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Kitty AU

- kit and ty live in apartments across from each other

- one day, kit makes himself a cup of coffee and sees him through the window

- is immediately drawn to his eyes

- something about the color and depth of them destroys him

- they sit there pretending not to look at each other for hours

- the next day, someone knocks on ty’s door and it’s kit with two cups in his hand

- his cheeks are super flushed because it’s cold outside (just because of the cold, definitely ;)) 

- kit asks if he could come in super cute and ty melts a little inside, of course opening the door a little wider and motioning for him to come in

- kit hands him a cup and comes inside sitting down awkwardly in an armchair

- ty shuts the door then takes a sip

- his eyes widen and he smiles 

- “my favorite” he says simply, and looks up to kit for the first time

- kit smiles but then it’s really awkward

- they introduce themselves and then ty asks, “ why are you so embarrassed all the time?”

- kit totally loses it and blurts, “ because you’re so beautiful and amazing and smart.” then claps a hand over his mouth

- ty smiles, but it fades as kit is already out the door

- he flinches at the loud sound, but lets kit go

- minutes later, ty opens his window and waits, playing with the cord of his white headphones and grabbing a book while sipping on his drink

- kit gets home and is so mortified that he swears to never open his window again

One Month Later…

- kit is working late and since he’s too lazy to make himself coffee, he goes to a cute 24 hour coffee shop near his house

- coincidentally the same place he went to get ty’s drink from

- as he orders, someone opens the door

- the barista brewing his coffee smiles and greets the customer

- “ ty blackthorn, long time no see! same order as usual?”

- kit turns his head so fast he gets whiplash and sees him

- the same silvery, gray intelligent eyes and straight black hair and white headphones

- the barista finishes making kit’s drink and calls his name

- as he goes to the counter to get his drink, he watches ty in his peripheral 

- ty does and double take and sprints up to kit

- “ for the record, i think you’re beautiful too.” he says, looking a little flustered

- his hands were blurs in the air and his cheeks were slowly starting to flush

- kit smiles. “ why are you so embarrassed all the time?” he asks gently, pressing a kiss to the top of ty’s head then racing out of the coffee shop

- forgetting about his drink, ty runs out after him, surprising himself

- “ not this time, christopher, not this time.” and as it starts to snow at exactly 12:00 in the morning, ty leans in and kisses kit

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You are so sweet and kind, You make me really happy. I love your art so much, It makes my day whenever I see it on my dash. You mastered expressions! I would love to talk to you but I am very shy. You are popular here and you deserve that. You deserve to be happy. I hope that the future has great things for you and I hope that you are having a wonderful night~ Its really hot here in Cali ASDFGHJKL~

[kill bill sirens i live in cali too W h o t]

Action, drama, description!

The faster paced the scene, the more important it is to properly developed your setting ahead of time. 

The most common mistake I’ve noticed in the action scenes of not-yet-publish manuscripts isn’t overly long, bogged down scenes or badly written individual actions, but poorly developed settings. 

Where the hell are your characters?! If your reader is forced to re-visualize the surroundings at any point throughout the scene, then your suspense has been dropped a notch, and your reader de-immersed from the story.*

Every piece of the setting which will be used at some point within the action scene should be documented up front, with very clear respect to each other. That second part is the most crucial component.

Your reader doesn’t simply need to know that every part of your setting exists, but where each part exists in relation to all other parts. 

They need to know this clearly, definitively, instinctively. They need to have no question as to where all necessary objects are within space. Because when the subject creating the suspense bursts in through the left hallway, the reader must know how close Suspense Dude is to the main character – how immediate of a threat Suspense Dude poses. And when the main character throws a vase at Suspense Dude’s head, the reader must be more shocked by Suspense Dude’s reaction then they are about the fact that a random vase was floating on a random table they never realized were there.

