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Hi everyone!
So, I finally warmed up (sorta) and can feels my fingers again so I’m uploading some pictures to reply to my anons
- It seemed like they were filming a scene with the vixens. All the girls were there, including Vanessa, and them and the extras were all dressed in their cheerleading practice uniform.
- Mads, Vanessa and Ashleigh were there but we didn’t get to see them up close because they were filming inside and didn’t come to say hi (Totally understandable, it was 4° today and POURING)
- A BUNCH of girls (myself included) had tons of gifts for Lili. We gave them to a girl that does the background set decoration and she took them to Lili… there were SO many she had to get some help and she legit got teary eyes because they were all so super meaningful. (Lili is holding one of the gifts in Cami’s story and eating the dough one of us gave her 😂😂)
- Lili and Cami loved the presents and that’s why they decided to brace the rain and come talk to us
- Cami is a tiny precious smol bean and SUCH A SWEETIE. she was super funny and we talked about food for a while ( I owe her brigadeiros for next time I see her hahaha)
- Lili is just beyond amazing and I will post my emotional meeting with her later on. It was pretty emotional and I wanna do justice to how wonderful she is and describe things properly, so I’ll do that when I’m in a less hectic mindset.
And as always thanks to everyone that wished me luck and that congratulated me.. Love our little fam ❤

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i like allurance cause it's cute but...i'd rather have the mlm rep u know?

Hmm here’s what bothers me about this: I have grown up in India, a country where girls with dark skin are automatically labelled “ugly” and “undesirable”. And this isn’t something that’s shunned here, in fact it is normalized by our media, celebrities and family members. No one bats an eye at the advertisements for arranged marriages in the papers saying they’re looking for only “fair skinned girls”, or the many advertisements for creams that will give you lighter skin and make you “more beautiful” or even the many kids making fun of other kids just for having dark skin.

So in a country like mine, a character like Allura, a dark skinned girl who is not only royalty, but is also considered beautiful and admired by almost everyone that meets her, is important for kids. Her falling in love with someone and being loved romantically, while not mandatory, is important. Lance, a brown boy (who usually come from families that insist that they marry a fair skinned girl), falling in love with Allura and adoring her both as a friend and as a crush, is important. This is why it rubs me the wrong way every time someone diminishes her interactions and bonds with the other characters, especially when it’s done in order to glorify the interactions between other characters.

I’m definitely not saying that an interracial couple is more important than LGBT rep. But the two things are not mutually exclusive, and neither one is more important than the other. You have to remember voltron isn’t only a show for America or one group of people, and what might be considered normal somewhere, might be super important and meaningful for kids elsewhere.

In the end, you can always enjoy the couples you enjoy but please don’t talk about interracial relationships like they’re lesser as compared to other forms of representation.

How to attract each wonderful sun (or venus) sign✨

Aries: These peeps ADORE someone outgoing who shows their admiration straight from the beginning. They aren’t attracted to wishy washy people. They also love someone they can have intellectual conversations with, someone who can challenge them mentally in a way. Don’t feel shy to talk about something you’re going through either! Aries love giving advice. This advice will be super straightforward and meaningful. Also an important thing to remember is don’t give them orders! Aries need to feel that what they’re doing is coming from them, not someone else.

Taurus: okay so they are hard to get. For a taurus to really like you you have to play hard to get in a nice manner, meaning build a real friendship with them first and show em you’re great to be around but take a couple weeks or months to flirt with them first only and then they’ll slowly come to you showing romantic affection. That’s when you know the deal is sealed. They have to be confident that you like them back first though, otherwise they’ll keep their feelings hidden away. Tauruses need someone who can really make them laugh. This is very important. One more thing: physical appearance is incredibly important for a taurus. Dress nicely, smell great and make sure to overall look well kept/groomed. They don’t want to be seen out with someone sloppy.

Gemini: These people love to be impressed with knowledge! Tell ‘em something cool and meaningful you’ll think they’ve never heard of and be sure to be able to answer their following questions on the topic. Be honest with them and easy going. They also tend to love someone who can gossip and laugh with them. Trust is very important to them as they are quite sensitive people. Don’t give them a reason to suspect you of negative things and don’t be possessive with them.

Cancer: They are attracted to the sincerity and warmth of a person. They need to feel you can be someone they can truly be themselves with. Just like taurus, they’ll probably feel the need to build a sort of friendship before any relationship. Cancers also need to be entertained all the time and kept on their toes in the beginning of the relationship or they’ll quickly lose interest. You’ll definitely be able to talk about the issues you have going on (once you get to know each other better), they’ll love to show you their sensitive and empathic side once you two get closer. Note: They really are skittish about commitment. If you feel you really have a chance with them, by all means keep it going but the longer they take to give you an answer the less likely it will be a favorable outcome for you.

