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Rose album by B.A.P is a true masterpiece despite it only having 3 songs. Dystopia is a badass rock/metal song, and kpop groups can rarely pull of that kind of thing. Wake me up is a beautiful, deep song that talks about society issues and the video is super meaningful. And lastly, Diamond 4 ya. It’s so unique, the music is so weird but brilliant and the falsettos and high notes are to die for. B.A.P is the best, they are so diverse. Also, I’m so happy Yongguk is back. 😊

What I think of the types (ENTP)

(Don’t get offended, this is based on people I know and stereotypes and although I might see flaws in people that doesn’t affect my overall impression of them, I can still love them just the same)

INTJ: I’m afraid of you but I admire you. You’re just so smart and cold, you know exactly what to do and you do it silently without people noticing how “powerful” you are. You’re like me but much more organized and disciplined and I wish I was like that. You’re mysterious and that appeals to me. However it will probably be a long time until I trust one of you.

INFJ: I don’t get why everybody thinks you are some kind of special unicorn that’s hard to see and when you do it’s as if you had found a treasure. I know two of you and you’re super nice but I don’t think I could have any deep relationship with you of any kind. And I definitely don’t have that attraction that supposedly all ENTPs have towards INFJs, sorry not sorry.

ENTJ: I don’t know any of you or at least I’m not sure I do. You look interesting to me though. You have the willpower that I lack and you’ll probably go further in life than me if I don’t change. I think we would argue a lot because I can’t stand bossy people and I would fight you every time I don’t agree with you.

ENFJ: I love you so much. You’re my favorite F type ever. You are smart and deep and I can have super meaningful conversations with you. You’re so positive and hardworking and I’m kinda jealous of that but what I like is that even though you’re organized you don’t try to impose your organization to me. I also think you’re mature and calm and have a lot of common sense. I get along very well with all of the ENFJs I know. 

ISTJ: I’m not sure I know any of you irl but if I’m right and my law professor is one I’d say I don’t really like you. You don’t have to be so practical, I mean, things are not black or white, there are like thousands of shades of grey between those too, don’t be so simple. I think you’re smart but omg don’t be so logical and don’t hate people so much.

ISFJ: you’re so sweet, so so sweet. It’s incredible how you can care so much about others and be all the time trying to fix them. You’re too kind and if you care you let people roll over you and that’s not okay. You’re worth so much more so start being a bit more selfish and understand sometimes you need to be fixed too.

ESTJ: you don’t have to be perfect, seriously, take it easy. You stress me when you try to control me and you don’t even listen to me. STOP. And sometimes it looks as if you couldn’t hold a deep conversation for more than ten minutes and it’s frustrating. However when you do (those unusual times) you surprise me. I could never work with you though.

ESFJ: if you’re going to do good things for people and rub them in then don’t do it. I mean I appreciate you but please, stop being so dramatic. And understand I’m different than you, I have different ideas, my brain works differently, I’m not as organized as you, and that’s okay. Everything you don’t share it’s not wrong. Anyway I admire your dedication and how caring you are, I truly do.

INTP: lol you’re a disaster. I relate to you a lot and I thing we could get along very well but we would probably never accomplish anything or get hit by a car while we’re on the street focused in our own world. But it would be so much fun.

INFP: you are mysterious and weird and you look super outspoken but them you’re reflective loners who don’t give a shit about other people. I think you see yourselves as super cool and super deep and you think you’re misunderstood but let me tell you, your not that special. You’re nice though.

ENTP: well what can I say, I’ve only had the chance to meet another ENTP in real life (and I suspect one of my professors is one too) and it’s like seeing myself in a mirror but I’m seeing things I didn’t see before. ENTPs are the most stubborn people I’ve ever met, like, arguments can last forever and you exhaust me. But you’re so cool and I like your conversations. Basically I’m even prouder now to be an ENTP than I was before (I’ll probably expand this in another post)

ENFP: I love your type, I really do. We get along very well, we are so similar in some things but different in others so we connect very well. I think you’d be better if you saw things from a less emotional perspective, I mean, things related to your life. Stop being so insecure because you’re really great.

ISFP: why do you all love to cook that much? You have a gift for that so keep doing it. You care about people but then you do whatever you want and don’t need anybody else. I think you have more emotions than you show and I’ve learned that you have sudden bursts of anger but they don’t last long.

ISTP: I don’t know any of you but if I let the stereotype guide me, you look so practical which could not really fit in with me but we could make a good team since you look independent too.

