating down there.

“We aren’t allowed on surface, they are walkers!”

Feliciano whined with a pout forming on his lips, “but their boat broke, I showed them where land is!”

“Do I care??” His brother snarled, “look at those walkers, they already want to string us up in some kind of freak show at the pier!”

The smaller one just smiled, “naw, he looks smitten.”

He turned to look at Antonio who took of his hat and put it under his armpit, “I’m sorry if we caused any trouble, my ship broke down.”

“Of course it did, your ship is a piece of shit.”


“It’s true!”

And that’s how Antonio met Lovino. It was like dominos all falling into place, yet their dominos ended up being a bit misshapen. They didn’t speak for a three days, the pirates were led by the merfolk to a cave where they could rest. Their boat was pushed into the cave and hid by vines and rope so other pirates wouldn’t loot it.

The captain had a tent closer to the water, he wanted to make sure he could speak with his saviors, but also hope to see the beautiful merman again with his skin the color of chocolate and personality of a hot pepper. Feliciano informally introduced them when he wasn’t around, his name was Lovino. The name beautiful, yet felt foreign on his tongue, it was exotic.

It was noon on the third day when Feliciano came to the cave. He announced his presence with a call that all merfolk used as a language, it was a form of clicking in the back of the throat. With him today was his husband, a huge man with a terrifying aurora that always seemed to linger. Antonio only talked to King Ludwig about three times, one time about the engine, second about the cave, and third about Feliciano in which he got turned down, because Ludwig didn’t want Antonio knowing anything about his beloved.

He only went scrambling out of his tent when he saw Lovino following them with a look of hesitance. Shucking off his pants and boots, Antonio dipped into the water feeling his shirt soak up with the salt water, it was considered politeness to get in the water when talking to the merfolk.

“Queen Feliciano, King Ludwig, good morning,” he bowed, his face inches away from the water. He looked up to meet the two with Lovino lingering around the sides, messing with their objects and inspecting everything very closely.

“Yes, Good Morning,” Ludwig grumbled, but was quickly over shadowed by Feliciano’s upbeat greeting and Antonio’s personal space was suddenly broke by Feliciano hugging him tightly.

The next noise was kind of indescribable, it mimicked like a pissed off tiger, a growl so unfathomable it was animalistic.

Lovino launched his body forward and head butted Feliciano. They stared off at each other until Feliciano whined and swam to Ludwig who growled back at Lovino.

Antonio never guessed they were so animalistic, but Lovino hid behind him while barring his neck in a scared, yet submissive way.

“You can’t hide behind him,” Ludwig growled, “just because you want that walker to be your mate doesn’t mean you have to be protective. Feliciano is mated.”

“Yeah mated to you,” Lovino grabbed Antonio’s arm, his tail curling around his legs. The scales felt slimy and cool against the skin, yet it the frightening as the man hid behind him and Ludwig was advancing.

They were close, Ludwig hand was wrapped around Lovino’s upper arm and a sudden burst of protectiveness filled Antonio’s being. “Let him go, Ludwig, watch your own mate.”

“I was,” The King snarled, his eyebrows furrowing downwards, “but some pesky minx head butted him, like a child.”

A tired sigh filled Antonio’s lungs as he looked at the two opposing sides, Feliciano was gone, he swam away and left Lovino to be yelled at, “just back off, he’s shaking he’s so nervous.” He pleaded.

Ludwig bared his sharp teeth, before swimming away, clicking away to Feliciano who was somewhere out of the cave.

“Thanks,” Lovino muttered hiding his face in Antonio’s neck, his scales and nose rubbed against the hollow bone, causing a ripple of pleasure to crawl up Antonio’s spine. When he was less educated he thought that Lovino was coming onto to him, but in reality, he was marking his scent in a thank you.

Another shiver wracked his spine as Lovino snuffled at his ear like a dog and his tail gripped him like a cobra holding it’s prey, “you’re welcome, what are you doing by the way?”

That got the other to stop his rubbing and loving and to fling off with a shy pout, “saying thank you,” he huffed and swam off with a shy purple blush marking his full cheeks.

A cautious hand dabbed at the side of his neck where it came back with blood on the tips, did… did Lovino bite him?


The night was young, Antonio was sleeping though, his breath slow as he laid in his cot, his tent allowed a small strip of water to be uncovered so if one of the merfolks needed him quickly they could swim under and appear in the tent with no problem.

That’s what Lovino did, his cheeks flushed and breath quickening as he swam to Antonio and popped up in the tent. “Antonio,” he whined, tears in his eyes.

Just the noise and the sound of desperation was enough to wake up Antonio and he jolted to ready position, already grabbing his gun. “Oh, Lovino,” he set the gun down and wiped the sleep out of his eyes, “what are you doing here?”

“I need you,” he began sobbing, “A group of mean boys were picking on me all day.”

All he could get out was ‘Oh Lovino’ and he fell from the cot to wrap his arms around the merfolk who hugged him back like he was the only thing he was holding onto to.

“They don’t like you, because I want you to be my mate,” Lovino sniffled and rubbed the bridge of his nose against Antonio’s neck.

There was a pause, “Lovino, what do you mean you want to mate me?”

Tears filled his eyes more, “I want to have your children, you’re so nice and you look at me like you love me! Feliciano said that you liked him, but I’m for sure you like me, so I bit you.”

“Yeah I know, why did you bite me anyways?”

“So everyone knows that your mine.”

With a rush of confidence, Lovino jumped on Antonio, his tail curling around his legs and he hugged the ever loving shit out of him, “mine, mine, mine.”

And that’s how the crew found Antonio in the morning. Laying on the cold rock floor with Lovino on top of him. Both of them were sleeping, but one thing was for sure, Lovino bit the ever loving shit out of Antonio’s neck to make sure everyone knew that the pirate was his.


It was a few years from that day, Antonio smiled as the salty air pushed through his thick locks. Someone ducked under his arm and stood up so it was around their shoulder, he looked down to smile at his beloved merman who now walked among them, even if he hated legs.

His skin was still the color of chocolate and he had his freckles so add on, but even as they grew older, Antonio couldn’t find anyone beautifuler.

Now, he could lean down and press a kiss to those plump lips and smile against the skin, “hello beautiful,” he purred kissing the other’s throat.

Lovino bared his throat with a hum, “shouldn’t you be in bed?” His voice was shaky and when Antonio bit down on the scar of the mating bite that he gave him, he whined outright.

“Shouldn’t you be?” He countered putting a larger hand on the swell of his stomach. With the change to human didn’t change the fact that Lovino had every part to be able to give birth. They of course didn’t know this, until the ship doctor congratulated them with the news of a child and Antonio promptly blacked out.

A soft smile stretched across his lips, “I can’t go to bed until you do, you know that, now come along, please.”

“I’m coming, I’m coming! Slow down babe!” Antonio cried as he was pulled downstairs with a smirk on his face. He knew what was going to happen and he couldn’t wait to love his little merman a bit closer than usual.