Leo: LEOS NEED ACTIONS! They need someone who truly shows their commitment to them from the very beginning. They also really need someone who can make them cry of laughter. If you do that, chances are you’re in. A fun fact: leo men tend to really dislike a girl with heavy makeup. If you are trying to impress one, try and keep a natural look with little to no makeup. Leos need trust too. They look for a sort of posh best friend they can be sensitive with.

Virgo: Just honestly be someone who can go with the flow and not make a public fuss. They hate outwardly finicky people who overpower conversations. Virgos love someone smart who can show off their wits. They are guarded people, so don’t go snooping around or you might mess things up with them. Let them open up to you first. Virgos worry a lot so they need someone who can handle this and ease them out. Take interest in their hobbies and listen to them no matter how long they talk for.

Libra: They NEED someone who is seen as polite, funny, fashionable and most likely popular. They really like subtle compliments. They love a good friendly debate that can create a lively conversation. They can be judgmental, as they sometimes feel that they’re are the epitome of cool and wonderful so it is hard to impress them. Be a cool and collected yet witty person. Libra girls usually like bad boys and libra males love outgoing girls. Go with their music taste as they take pride in it. Make sure to dress nicely and smell great.

Scorpio: They automatically know when someone is faking things; so always make sure to be honest with them. They are reserved people when it comes to their true feelings and let them open up to you on their own, don’t push things or you really won’t ever get an answer out of them. They are super curious people so gossip is always great. They love lively dates like going jet skiing for example. They’re really social people even though they pretend not to be so inviting them to a party is great. Scorpios are really proud beings who take their opinions very seriously and feel that they should not be messed with, so don’t ever disrespect them or they’ll just do the same to you.

Saggitarius: They really need someone lively who can keep up with their charming wit and humour. They are great conversationalists so don’t worry about having a fun time, they’ll try their best to keep things rolling when they’re with you. Sags love animals and outdoor sports. Don’t ever try to corner them into an awkward situation. They’ll only be their true selfs once they get to know you better. Don’t be clingy, they like a light flirt who leaves them wanting more. If you offend them chances are they won’t come back so keep conversations light hearted for the first times you guys talk.

Capricorn: They really prefer to hear people talk especially if you’re funny, as they are great listeners who decide wether you’re worth their time or not based on what you say when you’re rambling. They may seem cold hearted but this isn’t the case, they just take time to open up so don’t give up! Stick to being conventional and not too eccentric, they like serious opinions. They really are drawn to luxury, so if you have a fancy watch and shirt to wear do it. ALWAYS be on time when you’re going to see them. If not, they won’t take you seriously and feel offended the rest of the time.

Aquarius: Do not be possessive. They may seem to be flirting with others but only ever have their eye on one person, and if you feel you are that person give them their freedom. You can tell an aqua is interested in you when they initiate proper conversation and smile a lot around you. Be your most outgoing self around them, they’ll love that. Show them your interests and take them somewhere cool, possible scientific related! NEVER nag an aqua. They realize perfectly when they’ve made a mistake and highly dislike talking about it. They aren’t likely to repeat the mistake in the first place so mentioning it over and over will push them away.

Pisces: They love art and music, feel free to show them your quirky side and dance to your favorite music in front of them. They like funny people a lot. They love giving advice. They like sarcastic people and if you feel you need to talk about your issues, do so in a light hearted manner as they dislike someone who’s overwhelmed by their own issues. They loveee flattery. Give them a compliment you know will go straight to their heart. Never forget something important about them as they are sentimental people who need authenticity.

Rose album by B.A.P is a true masterpiece despite it only having 3 songs. Dystopia is a badass rock/metal song, and kpop groups can rarely pull of that kind of thing. Wake me up is a beautiful, deep song that talks about society issues and the video is super meaningful. And lastly, Diamond 4 ya. It’s so unique, the music is so weird but brilliant and the falsettos and high notes are to die for. B.A.P is the best, they are so diverse. Also, I’m so happy Yongguk is back. 😊

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hc's for the paladins with a touch-starved s/o who needs a lot of long hugs and physical affection?

Anon, don’t stalk me. And stop calling me out, it’s rude. ~ Mod Saffron


  • Shiro doesn’t mind at all. If you need a hug or just a cuddle of the arm, simply wrap your arms around him and he will bless you with the best Dad Hug™.
  • He, too, is somewhat starved of affection since half of his arm is gone and replaced with a machine. No one can tell, but Shiro seems to like all things fluffy and simply enjoy the sensation of soft things.
    • Since you have not been graced with familial love and attention, Shiro will swallow any opportunity he gets to fluff you hair, kiss you, or rub your shoulders.
      • Psst. Shiro gives the best massages, he’ll murder those knots in no time flat ;)
    • He will never let you have a moment where you are alone in your own thoughts even for a second, since he knows that you might conjure up some theories about why someone didn’t touch you happily today.
      • You got a sad look? He’s already smothering you in hugs and kisses. Maybe some tickles on the side to make you laugh.
  • Tells you to never be ashamed about being affectionate, but to always direct the feeling to him first. Seeing you drape yourself over Pidge or Lance really irks him because can he have that, too?
  • Cuddles are always a thing.
    • Massages, too. Those always lead to something more deeper, if ya catch me drift ;DD