ESFP: stop being the class clown, stop wanting everybody to like you. Life is much more than the happiness of the moment. I could have fun with you but I don’t think I could form a deeper bond with you.

ESTP: you are so cool, you’re so authentic and smart and with clear ideas. You are independent and fun and I think you’re like a less complicated version of myself. I think you’re too resentful and sometimes you could use a little more empathy. But I like you, we could be very good friends.

How to attract each wonderful sun (or venus) sign✨

Aries: These peeps ADORE someone outgoing who shows their admiration straight from the beginning. They aren’t attracted to wishy washy people. They also love someone they can have intellectual conversations with, someone who can challenge them mentally in a way. Don’t feel shy to talk about something you’re going through either! Aries love giving advice. This advice will be super straightforward and meaningful. Also an important thing to remember is don’t give them orders! Aries need to feel that what they’re doing is coming from them, not someone else.

Taurus: okay so they are hard to get. For a taurus to really like you you have to play hard to get in a nice manner, meaning build a real friendship with them first and show em you’re great to be around but take a couple weeks or months to flirt with them first only and then they’ll slowly come to you showing romantic affection. That’s when you know the deal is sealed. They have to be confident that you like them back first though, otherwise they’ll keep their feelings hidden away. Tauruses need someone who can really make them laugh. This is very important. One more thing: physical appearance is incredibly important for a taurus. Dress nicely, smell great and make sure to overall look well kept/groomed. They don’t want to be seen out with someone sloppy.

Gemini: These people love to be impressed with knowledge! Tell ‘em something cool and meaningful you’ll think they’ve never heard of and be sure to be able to answer their following questions on the topic. Be honest with them and easy going. They also tend to love someone who can gossip and laugh with them. Trust is very important to them as they are quite sensitive people. Don’t give them a reason to suspect you of negative things and don’t be possessive with them.

Cancer: They are attracted to the sincerity and warmth of a person. They need to feel you can be someone they can truly be themselves with. Just like taurus, they’ll probably feel the need to build a sort of friendship before any relationship. Cancers also need to be entertained all the time and kept on their toes in the beginning of the relationship or they’ll quickly lose interest. You’ll definitely be able to talk about the issues you have going on (once you get to know each other better), they’ll love to show you their sensitive and empathic side once you two get closer. Note: They really are skittish about commitment. If you feel you really have a chance with them, by all means keep it going but the longer they take to give you an answer the less likely it will be a favorable outcome for you.

Leo: LEOS NEED ACTIONS! They need someone who truly shows their commitment to them from the very beginning. They also really need someone who can make them cry of laughter. If you do that, chances are you’re in. A fun fact: leo men tend to really dislike a girl with heavy makeup. If you are trying to impress one, try and keep a natural look with little to no makeup. Leos need trust too. They look for a sort of posh best friend they can be sensitive with.

Virgo: Just honestly be someone who can go with the flow and not make a public fuss. They hate outwardly finicky people who overpower conversations. Virgos love someone smart who can show off their wits. They are guarded people, so don’t go snooping around or you might mess things up with them. Let them open up to you first. Virgos worry a lot so they need someone who can handle this and ease them out. Take interest in their hobbies and listen to them no matter how long they talk for.

Libra: They NEED someone who is seen as polite, funny, fashionable and most likely popular. They really like subtle compliments. They love a good friendly debate that can create a lively conversation. They can be judgmental, as they sometimes feel that they’re are the epitome of cool and wonderful so it is hard to impress them. Be a cool and collected yet witty person. Libra girls usually like bad boys and libra males love outgoing girls. Go with their music taste as they take pride in it. Make sure to dress nicely and smell great.

Scorpio: They automatically know when someone is faking things; so always make sure to be honest with them. They are reserved people when it comes to their true feelings and let them open up to you on their own, don’t push things or you really won’t ever get an answer out of them. They are super curious people so gossip is always great. They love lively dates like going jet skiing for example. They’re really social people even though they pretend not to be so inviting them to a party is great. Scorpios are really proud beings who take their opinions very seriously and feel that they should not be messed with, so don’t ever disrespect them or they’ll just do the same to you.

Saggitarius: They really need someone lively who can keep up with their charming wit and humour. They are great conversationalists so don’t worry about having a fun time, they’ll try their best to keep things rolling when they’re with you. Sags love animals and outdoor sports. Don’t ever try to corner them into an awkward situation. They’ll only be their true selfs once they get to know you better. Don’t be clingy, they like a light flirt who leaves them wanting more. If you offend them chances are they won’t come back so keep conversations light hearted for the first times you guys talk.

