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  • person: oh so you like kpop? i heard the lyrics are super deep and meaningful. what's your favourite?
  • me: 'what the funk yo'
There's this one song from La La Land (2016, movie) that I kept on listening over and over. 
It got me like crazy 'cause maybe I didn't expect Mia ( Emma Stone ) would sing that super meaningful song in an audition scene.
The song is just so meaningful and feels so special to me that it got me so bad, the song title is Auditon ( The Fools Who Dream ).
Maybe it got me ' cause I'm just a boy who's foolishly dreaming about wonderful and interesting yet unfamiliar and unfathomable matters.

Rhodey and Tony have at least one matching tattoo and nothing you say will ever convince me otherwise.

Like I don’t even care what it is, I don’t care if they have something deeply meaningful or super dumb. I don’t care if they drunkenly dared each other into it or planned it for months in advance. I don’t care if they’re located somewhere sensible or they’re the worst placed tattoos in human history. They have matching tattoos and that is that, case closed, I do not make the rules I just report them.

Today is Bat Boy: the Musical’s 16th anniversary! It opened on off-Broadway in 2001 sixteen years ago today! :D You guys have no doubt seen me blogging about this silly little musical more often then not. It’s been my favorite musical for the last 8 years since my high school production and I’ve been crazy obsessed ever since. It’s super weird but also super meaningful and fun. It uses humor to teach its lesson but the themes are surprisingly heavy and mature. It’s dark and bloody but also really funny. It’s a tragedy and a comedy - a tramedy haha.

There’s a fanpage that has all the stuff you could ever want to read about it (including the script itself), album is here, but BASICALLY it’s about a half-bat, balf-boy that’s found in a cave, taken in and raised by a family with a dysfunctional married couple and their daughter. Bat Boy and daughter fall in love, husband gets crazy jealous (literally) of how much more his wife pays attention to Bat Boy than him, he goes crazy and has a massive killing spree and tells the whole town Bat Boy did it. Stuff happens, a lot of people die, it’s great. Go check it out! :)

this job is interesting for my mental health because it’s super meaningful and i have purpose but its also absolutely draining and exhausting

a little boy said he wished i would die today lmaooo you and me both kiddo

A few days ago I received a very special package in the mail. It contained these amputated robot legs, belonging to the lovely Nikki. Like, literally these are the legs off her body. I’ll be changing the joints, putting it in new pretty boots, and potentially making it into my own legs. Taking on this project is so super meaningful to me, more so than any other mechanical project i’ve taken on, including the dog suit. I’m so appreciative of her trust in me, and I’m so excited to get to work on this!

You Are Not Alone

Misha x Fan!Reader

Warnings: Fluff, Mentions Of Suicidal Thoughts

Words: 1,052

Request From Anon: how about a misha oneshot where she gets him to sign something super personal and meaningful to her and she starts tearing up when she tells the story behind it? Like to the point where she can’t talk and runs away in embarrassment and he finds her later on?

I just wanted to say thank you to @one-shots-supernatural, you help get unstuck with this when my brain just didn’t want to function. So, technically, this is from both of us Anon. Enjoy! We love you!

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notautumnperson replied to your post “It’s funny seeing other practicing Buddhists all going WTF at Iron…”

omg. i know i’ll throw things if i see that…

I haven’t seen it, just heard about it, and it pisses me off. It reminded me of when I watched the first episode of Arrow (I never watched the second) and the protagonist gives his sister a “Buddhist rock” and it was supposed to be super meaningful.

It’s not hard to find a practicing Buddhist in the US. Even some clueless white convert who just started attending a Shambhala center would probably know enough to say “don’t do that”. It’s all so stupid it makes my teeth hurt.

Need You - Jack Maynard Imagine

Requested: Hi there! Could you write one where Y/N is a very stubborn and independent woman (does everything by herself, even stuff like carrying heavy things etc., doesn’t really need anyone’s help) and Jack always wants to help, but Y/N just politely says there’s no need to, so finally he says that it’s his job as a boyfriend to help with stuff like that and she finally agrees? Not in a mean way, just a sweet banter :)

A/N: Okay so I saw so much of myself in this character that I ended up basically writing something super personal and meaningful to me. It’s not really the banter you asked for but hopefully you still like it!