  • People think Keith is very reserved via touch but he is often showed to be an instigator for friendly touches. If you lean your head onto his shoulders, you best be betting your ass that he will lean his head back onto yours.
    • Often times, Keith will try to lace fingers with you and rub the back of your hand with his thumb. He’ll create weird, inconsistent patterns across your skin, but the sensation of his cold digits are nice.
  • He enjoys long hugs. It allows him to register things like, who is in his arms, why he’s holding them, and what they mean to him in his life. It makes his heart beat faster when he realizes, Shit, I love her.
    • If you don’t give him at least a few hugs or rubs throughout the day, he will know something is up. He won’t even ask questions, he’ll just tug you into a tight embrace and sling his arms around your back to trace the skin beneath your shirt.
  • Keith likes those private hugs where you’re in each other’s arms and your foreheads are clamped together. You’re just staring into his eyes and feeding each other Eskimo kisses, it’s great.
  • The usual touch he will give you is a shoulder rub or a hand squeeze. Yeah, he’s cliche like that, but he’s basically devoid of all human affection since he was a kid so humor him.
    • He’s actually more touch-starved than you but we’ll let that slide for now.


  • He has his moments of depression and loneliness, but will never attempt to burden others about it. Self-reserved about his feelings, but you’re his significant other who feels the same way? You two are spending the night all cocooned in blankets and never letting go of each other.
    • But you gotta wash up sometime, right? Screw it, Lance’s grip around you is like an anaconda.
    • “Lance, off, I need to shower! We stink!” “Let me shower you in kisses, babe.” 
      • You know you like it, but you can’t help rolling your eyes dur dur
  • Lance isn’t touch-starved, he’s a spoiled brat, but he does like to hug people. He’s Cuban, after all, they all give kisses as greetings and big bro hugs to part ways. He’s a very affectionate baby, so your hugless days are over once you meet him.
    • He’s always touching you. Hands, shoulders, butt (LANCE!), back, you name it.
    • He tried to give you massages without getting a boner, but he will work on it as your relationship delves further on.
  • Lance’s long hugs consist of rocking back and forth, humming foreign words of comfort, and stringing his fingers through your scalp. His hugs never end until you say so and his body is very easy to reach around and squeeze. 
    • He wants you to feel loved more than anything and if he can get a small smile out of you, he can ascend to Heaven happily. Tickle fights are imminent, so be on guard.


  • Best self-proclaimed cuddler who will gladly share his bear hugs with his love. Will always rub your arms and have a hand rubbing your back, to which you will sink yourself into and stay there. 
    • You might cry from too much affection that was never bestowed upon you, but he will comfort you gently with more hugs and soft-spoken words.
    • Before he cuddles with you, however, he will whip up some space cookies and hot water because he wants to get some levelheadedness and maybe talk your feelings out before you sink into his plush body.
      • Hunk, you fool, just cuddle. Then everything will be alright.
  • He likes to talk his hugs out just because he doesn’t enjoy silences. It irks him to the point where he just has the need to spout something from his mind.
    • You don’t mind the background of his chatter, as long as you have his beefy arms wound around your figure.
  • You feel safe in his arms, so you will never go to sleep without yourself in them. You might seem clingy at first, but he honestly doesn’t mind.
    • Hunk loves this attention he gets emotionally because he’s been told that his body frame would never attract anyone so he depends on a relationship based around emotion.
      • Yeah, he has a reason to be hugged, too. Jeez.


  • Doesn’t care if she’s not touchy-feely because she will give up any machine in the world to make you feel safe and emotionally alright. She’s not the greatest at social interactions, but she does enjoy a little hug now and then to comfort her.
    • She’s 15, for Quiznack’s sake. Comfort the babe.
  • Pidge’s family consisted of mostly boys, besides her mother, so she isn’t really used to the consistent hug thing. 
    • It’s confirmed that she descends from Italians, so the older side of her family must have been naturally affectionate with one another.
      • Pidge loves/hates wet smooches on the side of her cheek as she’s working, but she will always get you back.
      • This relationship also allows her to experiment with her comfortability in her affection zone. Turns out she loves cuddling and kissing. She’s just getting used to her feelings, so take some time with her, be patient.
    • “Don’t be upsetti, have some spaghetti.”
  • Even if she’s diligently working on something, just sit next to her and she’ll subconsciously reach out for your hand and rub it. She enjoys your head on her back, the pressure keeps her concentrated.
  • She’s not really a fan of long hugs, to be honest, but she really enjoys holding you from the side as you both sit against a wall or something. The side hold allows her tiny body to breathe without being confined to a tight sweaty hug.
    • “But cuddles are the same–” “Shh, don’t be upsetti.”
What I think of the types (ENTP)

