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It seems that way, doesn’t it?

12/10/16 || I had three hours of lessons today but I was at uni for like 7 because I had so many breaks inbetween. Two days left before the weekend and I can’t wait, I’m really tired and I’m still feeling poorly.

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Hey Mario and Bowser, have you ever had people (I mean haters) try to say you're using each other? Like for Mario 'oh he's using Bowser for money/power' And for Bowser 'oh he's using Mario for the fame.' (I know it's not true but there are some real jerks out there) if so, how did you guys react? Or if not then how would you react?

“Actually, Bowser and I went over those points ourselves. It’s funny, because at the moment, I’ve all but tarnished my reputation entirely.”

“We’ve been over that, and no, you haven’t.”

“Ok, I haven’t. Does it make a difference?”

“Nope. If anyone were to think that I’d need Mario to have popularity with the greater Mushroom Kingdom, I’d tell them flat out that they’re idiots. I can’t even maintain popularity among my own troops, let alone win the favor of the entire Mushroom Kingdom, so Mario’s not going to fix that. I’m with him because he’s the best guy out there, in spite of his hardships and his standing.”

“It’s the same idea with me. Bowser’s position is considered high up there, and he has amassed a strong following of his own. But the strength that I need is the love and support he can give, which is unlike any I know. In spite of the flaws and differences between them, Bowser has a positive relationship with a lot of his subjects, as well as his family. And he knows how to bring out the best from that. Even when I’m at my lowest, Bowser can bring me up. That’s not something that power brings. Love does that.” 

“Geez, Mario. Do you practice this stuff in your sleep, or is it just rolling off the cuff and the top of your head?” 

“I’m just being honest!”

“…Stars above, I love you.”


What they secretly told us during Super Bowl (2017).

The Absolute Worst Traits I’ve Seen In the Signs.

((in my experience)) (((  This of course does not apply to every single sign, most everyone I know is wonderful (:  )))

Aries- Throws temper tantrums like little kids when something doesn’t go their way. They have to be the best at EVERYTHING they do and it’s exhausting being around this sign for too long like please take a melatonin or something?? Falls in love with every one they meet too and gets angry when they don’t like them back. 

Taurus- Really stubborn and judgmental. All the Taurus’s I know judge every little thing that everyone does and their stubborn nature makes it hard for them to be open minded. Super selfish with material items too and nothing seems good enough for them.

Gemini- Sorry but I’ve never met a Gemini that hasn’t fucked me over so there’s a lot of traits I don’t like. Gets bored SO EASILY and doesn’t care about how that makes other people feel? Also really fond of mind games and I’m not down with that. I feel like 90% of you are sociopaths. Do you have a nice twin at all??

Cancer- Get very attached very quickly, immediately wanna say the L word to significant others and it can be overwhelming. Smother the ones they love to the extreme. Sooo so so so moody and feel like the whole world is against them all the time. Also, eating your feelings is not a healthy coping mechanism… (In general they struggle in dealing with their problems in healthy ways.)

Leo- Similar to Aries, they throw insane temper tantrums when things aren’t their way. Only helps people so that they get something in return, has to be told constantly how amazing they are and also takes wayyy too long to get ready and yet everyone else is responsible for being late..? Have a bad habit of taking their mistakes and blaming it on others. (Both my parents are Leo’s.)

Virgo- oH MY GOD SO CONTROLLING!!!!! Even when messy if one thing is out of place they know instantly and have literal melt downs over it. Have a weird complex in that they are better+smarter than everyone else, but then are also super angry and insecure. A bunch of virgo I know drink a lot too, consider seeing a therapist?

Libra- The worst trait I’ve seen in this sign is being fake. Talks shit about whoever to anyone to move their way up the social ladder, needs to be best friends with everyone and just “doesn’t wanna start drama!!”. Think it’s okay for them to drop people and then come back like nothing ever happened, also really flirtatious and cheat on significant others. 

Scorpio- Try and act tough but are literally the most emotional creatures on this planet (even more so than Cancers). The smallest things can trigger them and they will shut out people for days on end. Very secretive and some struggle in that they can “dish it out” but can’t take it in. Can be very cold hearted when angry. Consider a yoga class?

Sagittarius- Y’all can be some of THE most problematic people I know. I genuinely think they only exist to start shit and for some reason get away with it constantly? Live for drama and are really flighty because they aren’t content with anything. Similar to Libra, they wanna be on everyone’s good side. Will do ANYTHING to get what they want.

Capricorn- Have constant bitch face and although their work ethic is admirable, it can be to a fault in that they forget about those who actually love and care about them- work always has to come first. Although they come off cool and collected, they get angry and react impulsively over the dumbest stuff and are sort of mean for no reason..? ((@ Capricorns it is 100% okay to smile sometimes.))

Aquarius- Aquarians have too many extremes omfg. Either too emotional and clingy or too distant and cold- some more than others but usually each have a bit of both. So flakey and have terrible times committing to even the simplest things? Wanna be friends with everyone despite the fact that they also hate everyone. Have insane issues with the L word. Are you guys even human..?

Pisces- Like Gemini, most Pisces have seriously hurt me. Really immature sometimes and take all their problems out on other people. Don’t wanna help anyone, but are desperate to talk about their own issues. Some of the biggest posers I know too.. Change themselves for others, yet can also drop those people once they don’t have use for them anymore. Oh, and extreme daddy issues.

Again, I’d like to reiterate that these are just some of the worst traits I’ve seen in certain signs, this does not apply to every single person under a certain sign, most people are not shitty!! 

30/10/16 || This weekend went so fast (like all the other ones since uni started), I’ve studied non stop. I’ve finished my theology notes and read anothe chapter of the manual, I’m quite scared for the exams I have this December. How was your weekend?