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First of all…. I can’t tell if they are joking/trolling/being sarcastic…? So I’m going to answer as though they are serious because it got me riled up. Fight me.

M’kay… In what world are Ian and Mickey bad for each other? Was it when Ian and Mickey provided each other with someone to talk to? They provide each other with someone to talk to and be completely open with because Ian is mostly ignored at home or he talks to Lip (and sometimes, let’s face it, we don’t want to talk to a sibling we want to talk to someone outside) and Mickey meanwhile probably has no one to truly confide in because all of his brothers he likely assumed were Terry clones and would rat him out if he ever dropped a hint that he was gay and so was too scared shitless to talk to anyone about anything. 

How about when they became best friends? When Ian became the one person Mickey could 100% be himself around? When they each became so concerned with each other that they constantly nagged friends and family about how the other was doing while trying to be lowkey about it because it’s the southside and they live around too many homophobes? When they each accepted each other 100% for who the other is?

Were they toxic when Mickey helped Ian through his bipolar diagnosis and didn’t judge him or belittle him for the depression, mania, or how he was after being sedated? He never mocked him for being in a psych ward or attacked Ian for cheating on him because he understood that it was the disease and even defended him! They genuinely worried over each other like a married couple in season 5 and showed the greatest combination of best friend love and romantic/sexual love I’ve personally ever seen on TV (I don’t watch a lot of TV so it’s not saying tooooo much but it’s just breathtaking nonetheless). When Ian tried to talk to Mickey and make sure he was okay after he was raped for being with Ian in season 3? 

Were they toxic when Mickey picked Ian’s coked out ass up from the club and saved him from yet another pervy old man taking advantage of him and encouraging him to go home or when Ian helped Mickey fight Terry back after Mickey came out? How about when Ian helped Mickey accept his son, leading by example and embracing Yevgeny as his own?

Let’s get one thing straight here: If anyone was toxic in the relationship–it was Ian and even so his toxicity is mostly due to his illness. Any disregard he apparently showed Mickey was due to his being sedated, depressed, or medicated. Even still, Mickey was the one who would always throw himself in harms way to defend Ian (a la 3x666) and would do anything for Ian, even something dangerous and something he isn’t completely ready for like coming out. And most of the things Ian gets blamed for so frequently is just him trying to do what he thinks is best or is a result of his bipolar disorder. So as a fictional character I forgive him for these faults.

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Someone write me a fic in which Emil’s like “Okay, Mickey, I’ll stop pursuing Sara, but I get the other Crispino sibling in exchange”, and Michele agrees because he thinks Emil’s just fucking around and will get bored of the joke quickly and it’s a slow burn of Emil romancing Michele because that was in fact his intention from the start (bonus if Sara reveals she was playing along Emil’s flirting just to motivate her brother)

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I wanted to change my tumblr background from the Smash DLC one to something more reflective of my general interests as a whole, so I ended up making this. I was planning on introducing it alongside something interesting, but alas that never came to fruition and I ended up holding onto it and not using it for year. I still like it and I’m going to use it, but I feel like with everything I’ve learned over the past year I could make something even better as my background. Alas, such is the tragedy of holding back finished products for arbitrary reasoning. I hope you guys enjoy it regardless.

Oh yeah, and happy 26th anniversary to the leader of the pack! I can’t wait for Mania and Forces!


Here you go @mickeydagrumpymouse. i hope you like it. I wasn’t sure on whether or not to keep the shines on Mario since I liked him with and without them in… Sooo I just kept them both.

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