(Don’t get offended, this is based on people I know and stereotypes and although I might see flaws in people that doesn’t affect my overall impression of them, I can still love them just the same)

INTJ: I’m afraid of you but I admire you. You’re just so smart and cold, you know exactly what to do and you do it silently without people noticing how “powerful” you are. You’re like me but much more organized and disciplined and I wish I was like that. You’re mysterious and that appeals to me. However it will probably be a long time until I trust one of you.

INFJ: I don’t get why everybody thinks you are some kind of special unicorn that’s hard to see and when you do it’s as if you had found a treasure. I know two of you and you’re super nice but I don’t think I could have any deep relationship with you of any kind. And I definitely don’t have that attraction that supposedly all ENTPs have towards INFJs, sorry not sorry.

ENTJ: I don’t know any of you or at least I’m not sure I do. You look interesting to me though. You have the willpower that I lack and you’ll probably go further in life than me if I don’t change. I think we would argue a lot because I can’t stand bossy people and I would fight you every time I don’t agree with you.

ENFJ: I love you so much. You’re my favorite F type ever. You are smart and deep and I can have super meaningful conversations with you. You’re so positive and hardworking and I’m kinda jealous of that but what I like is that even though you’re organized you don’t try to impose your organization to me. I also think you’re mature and calm and have a lot of common sense. I get along very well with all of the ENFJs I know. 

ISTJ: I’m not sure I know any of you irl but if I’m right and my law professor is one I’d say I don’t really like you. You don’t have to be so practical, I mean, things are not black or white, there are like thousands of shades of grey between those too, don’t be so simple. I think you’re smart but omg don’t be so logical and don’t hate people so much.

ISFJ: you’re so sweet, so so sweet. It’s incredible how you can care so much about others and be all the time trying to fix them. You’re too kind and if you care you let people roll over you and that’s not okay. You’re worth so much more so start being a bit more selfish and understand sometimes you need to be fixed too.

ESTJ: you don’t have to be perfect, seriously, take it easy. You stress me when you try to control me and you don’t even listen to me. STOP. And sometimes it looks as if you couldn’t hold a deep conversation for more than ten minutes and it’s frustrating. However when you do (those unusual times) you surprise me. I could never work with you though.

ESFJ: if you’re going to do good things for people and rub them in then don’t do it. I mean I appreciate you but please, stop being so dramatic. And understand I’m different than you, I have different ideas, my brain works differently, I’m not as organized as you, and that’s okay. Everything you don’t share it’s not wrong. Anyway I admire your dedication and how caring you are, I truly do.

INTP: lol you’re a disaster. I relate to you a lot and I thing we could get along very well but we would probably never accomplish anything or get hit by a car while we’re on the street focused in our own world. But it would be so much fun.

INFP: you are mysterious and weird and you look super outspoken but them you’re reflective loners who don’t give a shit about other people. I think you see yourselves as super cool and super deep and you think you’re misunderstood but let me tell you, your not that special. You’re nice though.

ENTP: well what can I say, I’ve only had the chance to meet another ENTP in real life (and I suspect one of my professors is one too) and it’s like seeing myself in a mirror but I’m seeing things I didn’t see before. ENTPs are the most stubborn people I’ve ever met, like, arguments can last forever and you exhaust me. But you’re so cool and I like your conversations. Basically I’m even prouder now to be an ENTP than I was before (I’ll probably expand this in another post)

ENFP: I love your type, I really do. We get along very well, we are so similar in some things but different in others so we connect very well. I think you’d be better if you saw things from a less emotional perspective, I mean, things related to your life. Stop being so insecure because you’re really great.

ISFP: why do you all love to cook that much? You have a gift for that so keep doing it. You care about people but then you do whatever you want and don’t need anybody else. I think you have more emotions than you show and I’ve learned that you have sudden bursts of anger but they don’t last long.

ISTP: I don’t know any of you but if I let the stereotype guide me, you look so practical which could not really fit in with me but we could make a good team since you look independent too.

ESFP: stop being the class clown, stop wanting everybody to like you. Life is much more than the happiness of the moment. I could have fun with you but I don’t think I could form a deeper bond with you.

ESTP: you are so cool, you’re so authentic and smart and with clear ideas. You are independent and fun and I think you’re like a less complicated version of myself. I think you’re too resentful and sometimes you could use a little more empathy. But I like you, we could be very good friends.

Commence dead horse beating in 3..2..1..