The more complicated the setting, the more time you need to spend up front describing things. This will slow the story down. Sometimes, the best way to avoid confusion or stalled suspense, is to simplify your setting as thoroughly as you can.

The super cool setting you had in your head might look great in a movie, but unless the reader can picture all the necessary parts of it without being distracted by the unnecessary aspects, the super coolness of will melt into a chaotic mess of confusion.

Tldr: By simplifying your setting and using your powers of description, you can save your reader from confusion and boost your scene’s suspense level. 

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new rules - tom holland imagine #5

about : tom hates your ex boyfriend. like really hates your ex boyfriend. 

warning : very cheesy dialogue, angry/sad tom, a lotta swearing!

notes : so dua lipa’s new song, new rules, really got me feeling like i miss an ex i never had. hence, i decided to write this. it’s really cheesy and im not v proud of it, but im gonna post it anyways. enjoy!


“Talkin’ in my sleep at night, makin’ myself crazy.”

You gasped, sitting up in your bed. Sweat rolled down your forehead, your back, everywhere. Images of your dream came running through your mind and your heart dropped.

It had been about five weeks since your breakup with your ex boyfriend. Back then, he seemed like the perfect man to you. He was charming and funny. His chocolate brown eyes and his radiant smile practically drew you in. If someone told you six months ago that he would break your heart, you would’ve refused to believe them. In your mind, he was a perfect angel.

An angel just for you, and not anyone else.

Or so you thought.

On the day of your six months anniversary, you had planned a wonderful home-made dinner at home. A bowl of spaghetti sat on your dinner table, which eventually grew colder as the hours passed. You told Eric to come over at 7, but it was already nearing midnight and he was nowhere to be seen.

Exasperated, you poured the remainder of the red wine bottle in your cup and downed it in ten seconds. You couldn’t believe it. He wasn’t going to come. Tossing your phone aside, you gave up on texting and calling him. It wasn’t like he was going to reply anyways. You stood up from the dinner table and grabbed the spaghetti bowl. Stomping over towards your trashcan, you threw it into the bin furiously. Your head was at a disarray and anger bubbled in your heart.

You were livid. What was he doing that was more important than you?

Grabbing your smartphone and a coat, you walked out of your tiny apartment and into your car. If he wasn’t going to come to you, you were going to him. This wasn’t the first time he had ditched either, so you were even more pissed off by the fact that he did this to you.

You reached his house in a matter of minutes, but what you saw made your heart shatter into a trillion pieces.

There he was, standing outside his apartment building, with a beautiful blonde girl in his arms. His lips were hungrily attacking hers, along with his hands intertwined in her hair. You soon recognized the girl as your best mate, Alice.

You weren’t sure what you were feeling, but you knew you had to get out of there as quick as possible. Reversing, you sped away from the heart-wrenching scene.

Somehow, you weren’t very surprised by the sight. You knew deep down, he was going to find someone new.

“My love, he makes me feel like nobody else, nobody else

But my love, he doesn’t love me, so I tell myself, I tell myself.”

After that night, you broke off all ties with Eric. Although you knew better, a small part of you still missed him. And it seemed like Eric did too, since he kept trying to call and text you. You almost caved in several times, but you were grateful that you had someone to always stop you from doing so.

Picking up your phone from the nightstand, you unlocked it and scrolled through your contacts. You put the phone against your ear after clicking the ‘call’ icon.

“Hello?” A groggy voice came after three rings.

“Tom, can I come over? I don’t think I can sleep,” you asked, slipping out of your bed.

“Y/N? Yeah sure, come over. But you do realise it’s literally 3 am in the morning?” Tom groaned, some shuffling from his own duvet filled your ears.

“I know, I’m sorry. But I need a nice Holland hug right now,” you chuckled.

Tom merely hummed and told you to stay safe before you hung up. Throwing on a hoodie, you wore your trainers and in a few minutes, you were out the door. The cold London air made the hair on your arms stand even though you were wearing a hoodie. Jogging over to your car, you unlocked it quickly and drove off.

