super marios brothers

Hey everyone! Check out my painting in @pipedreamszine which is now available on Gumroad, pay-what-you-want! All of the proceeds will go to so please at least spread the word if you can. :-)


I’m big enough of a nerd to spend a LOT of time into this.

Wish i could actually make the game though, i’d be interested in doing it, but i’d require more talented programmers and musicians (for the 8-bit remixes) for that to happen.

Big thanks to @128-up , @miathefeline, buckshot and cheez, friends of mine who spent a lot of time helping me proofread this nonsense.


Things are getting serious in the Mushroom Kingdom! The Princesses are stepping up to kick some butt. A worrisome Peach fights for her Kingdom, the powerful Exor in hand. Daisy heats up the field with her Fire Bar sword, and recharges with a juicy Maxim Tomato. Rosalina swings away with her colorful Beam Sword- and thanks to some interstellar connections- has a few devastating Smart Bombs ready to toss! 

Check out the Mario Princess Thieves and Gunners!