Capricorn: They really prefer to hear people talk especially if you’re funny, as they are great listeners who decide wether you’re worth their time or not based on what you say when you’re rambling. They may seem cold hearted but this isn’t the case, they just take time to open up so don’t give up! Stick to being conventional and not too eccentric, they like serious opinions. They really are drawn to luxury, so if you have a fancy watch and shirt to wear do it. ALWAYS be on time when you’re going to see them. If not, they won’t take you seriously and feel offended the rest of the time.

Aquarius: Do not be possessive. They may seem to be flirting with others but only ever have their eye on one person, and if you feel you are that person give them their freedom. You can tell an aqua is interested in you when they initiate proper conversation and smile a lot around you. Be your most outgoing self around them, they’ll love that. Show them your interests and take them somewhere cool, possible scientific related! NEVER nag an aqua. They realize perfectly when they’ve made a mistake and highly dislike talking about it. They aren’t likely to repeat the mistake in the first place so mentioning it over and over will push them away.

Pisces: They love art and music, feel free to show them your quirky side and dance to your favorite music in front of them. They like funny people a lot. They love giving advice. They like sarcastic people and if you feel you need to talk about your issues, do so in a light hearted manner as they dislike someone who’s overwhelmed by their own issues. They loveee flattery. Give them a compliment you know will go straight to their heart. Never forget something important about them as they are sentimental people who need authenticity.

Beautiful gifts and friendships

(Tyler x reader)

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Request: what about a cute Tyler x reader one? maybe it’s there birthday and they have been dating for a long time and there with teamiplier and they got the reader presents, then the reader opens Tyler’s and it’s something super meaningful for them so they start crying a bit (happy tears) and it’s just super cute&pure 🌸✨

You had been with Tyler for a long time. It was a relationship that had quickly blossomed into a strong and happy one. It was awhile though before Tyler had introduced his friends to you. He wasn’t ashamed of them or you, it was just something that never felt like the right time. Until a couple of months ago he finally did, soon you become close knitted friends with everyone (the girls especially). Although you knew that they liked you, you didn’t see yourself as being a good friend of theirs merely someone they hung out with because of Tyler. So when your birthday had been nearing closer you made the deduction that they wouldn’t and shouldn’t get you any thing. But that wasn’t how any of the others saw it, they saw you as part of the family and completely adored you and Tyler together.

When it was finally your birthday, Tyler had told you nothing merely giving you a quick peck and a happy birthday as he explained there was a surprise waiting for you, and to get dressed. You obliged with a somewhat prissy look, because you had told him he didn’t have to go to such lengths. He even went as far as to blindfold you for the entire car ride. When he pulled up to one of your favorite restaurant you smiled. “Ty, you didn’t have to do anything like this.” You said looking over at him. “I wanted to.” He said and got out of the car, you followed close behind and his arm meet your waist as you walked into the restaurant. “Party of six” Tyler said and you looked at him with a confused look which he merely ignored. The waiter lead you two to the table surrounded by four people. They smiled once they saw you walking up. Amy was the first to get up as she was the closest “hey (Y/N), happy birthday!” She exclaimed and embraced you in a large hug. Ethan was next he gave you a goofy grin as you smiled at all of them stunned by the amount of love they all showed. “Guys you didn’t have to do anything for me.” You said as you went around hugging each of them. “Like hell its our friends birthday why wouldn’t we do something.” Mark announced. You smiled as you sat next to Tyler he held your hand under the table.