One, don’t pick up the phone

You know he’s only calling ‘cause he’s drunk and alone

When Tom opened the door, the first thing he did was envelop you in a hug. The cold winter weather made you shiver, so the Holland hug was super helpful. You melted into his arms, sighing in relief. Wrapping your arms around his waist, you snuggled your head into his chest. His head rested on top of yours and the both of you stood outside his house, in complete but comfortable silence.

You broke out of the hug first, enjoying the welcoming yet tiring smile on his face. Tom took your arm and led you into the house, letting you walk in first before locking the door. You slipped off your shoes, making sure to be extremely quiet. The Holland household was so eerily silent since everyone was asleep.

“Want a cup of tea?” Tom sleepily asked, rubbing his eyes.

“Nah, I’m good. Let’s just go to bed,” you said, already walking towards Tom’s room.

“G-go to bed?” Tom stuttered, jogging after you.

Turning the knob to his door, you nodded.

“I can’t sleep so I wanted to sleep with you.”

You froze and cringed, realising how awkward that sounded. Turning around slowly, you were greeted by a blushing Tom.

“T-That’s not what I meant. I meant,” now you were stumbling on your words too. Tom hid his face behind his hands and you could feel your own cheeks turn pink. You started to feel dumb as you entered his room, falling face first onto  his bed.

A soft giggle sounded beside you and you groaned, using Tom’s pillow to cover the back of your head. Soon, the both of you were laughing a bit too hardly and too long for a joke like that. The bed sunk in beside you as you simmered down, finally stopping your laughter. You were about to ask him to scoot over when you felt the phone in your pocket vibrate. Flipping over, you took the phone out from your pocket and looked at the screen. The smile on your face instantly vanished and you could feel your heart palpitating.

“What’s wrong, Y/N?”

You showed him your phone and a glare replaced Tom’s worried look. Snatching your phone from your hands, he pressed the decline button. Almost a few seconds after Tom hung up, Eric’s name flashed through the screen again.

“Tom, I’ll just - “ you were trying to take back your phone but Tom held his other arm out, blocking you from taking it back. He stood up and pressed the answer function. You gasped and hobbled over the bed, whispering for Tom to hang up.

‘Hey, asshole. Listen to me, you piece of shit. I’m saying this once and once only. Call Y/N one more time and I promise, you’ll never see daylight ever again. You didn’t deserve her, and you never will. So stop calling,” Tom spat, his voice dripping with venom. He didn’t even give a chance for Eric to answer as he hung up.

For a moment, Tom stood beside his bed with the phone clutched tightly in his hand. His chest heaved with heavy breaths and his jaw was clenched. The muscles on his arms protruded and you could see the veins on his neck popping. He was pissed.

You kept quiet, not knowing what to say. Without thinking, you spoke softly.

“You didn’t have to do that. I was handling him well enough.”

Tom laughed humorously, “what did you even see in him?”

Staring at your hands, you shrugged.

“He was nice,” you answered pathetically, refusing to look at Tom. You could feel his stare piercing through your skin.

“So was I.”

“Two, don’t let him in

You’ll have to kick him out again.”

“What does that mean?” you questioned, finally looking up.

Tom let out another humourless laugh, putting down your phone on his desk while pacing up and down his room.

“How do you not know? God, I dropped so many hints,” Tom said, his voice quivering slightly, “and you don’t have a clue.”

You watched him walk about in his room, feeling your heart thumping in your chest.

“I don’t understand,” you mumbled.

Tom stopped and let his hands fall onto his sides, a defeated look on his face.

“I’m fucking in love with you, Y/N. Always have been. And it hurt watching you fall in love with someone who clearly didn’t love you back. Do you know how it feels to see you cry over some dick that never loved you? When all along it was me who loved you?”