Warnings: Anxiety, panic attacks (kinda?)

“Do you need help with that?” Jack asked from his spot at the table. He’d been watching you in the kitchen, struggling to open a jar of pasta sauce for the past minute.

“No thanks, I got it.” You said politely, although it came out a little forced as you were throwing all your strength into twisting open the lid, but it still didn’t budge.

“Are you sure?” Jack said, raising an eyebrow at you.

“Really, I got it!” You said, moving on to plan B. You ran some hot water over the lid and pulled out a towel to add some friction. Taking a deep breath, you twisted the lid with all your strength until you heard a small *pop*. “See?”

Jack laughed at your proud expression. You were incredibly stubborn but it was one of the things he loved about you. He knew you’d try literally everything before asking for help, which sometimes led to trouble. You’d once needed to film a video using Jack’s equipment instead of your own and you were unfamiliar with his microphone. You spent an hour fiddling with the thing instead of just calling up your own boyfriend to ask for help. But in the end, you always figured out some way to make things work on your own. You were truly the most independent person he’d ever met.

That night, you and all the boys went out to a club to celebrate Joe’s birthday. You were having a great time, the club was extravagant and the drinks were super fancy. You had just stepped off the dance floor to get a new drink when you checked your phone and saw a text from your best friend.

“Just a heads up, I think Max is headed to the same club as you tonight…”

Max was your ex-boyfriend and your friend was still dating one of his housemates so she knew where he would be tonight. You checked the time stamp. 10:22pm. Twenty minutes ago. He was probably already here.

“Oh no…” You replied.

“Yeah I think he wants to try and talk to you.”

You’d had a particularly nasty break up with Max. Well, it wasn’t so much the break up that was nasty, more the relationship as a whole. He had been incredibly emotionally manipulative, and after the break up, you’d found out he’d been cheating as well. You were happy to be out of that toxic relationship and with Jack now, but you were still dealing with anxiety over what had happened. Of course, like everything else in your life, you were dealing with it on your own, and you hadn’t even told Jack about it. Besides, it had never been bad enough to actually affect your relationship.

After reading the text, you could feel your heart rate start to quicken at the thought of Max trying to confront you. You were determined not to let this ruin your night though, especially not on Joe’s birthday, so you took a few deep breaths, your eyes scanning the club. You didn’t see Max anywhere, so you told yourself you were just overreacting and made your way back through the crowd to Jack. When you got to him, you started dancing again, but you couldn’t take your mind off Max, and you kept on the look out for him.

“Is everything okay, Y/N?” Jack asked, noticing your eyes darting around the club every few seconds.

“Yeah I’m fine!” You said to Jack. As long as Max doesn’t show up, you thought to yourself.

As if right on cue, you spotted his piercing blue eyes, staring right back at you. Your immediate reaction was to run but you wanted to be strong. You could handle a little bit of anxiety, no problem! Just like with the jar and the microphone, you’d pull yourself together and deal with it.

But you couldn’t really focus on your dancing anymore and you were suddenly finding it hard to breathe. You couldn’t understand where all this anxiety was coming from. This was literally someone you’d spent a year and a half of your life with and now the sight of him had you in a complete panic. But that’s the thing about anxiety. It doesn’t make sense. Max began to make his way over to you and your heart stopped.

“I have to leave,” You blurted out to Jack and turned towards the exit. You don’t really remember what Jack did or yourself leaving the club, just the overwhelming feeling of being trapped and needing to get out. Your vision was tunneling and you noticed the sweat on your hands the second you gripped the door handle, twisting it open as you practically fell out of the club.

“Y/N, what’s going on?!” You hadn’t noticed but Jack had been right behind you the whole time. He was now standing in front of you, looking possibly as terrified as you did as you propped yourself up against the wall of the club.

“Nothing, I’m fine.” You replied, trying to shake off the panic, but your voice still quivered.

“No, you’re clearly not,” Jack said sternly. “You looked like you were about to have a panic attack in there. And you’re shaking!” He put his hands on your shoulders to try to calm you down.