Does anyone ever think about how the Duffers made sure to make Mike and Will super special, met in kindergarten, besties 4 lyfe, complete with a mega deep, poignant, epic tear shedding ‘come back to me my love for I cannot live without you’ style monologue at a pivotal point in the climax of the series where Mike says the best thing he ever did, EVER, was ask Will to be his friend? The Duffers DID that. That is canon. Like they scripted that, made it one of the most poignant moments in the whole series, and definitely one of the most poignant moments between the kids, shot it like a fucking Emmy submission, and then subsequently just didn’t even bother to mention it in the after show?

Like this super special and meaningful moment that THEY created, that they wanted in the show, that even touched on some character back story, they didn’t even bring up. Not even briefly. They gave a huge chunk of time devoted to the Steve and Dustin dynamic but couldn’t mention this? But sure lets bring back the science teacher who barely had a handful of lines this season and dig deep into his character and acting process.

Yea mmmm ok. (No shade I love the science teacher but making a point people lol)

Not that is suspicious or anything. Not at all nope.

I mean I’m sure there’s a valid reason they didn’t talk about the moment that, if it was between Mike and El, woulda been called the most romantic moment in the whole series. And I’m sure there’s no reason to meditate on how Mike is SO very…~passionate about both El and Will. To the point where it seems very…similar. I’m sure there was no reason to avoid getting into discussion of that moment to avoid potentially awkward or telling information. Not at all.

I’m sure they just forgot. Or it really wasn’t that big of a deal, eh? The two leads having a heart breaking, soul baring moment during the darkest most desperate part of the show. Nah, who cares! I mean why get into that when we can bring up Barb again amirite?!? Nah, nothing to see here. Nothing at all. Nope.

*slips on tinhat and rolls into the distance laughing*

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I think Kylo Ren had to kill Snoke for himself, too. His own sanity. Bc I think if he didn't, we'd have another Anakin & Palpatine dynamic in the SW universe. Don't get me wrong, but I believe this is why Kylo is already smarter than Ani, who let his past -- being a slave -- ultimately overwhelm him. It doesn't mean that I hate nor think Ani isn't amazing. I just think that this wd be one of the many reasons why, ultimately, Kylo will keep trying to go back to Rey, & thus the balance restored. ♥

I agree, actually. I think people who are upset are taking things for granted a bit, to be honest. People are looking at this through “Reylo fandom” eyes – when we need to see it through GA eyes.

The general audience now ship Reylo, lmao. Before this movie, it was “crack.” Now it’s like… “OH NO!! WILL THEY REMAIN AT ODDS? OR CAN HE COME BACK? WILL SHE TURN, LIKE HE THINKS?”

The thing is, the story is brilliant in a way. It’s still tragic, but in a way it’s also not. Kylo killing Snoke is Kylo taking control. Kylo taking the First Order is Kylo feeling like he gets to shape something in his life FOR ONCE. Maybe that’s wrong, from our perspective. Maybe selfish.

But as an abuse survivor, it’s how I behaved as an adolescent. I nearly let myself spiral out of control at one point, and still struggle to this day. Did I or anyone expect Kylo to heal overnight? The fact is, by the end you do see that Rey changed his heart. His actions are still questionable, but his heart is changed, just a bit.

I have also been told now by others Rey doesn’t have an angry expression with him at the end. So perhaps some are assuming she’s angry just because she shuts the door. But… shutting that door isn’t permanent – they’ll find each other again. We didn’t have a whole movie of them making eyes and touching hands and proposing for god’s sake…. for nothing, you know?

I’m not a needlessly negative person. I think needless negativity is a waste of emotion.

I also think looking at this story negatively is irrational. It’s looking at it from a very surface level view, when the cast and crew keep saying it’s not a surface level, straightforward, black and white story. So. I for one am excited to see where it leads to in the next film.

And I’ve said it a few times, and will probably continue to:

Rey and Kylo are the embodiment of the Force: Light and Darkness. Yin and yang. Anima and Animus. You can’t have one without the other. If Kylo dies in the end, then so will Rey, to be honest with you. If Rey lives in the end, well… then so will Kylo, somehow. So either it’s Romeo and Juliet, or Darcy and Liz. Trope-wise this is a mix of both, of course, and in BOTH stories there is an element of “betrayal”. But the women and men involved still deeply love each other in those stories.

I’ve seen people say Rey and Kylo “aren’t in love yet” and I am going to watch and give my opinion on what I think from a literary POV. I think if Kylo proposed and Rey really struggled to say no, they probably are in love, just not in a traditional hollywood “MAKING OUT” sense. Coming from a culture where we don’t use PDA in film to show love and affection, I think it’ll be interesting to see how my friends and the Japanese/Eastern audiences react. This is probably why they were being advertised more overtly as romance – because we’ll see it that way definitely, 100%.