By this time, he was panting. His soft brown eyes that you had grown to love were filled with unshed tears, threatening to spill. You stayed silent, completely stunned.

“Do you have any idea how much it fucking hurt to hear you talk about Eric and how much you want him back even though you knew you shouldn’t? Every day I have to tell you that you deserve better than him and it stings. I have to control myself whenever I’m around you, because I know you will never love me back.  I can’t,” he stopped and wiped a tear rolling down his cheek, “I can’t believe that even after three years of knowing you, I’m still in love with you. When you clearly don’t feel the same.”

“And it doesn’t matter anymore because you love Eric. I don’t even - I don’t even know why I try. I guess I’m just not good enough for you.”

You rose from the bed, walking over towards Tom. His eyes were trained on the ground as he cried silently, more and more tears falling. Your heart was sinking at the sight of the usually bubbly and happy boy crying. Holding his face, you whispered for him to look up.

When you looked into his eyes, it finally hit you like a tidal wave.

It made sense now.

The hugs that would last too long, the ditzy smiles, the frequent flowers he got you, the lingering stares and the constant compliments.

You always thought he did it because he was your best friend. It was his duty to love you. You didn’t know he loved you like that.

And you were fucking glad for that. You always felt the same way.

You hid your feelings for Tom because you knew you weren’t good enough for him. Tom was an actor, on his way to becoming a well-known celebrity. Thousands of girls were also in pursuit for his love, so you tried to get over your feelings for him by going out with Eric. You were so scared of loving Tom, in fear of rejection.

He needed someone who was as successful as him, so he won’t be dragged down. He needed someone as beautiful as he was, inside and out.

You were none of that.

But after hearing his own confession, a weight finally lifted off your shoulders.

“Why didn’t you tell me?” you asked, your voice above a whisper.

Tom smiled sadly, “because I couldn’t. You loved someone else.”

“Tom,” you breathed out, “it was always you.”

He frowned, looking at you through his eyelashes.


“Why do you think I dated Eric? Look at him. He looks like you. I only went out with him because I was trying to get over you,” you admitted, “I thought I was only a friend to you. So I started dating Eric to get you off my mind.”

“And for some reason, you still popped up in my head everyday. It’s you, Tom.”

You wiped a tear with your thumb, slowly caressing his cheek. He leaned into your hand, shutting his eyes. Closing your eyes, you leaned in and collided his lips with yours. Tom made a noise but quickly recovered, holding your neck gently as he kissed back.

This kiss felt different from any other kiss you ever had. It was sweet, gentle yet full of passion and love. All of your repressed feelings were flowing, making the kiss more meaningful.

Tom pulled away, his hand still on your neck. He opened his eyes slowly and peered at you with his doe-like eyes.

“This isn’t some rebound thing, right?”

Shaking your head, you smiled sweetly and pecked him on his lips.

His lips tasted salty, probably from the tears that he cried. Yet they were extremely soft and you knew you were gonna get addicted to kissing him.

“I’ve been waiting years to do that,” Tom grinned, his smile widening by the second.

“Ditto, Holland.”

He let his lips touch your forehead and kissed it, before leading you over to his bed. The both of you laid down as Tom tossed the duvet over the both of you. You cuddled into his larger figure, letting him wrap his arms around you.

“I’m sorry I made you wait three years,” you joked, feeling his chest rumble from his laughter.

“For you, I would’ve waited more.”

You couldn’t help but snort at his reply, “that was cheesy.”

He rolled his eyes, “you love it.”  

“As much as I hate to admit it, I do.”

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Imagine Vegeta having to watch Bra and him taking her to Beerus' planet in one of those baby carriers.


Vegeta taking Bra in one of those carriers would be EVERYTHING (make it happen, Super!!!), especially if it’s PINK.

I’m sure baby Bra is so cute that she’d even make Beerus soften up a bit.

I really hope we get more Vegebul family moments on the show, although with the Tournament coming it probably won’t happen for a while…

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