The night was spent with laughter and drinks. When it came time for dessert they embarrassed you by telling the waiter it was your birthday which lead to a whole extravagant song as they brought over a piece of cake for you. When it was nearing the end of the dinner, Tyler announced it was present time. First it was Amy who had gifted you a novel that she thought you’d really enjoy, because he was one of your favorite authors. While Ethan gifted you a small pin and shirt from a favorite store you both shared. Kathryn had giving you a sketchbook or journal knowing how you sometimes liked to write ideas or sketch them out on things. And Mark gifted you a simple gift card to your favorite store. Finally the last gift was Tyler’s, he excitedly handed it to with a huge grin first it was a box then a bag. “Open the bag first.” He said with a large grin, you smiled at him as you took the slightly heavy bag, taking tissue paper out. A large childlike grin broke out on your face, “Oh my god” you exclaimed as you held up a box with a Polaroid camera. Tyler broke into a wider grin, he knew how much you loved old fashioned pictures and he loved the excited face and insistent way you’d get when you wanted a photo to commemorate an event. “Read the card” he said handing it to you. Opening it you broke into a smile with the sweet words, “here’s to our amazing memories let’s make so more, I love you baby. Happy birthday.” You said out loud for the group. They wore happy smiles at the sight of their friends. Before you could say anything Tyler handed you the box insistent that you opened it before speaking. Ripping the paper you realized it was a frame with a picture of you and Tyler on one of your first dates. His arm wrapped around you and a wide excited sheepish grin across your face as Tyler kissed your cheek. It was a great photo one that nearly made you tear up. “Ty…” you said and hugged him quickly. He chuckled “happy birthday babe” he said as he wrapped his hands around you. “Awwww” Amy and Kathryn exclaimed as they looked between you and themselves. When you broke away from the quick hug everyone had a wide smile across their face. You kissed his cheek as he wrapped you in a side hug. It was an amazing birthday you realized that you were truly loved by your friends and that you had the most amazing boyfriend.

tfw you’ve been misgendering yourself on job applications for a week straight (b/c they only have “male” and “female” boxes and you identify as neither) and suddenly you come across an application with nonbinary options and the option for “Mx” instead of “Miss or Mr” and you die a little inside because you’re too chicken-shit to out yourself on a professional job application.

It’s been an actual literal decade and I’m still not over the fact that the Akasuna in ‘Akasuna no Sasori’ and Sabuku in ‘Sabaku no Gaara’ are titles, not family names. Chiyo’s not of the Red Sand and Kankuro’s not of the Sand Cataract, because those only belong to Sasori and Gaara because they’re just… nicknames.

No one in Suna (not one single person, even in the goddamn fillers?) has a family name despite the fact that family is apparently something super meaningful in the village, so I guess everyone is just expected to know who everyone’s related to lmfao

Seven or Never

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: GOT7 / BTS

Category: Humor, fluff 

Word Count: 4,030

Summary:  GOT7 and BTS are rival troops, competing against one another in a wilderness challenge. Chaos ensues.

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Ouran High School Host Club

“Do you think you could tell me what true strength is?  I may be out of line, but hiding your true self and putting on airs doesn’t seem any different than running away to me. I would think that embracing the things you truly like and being able to enjoy them is worth more than anything. To just be yourself… I believe that’s what true strength really is.”

Rhodey and Tony have at least one matching tattoo and nothing you say will ever convince me otherwise.

Like I don’t even care what it is, I don’t care if they have something deeply meaningful or super dumb. I don’t care if they drunkenly dared each other into it or planned it for months in advance. I don’t care if they’re located somewhere sensible or they’re the worst placed tattoos in human history. They have matching tattoos and that is that, case closed, I do not make the rules I just report them.

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I love your comics!! I gotta do some short ones (10 pages) for university as well, do you have any tips on how to create a good interesting plot? You seem to know lots about everything art related!!

aw man thank you!!

sometimes when i’m having trouble coming up with a story i create a main character FIRST! and then i create the story around it that character and their personality, like where i think they’d be from, what problems they may have to deal with, etc. sometimes that can be easier because then you’re not starting with nothing. you’re starting with a character that you already are interested in!

other times i just have to sit there and think a while. what do i like about the stories that i like? do i want my story to have magic? should it be in the real world? do i want it to be realistic, do i want it to be weird? do i want to make it serious, or funny, or educational, or a combination of those?

for short stories it’s crucial to keep your story simple! interesting doesn’t have to mean super duper complicated and meaningful with 20 twists. interesting can just be like oh! i’ve never read a story about a humble chicken farmer who is also world famous sculptor! or oh! i’ve never read a story about a bear who spends half their life as a bear and half their life as a blue jay! let’s find out what happens!

stuff i think that makes up a good, interesting story:

- CLEAR and understandable

- not reliant on tropes (i don’t mean you have to be 100% original which is kind of impossible, i just mean check your story and characters to make sure it’s not something the world has seen 1 million times! if you’re doing a zombie comic, what makes your story different than the walking dead? if you’re doing a story about vampires or monsters or magic, what makes it different than twilight, or teen wolf, or supernatural, or harry potter? same goes for characters, try and avoid character tropes if you can. consider what real people are like instead! if you have 2 nice and likable characters, how do you make them different? maybe think about your friends/family and what they’re like)

- includes something a little unexpected or out of the ordinary (you can make this happen by putting two very different things in the same story! ex. farming and sculpting, or a huge bear and a tiny bird)