Americans are so used to things throwing the answers in your face. But you guys need some subtlety every now and again. Something more poetic and nuanced. People kept screaming, “I DON’T WANT ROMANCE FOR THE SAKE OF IT – IT NEEDS TO BE MEANINGFUL!”

Ok! Well here it fucking is dude! This is super meaningful! They’re in this process of falling in love, that’s apparent. But things separate them – things fall apart – people make mistakes and love is confusing and wild – and sometimes you think it’s been a mistake, but your heart can’t let go, and… maybe it IS right after all? But you’re both just not quite ready for it.

So yes, I think people are being very weirdly pessimistic considering some of these same pessimistic Reylos were telling me a week ago they’d be happy if Rey and Kylo just looked at each other like… once.

Beautiful gifts and friendships

(Tyler x reader)

Originally posted by punkbarbie

Request: what about a cute Tyler x reader one? maybe it’s there birthday and they have been dating for a long time and there with teamiplier and they got the reader presents, then the reader opens Tyler’s and it’s something super meaningful for them so they start crying a bit (happy tears) and it’s just super cute&pure 🌸✨

You had been with Tyler for a long time. It was a relationship that had quickly blossomed into a strong and happy one. It was awhile though before Tyler had introduced his friends to you. He wasn’t ashamed of them or you, it was just something that never felt like the right time. Until a couple of months ago he finally did, soon you become close knitted friends with everyone (the girls especially). Although you knew that they liked you, you didn’t see yourself as being a good friend of theirs merely someone they hung out with because of Tyler. So when your birthday had been nearing closer you made the deduction that they wouldn’t and shouldn’t get you any thing. But that wasn’t how any of the others saw it, they saw you as part of the family and completely adored you and Tyler together.

When it was finally your birthday, Tyler had told you nothing merely giving you a quick peck and a happy birthday as he explained there was a surprise waiting for you, and to get dressed. You obliged with a somewhat prissy look, because you had told him he didn’t have to go to such lengths. He even went as far as to blindfold you for the entire car ride. When he pulled up to one of your favorite restaurant you smiled. “Ty, you didn’t have to do anything like this.” You said looking over at him. “I wanted to.” He said and got out of the car, you followed close behind and his arm meet your waist as you walked into the restaurant. “Party of six” Tyler said and you looked at him with a confused look which he merely ignored. The waiter lead you two to the table surrounded by four people. They smiled once they saw you walking up. Amy was the first to get up as she was the closest “hey (Y/N), happy birthday!” She exclaimed and embraced you in a large hug. Ethan was next he gave you a goofy grin as you smiled at all of them stunned by the amount of love they all showed. “Guys you didn’t have to do anything for me.” You said as you went around hugging each of them. “Like hell its our friends birthday why wouldn’t we do something.” Mark announced. You smiled as you sat next to Tyler he held your hand under the table.

The night was spent with laughter and drinks. When it came time for dessert they embarrassed you by telling the waiter it was your birthday which lead to a whole extravagant song as they brought over a piece of cake for you. When it was nearing the end of the dinner, Tyler announced it was present time. First it was Amy who had gifted you a novel that she thought you’d really enjoy, because he was one of your favorite authors. While Ethan gifted you a small pin and shirt from a favorite store you both shared. Kathryn had giving you a sketchbook or journal knowing how you sometimes liked to write ideas or sketch them out on things. And Mark gifted you a simple gift card to your favorite store. Finally the last gift was Tyler’s, he excitedly handed it to with a huge grin first it was a box then a bag. “Open the bag first.” He said with a large grin, you smiled at him as you took the slightly heavy bag, taking tissue paper out. A large childlike grin broke out on your face, “Oh my god” you exclaimed as you held up a box with a Polaroid camera. Tyler broke into a wider grin, he knew how much you loved old fashioned pictures and he loved the excited face and insistent way you’d get when you wanted a photo to commemorate an event. “Read the card” he said handing it to you. Opening it you broke into a smile with the sweet words, “here’s to our amazing memories let’s make so more, I love you baby. Happy birthday.” You said out loud for the group. They wore happy smiles at the sight of their friends. Before you could say anything Tyler handed you the box insistent that you opened it before speaking. Ripping the paper you realized it was a frame with a picture of you and Tyler on one of your first dates. His arm wrapped around you and a wide excited sheepish grin across your face as Tyler kissed your cheek. It was a great photo one that nearly made you tear up. “Ty…” you said and hugged him quickly. He chuckled “happy birthday babe” he said as he wrapped his hands around you. “Awwww” Amy and Kathryn exclaimed as they looked between you and themselves. When you broke away from the quick hug everyone had a wide smile across their face. You kissed his cheek as he wrapped you in a side hug. It was an amazing birthday you realized that you were truly loved by your friends and that you had the most amazing boyfriend.

