super marios brothers

Mario and Donkey Kong are in the same universe, everyone already knows this

Donkey Kong’s sidekick character is Diddy Kong

Diddy Kong has a spinoff racing game

This is the character select screen from that game

First thing of note here is Banjo is here

So we can confirm that Banjo-Kazooie and Mario take place in the same universe, just from that, but the more troubling thing is Conker is here

Conker got his own game after this called Conker’s Bad Fur Day

And the final boss of Conker’s Bad Fur Day is unmistakably

a xenomorph

Super Mario Brothers, Banjo-Kazooie, and the Alien movies all take place in the same universe, this is canon, pass it along


Every gaming poster we’ve made over the past year!

It’s really neat to look back and see a years worth of work and the progress you can make in that time. Thanks again to all of you for the support! ♥️♥️♥️  

Hope you enjoy! 

Mass Effect N7
Fallout 3 - 3 Dog
The Witcher 3
Pokemon Go
Super Mario Bros.
Fallout 4 - The Glowing Sea

By Fabled Creative

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I’m big enough of a nerd to spend a LOT of time into this.

Wish i could actually make the game though, i’d be interested in doing it, but i’d require more talented programmers and musicians (for the 8-bit remixes) for that to happen.

Big thanks to @128-up , @miathefeline, buckshot and cheez, friends of mine who spent a lot of time helping me proofread this nonsense.


Things are getting serious in the Mushroom Kingdom! The Princesses are stepping up to kick some butt. A worrisome Peach fights for her Kingdom, the powerful Exor in hand. Daisy heats up the field with her Fire Bar sword, and recharges with a juicy Maxim Tomato. Rosalina swings away with her colorful Beam Sword- and thanks to some interstellar connections- has a few devastating Smart Bombs ready to toss! 

Check out the Mario Princess Thieves and Gunners!