- is concise and has a definitive ending EVEN IF you want to end it on a ‘to be continued.’ i think it’s really important for readers to have some degree of closure even if you want to leave it open. but be careful about leaving it open at all! i only say that because sometimes people get tired and don’t know how to end their story and they just leave it on a cliffhanger or something and it’s not done very well because it wasn’t planned for. sometimes the ending is the best part for making your story different and interesting! you can put a weird twist in there, some kind of lesson, the punchline of a joke, something cute and sweet, something sad

but yeah! this is just stuff i could think of at the moment, i can add to this if i think of more stuff! and if you have any questions or anything don’t hesitate to ask. i hope this could help!!  

There's this one song from La La Land (2016, movie) that I kept on listening over and over. 
It got me like crazy 'cause maybe I didn't expect Mia ( Emma Stone ) would sing that super meaningful song in an audition scene.
The song is just so meaningful and feels so special to me that it got me so bad, the song title is Auditon ( The Fools Who Dream ).
Maybe it got me ' cause I'm just a boy who's foolishly dreaming about wonderful and interesting yet unfamiliar and unfathomable matters.

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Could we get some Omegaverse HCs for Otayuri? :O I really liked that post you did, and I wanna know what your HCs for them are now!!

Okay, but you’re getting a mixed bag cause I’m not always 100% sold on omega Yuri. 

General HC: Otabek regular/canon universe has this one omegaverse fanfic he super loves. It’s super fluffy  and has next to no plot, and in it he and Yuri have like five kids and seven cats, and in the fic Yuri’s heat is about to start, but they just decided they don’t want more children. It’s been on hiatus because the author is graduating college. Otabek has tried to be supportive and buy her a few items off of her amazon wishlist etc. 


-Whenever they want/need an alpha they call Mila to help them with their heat. Otherwise they just use toys. 

-Fisting. The most loving and romantic fisting in the history of ever okay? 

-Yuri buys so many sex toys “well this one is green. We don’t have a green one yet” This goes the same for nesting. Yuri’s always buying stuff on amazon he thinks will be useful, including like  camping tent which he sets up in the living room. 


-The most loving rough/angry sex ever. Lots of grunting and wrestling around to see who is going to bottom. Yuri of course uses his nails/bites and plays dirty while Otabek tries to use his muscles as leverage. 

- a tender reclamation of humanity because they have to be so careful with each other because Biology says they aren’t supposed to just ram each others knots inside. Lots of fingering with feelings and deep internal existential questions about the brutality of sex and romance. 

-So much aftercare. Yuri likes cold baths. Otabek likes hot baths/heating pads when his body is pushed to the absolute limit.

-If they want/need an omega they call JJ and see if Isabella will let him out of her sight for a few days. 

alpha Yuri/omega Otabek

- Otabek’s parents try their hardest to be super progressive and open minded and let Otabek do whatever he wants. They’re semi-mortified when this angry russian alpha storms in and demands Otabek’s hand in marriage when Otabek is like 20. 

-waits until the very last minute to let Yuri touch him. 

-unapologetically loves it when Yuri doms the fuck out of him. During his heat is the only time Yuri will leave marks, etc. 

-Although they are both athletic, Yuri pushes him to his absolute limit. Whether that’s positions or stamina or exploring kink. 

-He wants Yuri to be his babby daddy. 

alpha Otabek/omega Yuri

- Yuri is totally in control of his body and wants Otabek to know this. totally. in. control. 

- See prior post about bored sex. Approaches heat with a “lets get this overwith” kind of attitude, because it isn’t super romantic or meaningful if it’s nothing but hormones. 

-Major concern is getting stuck in a crazy or outlandish position. His favorite is spooning or face to face laying down so they can both be comfortable and hold each other. 

Jet Wolf and Act 21

The manga and I are repeatedly clashing, and so instead of full liveblogs, I’m reading each manga act (mostly) silently, and then writing up summaries at the end. I’ll be very candid, which could well include criticism and snark about the manga either wholesale or in details. If that isn’t a thing you feel like reading, please skip this post!

It’s taken eight issues, but Mamoru finally proves that you CAN yell out something other than a Senshi name, and that it’s super meaningful when you do! Usagi still hasn’t used the names of her supposed best friends, but who’s paying attention to such unimportant details like that when Mamoru can express a feeling?


