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It seems that way, doesn’t it?

I have zero self-control; here’s Lyra waltzing around in trousers and daring anyone to make a comment


interviewer: which of you would be the best boyfriends?

taehyung: you mean like, if we were girls, which member would we want as a boyfriend or which 2 of us would be the best boyfriends with each other

namjoon: what does it matter if the answer is jimin and hoseok either way

What i learn today after seeing bangtan pics at airport for bbmas :
All black Kookie is still a super hot bf material
I wonder when will “V’s glasses collection 17/18” will release
Yoongi finally showing his face at the airport
Jimin got new haircut
Namjin’s almost matching shirt
Joon’s subtle hair color change to lighter brown
Happy and smiley hobi that actually brave enough to wear snake on his jacket is so squisshyyy


∠( ᐛ 」∠)_ Hey frog!!! I was the chubby Jolyne anon that got confidence from ur cute jojos awhile back, I’m so glad I came across your art without I wouldn’t have met such cool jojo peeps at the con and had such great fun! (I was really surprised at how many people asked to take my picture!)So thanks frog Keep on being great!!!! (๑•̀ㅂ•́)و✨

OH MY GOD! YOU LOOK SO GREAT THAT COSTUME IS SUPER WELL MADE!! i’m so glad you had a good time!!!! you look amazing tysm for sharing these

Dating the signs:

Dating an ☆Aries: most likely gets into little arguments about small stuff, but just know they really love you.

Dating a ☆Taurus: always wanting to cuddle and will take any chance they get to show you how much they really love you.

Dating a ☆Gemini: gets a little distant every once in awhile, but will always be there for you when you need them most.

Dating a ☆Cancer: they will support and treasure you for as long as it takes even when you don’t deserve it.

Dating a ☆Leo: will always make their intentions known and will never be afraid to show you off to everyone.

Dating a ☆Virgo: comes up with cute nicknames for you and don’t like to burden you with their problems.

Dating a ☆Libra: your relationship will end up being like a fairy tale. they will take you places you’ve never been before.

Dating a ☆Scorpio: gets jealous easily, but makes up for it with their loyalty and honesty.

Dating a ☆Sagittarius: is someone you could be silly with and will never force you to do something you don’t want to do.

Dating a ☆Capricorn: constantly on you about every little thing because they want to see you make it.

Dating an ☆Aquarius: always coming up with crazy scenarios to play out with you.

Dating a ☆Pisces: means you will find someone that’s trustworthy, marriage material and super affectionate. 

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Supercorp prompt: Lena tries on the Supergirl costume and it actually really turns Kara on

When Kara had finally revealed her true identity, it had been one of Lena’s first jokes.

‘You’ve got to let me try that suit on one of these days.’

Kara had laughed a sure and kept laughing because she had been so shocked at how well Lena had taken the big reveal and was expecting the CEO of L-Corp to, at any moment, snap at her for not telling her for nearly a whole year. But it hadn’t happened, Lena had been fine with it and had never asked her why she had acted like two entirely different people.

Then two weeks later, they had a movie night that had escalated into a wine night. Kara had had to leave for fifteen minutes to pull a family out of a fiery car wreck, and had returned to a tipsy Lena who was wearing a matching full Supergirl suit.

It was incredibly meta and, also incredibly hot.

‘Oh…wow…Lena, I…wow.’

‘Kara, hey! I hope you don’t mind but I spilt wine down my blouse and was looking for something to change into and I found this at the back of your closet. Is this your spare?’

‘I, uh…–.’

‘Luckily you told me about your other life, else I’d be thinking that you were really into your cosplay! This thing is so professional!’

And so form fitting – curse Winn and the super tight material he deemed best for the suit. She could see Lena’s defined biceps, Lena’s slender waist, Lena’s perfect breasts, everything. There was so much to see, Kara didn’t even know where to begin.

‘Is this not okay?’ Lena slurred. ‘Did I cross a line? I’m so sorry, Kara, I’m not used to having people like you in my life, I–.’

‘No, no, you’re perfect! I mean, uh,’ control yourself Kara, ‘It’s perfectly okay! I love you in that outfit, I mean I like you in that outfit, it really suits you! I, oh Rao…I…can I be perfectly honest with you?’

Lena raised that eyebrow. ‘Go ahead.’

You’re stunning. You’re beautiful. You’re hot. You’re so stunningly beautiful and hot that I can barely breathe, I love you. All those thoughts rushed through Kara’s mind but she settled for, simply, ‘You really suit it.’

‘Well,’ Lena smirked, again with the eyebrow. ‘Maybe I’ll wear it more often.’

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I'm glad I'm not the only one overwhelmed by the crafting system tbh. Every time I open the research and development menu I click around before clicking off and just hoping for the best in fights. Hopefully I can get a hang of it in the future but .... goodness. It's a lot for me to process.

Ok, so I FINALLY figured out the crafting, it just looks complicated when you open it because the game doesn’t really explain it, but it makes a lot more sense once you know how it works. Basically, there are just a lot of steps you have to take - instead of your standard “get 10 iron then press X,” you have to take a few steps before you can actually craft your weapon or armor. Hopefully this will help someone else. None of this is really a spoiler, but I’m popping it under a read more for anyone who wants to avoid any kind of spoilers.

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This question is a little sci fi 😂 I realize we don't know very much about blackholes, but would it be possible to disrupt a singularity by overloading it with matter? Like a singularity has to have a rare at which it crushes atoms, if you put matter in faster than it can crush them, what would happen?

Ok, so a singularity is what’s in the center of a black hole, where the gravitational pull of the matter inside has compressed and compressed and compressed all of the matter inside into a single point. Everything, whether it be something the mass of the sun or a billion suns, in one point. That’s what we call the singularity. 

Black holes have what we call an event horizon. This is essentially the point of no return - once you go past this boundary, nothing can escape. The event horizon is when the escape velocity (speed at which you must travel to exit the gravitational pull) is equal to the speed of light. Since nothing can travel faster than light, once something crosses this boundary there is literally no possible way for it to escape.

When a really really massive star (like, 3x as massive as our sun) dies, its core collapses into a singularity, creating a black hole. All the matter surrounding it rushes in. Since the singularity is relatively low-mass, it’s got a small radius. When all that matter is trying to go into something not very large, a “traffic jam” forms, so to speak. Basically, too much matter is trying to go into too small of a hole, so all the material in the star bounces off of the super dense material surrounding the new black hole, bouncing off and rushing back outward into space at 10% the speed of light. This is what we call a supernova. (it is important to note that not all supernovae create black holes, some create neutron stars)

So to answer your question, you can’t disrupt a singularity because in order to get close to a singularity, you have to cross the event horizon, at which point the only direction is down towards the singularity. However, if you were to try to put a huge amount of matter into a black hole that was relatively small, the matter would get backed up outside the event horizon, and could bounce off the compacted material and fly back outwards into space.