A lesson in detecting bullshit.

Note: Pope Francis is a world renowned scholar and his primary languages are Spanish, Latin, and Italian. He does speak decent conversational English. Also, I am not advocating nor demonizing the Catholic faith or the Pope. I think he is decent and well intentioned, but I do not support all of his views.

The other day I saw a Facebook post shared by a Catholic friend of mine.


A Gentle Reminder From Pope Francis

This life will go by fast.

Don’t fight with people, don’t criticize your body so much, don’t complain so much.

Don’t lose sleep over your bills. Look for the person that makes you happy. If you make a mistake, let it go and keep seeking your happiness.

Never stop being a good parent. Don’t worry so much about buying luxuries and comforts for your home, and don’t kill yourself trying to leave an inheritance for your family. Those benefits should be earned by each person, so don’t dedicate yourself to accumulating money.

Enjoy, travel, enjoy your journeys, see new places, give yourself the pleasures you deserve. Allow dogs to get closer. Don’t put away the fine glassware. Utilize the new dinnerware; don’t save your favorite perfume, use it to go out with yourself; wear out your favorite sport shoes; repeat your favorite clothes.

So what? That’s not bad. Why not now? Why not pray now instead of waiting until before you sleep? Why not call now? Why not forgive now? We wait so long for Christmas; for Friday; for Reunions; for another year; for when I have money; for love to come; when everything is perfect…look…

Everything perfect doesn’t exist. Human beings can’t accomplish this because it simply was not intended to be completed here. Here is an opportunity to learn.

So take this challenge that is life and do it now…love more, forgive more, embrace more, love more intensely and leave the rest in God’s hands. Amen.


Keeping in mind that he is a great scholar who speaks more Latin than he does English, my brain immediately screamed out, “BULLSHIT.” I don’t claim to be a magnificent writer, but this did not seem like the work of a respected author. I smell an impostor in our midst.

The opening was okay. “This life will go by fast” has a very cool Ferris Bueller vibe, but it all goes downhill from there. In a single sentence they tell you not to fight, love your body, and stop complaining. How those three things relate, I’m not sure. 

They say “so much” twice in one sentence and again a few sentences later. So much so much so much!

Allow dogs to get closer? Could you phrase this any more awkwardly? This does not sound like the prose of the Holy Father. And is this something that requires encouragement? Are too many people keeping dogs at arm’s length? And why just “closer” and not “hug cute doggies!” or “pet them on their fuzzy heads!” Just let them get closer? Perhaps in the sequel to this message they can advise people to “not keep cats at a distance.” And “let domesticated birds fly in your vicinity.”

“Don’t kill yourself” even in this somewhat harmless context seems very suspect. I typically avoid alluding to suicide in my inspirational texts. And no decent writer would say “Everything perfect doesn’t exist.” Eww… just a terrible sentence. 

Then there is the rampant; incorrect usage; of semicolons. The American phrasing. Not to mention the sloppy, incoherent message. I’m sure many folks read this and were like, “That was super deep and meaningful.” Yet, as I try to glean some overall message, I find it hard to pluck it out of the text. Is it… quit trying to be perfect? Stop alienating doggies? Stop praying late at night? USE THE GOOD DISHES FOR CRAP’S SAKE! Stop earning money and make sure your kids are broke. I know… Make every day Christmas Day! 

In the conclusion they say “love more” twice in one sentence. I suppose that is for emphasis. Or maybe they forgot they said “love more” and had already typed it a second time, but they were feeling lazy and didn’t want to erase it, so they just added “love more intensely” so people would think it meant something different. 

Add to all of that, there is no mention of helping the poor. Which is pretty much the pope’s trademark. Francis will slip that shit into a birthday card if possible. 

Dear Johnny,

I hope you are having a wonderful 10th birthday. Remember that Jesus loves you. Be sure to use the fine glassware on a regular basis. 

And if you don’t help the poor, you are a shitty person (or a republican).

Popingly yours,

This man could write poetry in Latin. His last published work was called “Amoris Laetitia.” Which, if you’re curious, does not translate to “wear out your sport shoes.” Attributing this jumble of ideas to his name is an insult. 

And the final nail in the coffin… Google. 

Color me surprised, the Infallible One did not write this. He did not outline it in Latin and have his cardinal’s translate it for the American facebook masses. Nope. Some person who thought they were a bombass writer of inspirational things was afraid no one would read their poorly constructed sentiments. They figured, “I’ll just say the pope wrote this and people will love it!” 

And they were absolutely right. 

This thing has been shared by 36,000 people. Probably a lot more as it is copied and pasted. Most of the comments say “Love our pope!” and “Francis is the best!” One person said they were going to print it and put it on their refrigerator. Many people said they cried! Actual tears happened from “allow dogs to get closer.” Watery eyes from “use the good perfume more often.”