Floating in the inky black nothingness, Usagi sees a vision of Mamoru, running away from her with an adult Chibi-Usa on his arm. I suppose I should be happy she was grown but mostly I just want to sit manga Usagi down and have a very long lecture about literally everything.

She wakes up to find herself in a new dress, and my dislike for manga Usagi in no way makes this fact less fucking creepy and repulsive. She and Demande chat, and by “chat” I mostly mean “rough draft Usagi’s restraining order”. They kind of talk about the Black Moon Clan’s motivations, but it’s like trying to explain why we need twelve different versions of Coke. WE JUST DO BRENDA. Clearly the best part of this entire issue is when the Black Moon Clan turn into a deeply indie hipster band for one panel.

I’m pretty sure these guys were at The Crystal Ballroom last Thursday.

Seriously, their entire reasoning seems to be “We don’t like it when people live a long time”, and in fairness, genocide does address that problem.

There’s also this bit where  Demande indicates that Wiseman was like “Come to Nemesis my guys”, but we’ll come back to that.

Anyway, Demande does what we all know Demande does and fuck Demande by the way. Also it looks like Saffir and Rubeus are hanging out in the bedroom too? IF YOU WERE AFRAID THE MANGA HAD LOST ITS EDGE AT MAKING UNCOMFORTABLE SITUATIONS WORSE ALLOW ME TO REASSURE YOU

Back at the palace, Endymion has a suddenly flash that several pages have gone by without him explaining something. Horrified, he quickly begins to tell us about Nemesis, and manages to spend about three pages on what is functionally “I dunno”. OH BUT WAIT BECAUSE HERE COMES MY FAVOURITE PART



I don’t now how much more detail we’re going to get on this, but Endymion shows literally zero problem with the situation, just being “Yeah, she stopped growing up nearly a thousand years ago, but have you seen me do THIS??” before phasing his hand through his own head and making spooky “OOOOoOOooooOOooo” noises. He then goes on to say that he’s sure it’ll all work out okay because “her destiny is to protect this planet”. I’m once again reassured that free will for the characters in the Sailor Moon manga is alive and well, and that Usagi’s words a few issues ago weren’t remotely lip service.

But Endymion hasn’t yet begun to explain! Endymion could only be worse if he added “Well, ACTUALLY” at the start of each new topic. From here we go into backstory on Nemesis and Wiseman, and for a guy who keeps insisting they didn’t know shit for centuries and never saw this coming, Endymion sure knows a metric fuckton about the hows and whys of these people.

I don’t know how much of this is accurately translated, so I’m not going to rant about it too much specifically. Suffice it to say that my version has Endymion claiming that Wiseman “revived crime”. Then NQS showed up, said “stop that”.


Point being, I really hate this fucking storyline.

Back to Usagi, who is understandably not doing so well. She worries about Mamoru, LIKE A LOT, and the concludes that the ginzuishou isn’t working because she’s been worried about Chibs stealing Mamoru away, and did I mention I hated this fucking storyline?

Then Usagi finally remembers she has friends! Wassername, and Whozzit, and Sleepy, and Doc!


  • Total times Usagi calls them Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus: four
  • Total times Usagi calls them Rei, Ami, Mako, and Minako: zero you fool of course it’s zero
  • Total times Usagi calls him Mamoru in the same stretch of story: six
  • Total times Usagi calls him Tuxedo Kamen in the same stretch: zippo

Anyway, Rei, Ami, and Mako wake up for a second, do nothing, and maybe die, but who cares.

Over to Chibi-Usa, who reflects on the time she’s spent with Usagi, and then the time she didn’t spend with her mother. Kids are awful little bastards and I don’t understand why exiling THEM doesn’t appear to be an option. She literally says (per this translation), that “The only one [my mum] loves is my papa”, and you know, it’s good that Chibi-Usa is on my side in spirit, at least.

Then flashback!Chibs steals the ginzuishou, gets her mum nearly killed, and runs away to see Pluto, as you do. Theeeeennnn I THINK Chibs gets pissy because Pluto smiles at Endymion? And maybe this isn’t a flashback now? SERIOUSLY I HAVE NO IDEA HOW ANYTHING’S FLOWING HERE LIKE I’M SURPRISED THERE’S NOT A LITTLE BUNNY HEAD IN THE CORNER SAYING “I can draw this dress I saw in a fashion magazine or I can make my plot make visual sense. Fuck it, just watch the anime.”

What/when/however this is happening, Wiseman finds Chibs, and I’m not sure it’s a good thing that I can say with complete honesty that it’s not the creepiest thing that’s happened in this arc.