You sighed, knowing you were going to have to explain things somehow.

“Max came out to the club tonight. Apparently he wanted to talk to me and… I don’t know, I’ve just been dealing with a lot of anxiety about that whole thing, I’m sorry, I know it doesn’t make sense.”

“Why didn’t you tell me about this earlier?” Jack asked, but he wasn’t angry, just upset because he couldn’t protect you from something he didn’t even know about.

“I thought I could deal with it on my own so I didn’t want to ask for help.” You explained, just as you had so many times before but the difference was those were all problems you could handle yourself.

“Y/N,” Jack said, taking your hands in his and holding them tight to stop your shaking. “It’s okay to ask for help. I’m your boyfriend, I’m supposed to help you with things like this.”

You avoided looking at Jack, still uncomfortable with the idea of actually needing someone else.

“Okay?” Jack said, ducking his head down so you had to look into his eyes.

You watched him, his beautiful blue eyes so different from the ones that had caused your panic only moments ago. Looking into Jack’s eyes reminded you of the ocean and you finally felt calm again.

“Okay.” You took a deep breath as Jack pulled you into a hug. You rested your head on his chest, feeling the fatigue of the past few minutes, and although there was vulnerability in needing someone else, you knew that with Jack, there would also always be comfort.

A/N: I tried really hard to make sure I wasn’t just romanticizing anxiety in this one! I think the reason I wrote it was partly for myself but partly to remind y'all that it is okay to ask for help when it comes to these things. And I’m always here if you want to talk!!

hey listen i’ve got this whole album in my camera roll dedicated to “super-duper meaningful lyrics on super-duper cool and famous paintings” and i was wondering if y'all would like to see more of these, eh? i mean i’ve spent a shit tone of time looking for paintings which correlate with the lyrics so…….

Kuroo Headcanons
  • Kuroo seems like the kind of guy who would be the best for going on a road trip with because he would keep the driving friend awake with random conversation or hardcore rock
  • But he also has a soft spot for bubblegum pop
  • He jokes around a lot but he’s also the type of person to have super meaningful conversations with those close to him
  • That doesn’t mean that he’s always talking though; while he enjoys conversing with those around him, he also appreciates silence and those silences are rarely awkward
  • Like one minute both (probably Bokuto who else would agree) have chopsticks in their noses and are imitating that one scene from Mulan and the next they’re discussing beliefs/disbeliefs about greater deities and if there’s life after death and what the point of existing is in such a huge universe
  • We know that he is a nerd in canon but not only is he book smart, he’s also super resourceful
  • But he’s also a nerd nerd so he’s your go to guy for help in chemistry or physics or any other complicated science
  • He’s also great at math, and he’s the unselfish kind of great because he’ll help anyone
  • He’s that really smart chill kid that’s only ever really loud around his friends/teammates
  • Honestly he’s probably one of the most respectful people ever
  • Whenever he goes to any of his friends’ house their mom love him because he is the sweetest kid and everyone wants their sons to be like Kuroo
  • Kuroo doesn’t really have that many friends outside of volleyball but he tries to create meaningful relationships versus many
  • He’s all about quality not quantity in everything
  • He’s also a perfectionist which is one of the things he struggles with the most because he tries his best in both school and volleyball and balancing those two isn’t the easiest thing to do
  • Even though finding balance is hard he rarely complains because he doesn’t want to burden anyone, which is why he’s such a great captain
  • Kuroo prefers to stay home versus going out but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t enjoy going out occasionally
  • He’d just rather hang out and play videogames with a friend, usually that friend is Kenma
  • Kuroo is truly a great kid and he’s the biggest nerd please love him with me

I feel like however homestuck ends I’ll be satisfied
Huge climax? That’s homestuck. Anticlimax? That’s homestuck. Something super meaningful? That’s homestuck. A meme? That’s homestuck. Something that really makes you think? Thats homestuck. Something that’s just “what the fuck”? That’s homestuck. Something to tie up everything? That’s homestuck. A psycheout? That’s homestuck. Something mindblowing? That’s homestuck. Nic cage saying “boner” repeatedly? That’s homestuck.