There is this weird phenomenon that will elevate crappy, strung-together platitudes into tear inducing inspiration as long as a beloved religious leader is said to be the author. It makes me wonder if more people would have enjoyed Twilight if they claimed Stephen King wrote it. 

And as you get farther down into the crazy depths of comment hell, people started asking Pope Francis questions as if he was going to get on Facebook and answer them. My favorite was this one…

Ask the Pope why they have a telescope in Arizona named Lucifer and why they show people singing to Lucifer in Latin Masses. I’ve asked my Deacon and he didn’t have an answer. Perhaps you can answer this. Why is Pope Francis promoting a One World Communist Government? As a Catholic Christian, our promise is to reject Satan. As an American, it hurts that he supports a one world government. I used to love this man but I haven’t gotten a good explanation for my concerns. Maybe you can help.

Yes, POPE. Answer the question, POPE. Please explain to Donna why people are using satanic telescopes. Do they peer into hell itself? Can you see into the anus of the underworld? And why are deacons not privy to such important information? Also… communism is Beelzebub’s plaything, you fraud! You don’t deserve that bejeweled mitre atop your popey head! I used to love you until I watched totally real conspiracy videos on Youtube. 

(If anyone is curious, she is referring to the “Large Binocular Telescope Near-infrared Spectroscopic Utility with Camera and Integral Field Unit for Extragalactic Research.” Which they thought would be funny to shorten to LUCIFER. Which then made old ladies on facebook mad. So now they have to call it LUCI. Spoilsports like Donna are ruining telescopes for everyone. I was going to name my super telephoto DSLR lens “Mephistopheles” but now I’m having second thoughts.)

In the end, I suppose this is all pretty harmless. I just don’t like liars. I don’t like things that mislead the public. And I really don’t like good writers being sullied by whatever that hot mess is above. 

Pope Francis, I got your back. And I genuinely thank you for replacing Emperor Palpatine Benedict Cumberpope. 

I hope you learned a little about detecting bullshit today. Thank you for reading my long rambles about Pope stuff. As a reward, I would like to leave you with a very important thought that you are free to hang on your refrigerator. Perhaps even shed a tear. 

Always remember to permit canines to decrease their overall distance from your person. 

They’re legit making Eggsy/Tilde a couple in Golden Circle apparently and I’m so fucking annoyed

I didn’t really love Tilde in the first film, but it’s not even about her why I dislike them as a couple.

It’s so rushed and forced. They literally randomly hooked up after he saved her -they hadn’t even met before the “do it in the ass” line and now they want to make them a couple? Ughhhh

There was so much potential for bisexual Eggsy, and in Hartwin (but my hope for bisexual Eggsy was even stronger than my hope for hartwin, which was pretty high. But it’s not even about the ship. It’s about Eggsy and the potential his character had for breaking barriers and it’s about representation) and Vaughn seem to be terrified to even approach it or to give the fandom something of substance when it comes to relationships.

No. He’d rather bait the fandom, give us all these lines that are deep and meaningful, or super implicative, then throw Eggsy with a princess that he slept with once after saving the world, because ~Logic~ (insert major eye roll here)

There’s a small chance that we could still get bisexual Eggsy, but I doubt it. They seem too determined to throw in straight relationships that don’t work into the narrative

Hell. I’d prefer Eggsy/Roxy to Eggsy/Tilde

I’ll probably still see it for Taron and Colin snd Mark and Sophie, but I’m really annoyed and will be ignoring Eggsy/Tilde for forever. As far as I’m concerned, they break up during the movie. Please god let them break up during the movie

Eggsy fell for Harry. The fandom saw that. The powers that be on the film became scared and decided “MAKE EVERYONE STRAIGHT”

Seven or Never

Author: kpopfanfictrash

Pairing: GOT7 / BTS

Category: Humor, fluff 

Word Count: 4,030

Summary:  GOT7 and BTS are rival troops, competing against one another in a wilderness challenge. Chaos ensues.

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Rhodey and Tony have at least one matching tattoo and nothing you say will ever convince me otherwise.

Like I don’t even care what it is, I don’t care if they have something deeply meaningful or super dumb. I don’t care if they drunkenly dared each other into it or planned it for months in advance. I don’t care if they’re located somewhere sensible or they’re the worst placed tattoos in human history. They have matching tattoos and that is that, case closed, I do not make the rules I just report them.

Skip Beat Confession:

I am really hoping that whatever is taking Ren so long to give Kyouko a white day gift is because he’s having something custom made for her. Like he couldn’t find a gift that captured what she meant to him, but it still pisses me off that he’s taken so goddamn long and that Nakamura keeps bringing up the topic. It better be something super meaningful and not to mention romantic, like a promise ring with a rose motif.

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