super mario costume

Super Mario Odyssey hasn’t been released yet and it’s already the greatest game ever made. Look at how obscure some of these alternate costumes are, they even have the red overalls and the mad scientist costume from that super obscure Super Gameboy commercial.

It’s not listed here but they even added the outfit Mario wore in that Japanese 3DS commercial. You know the one.


💣  Bob-omb Tortoise, Part 1  💣

Happy Halloween, Tumblr!

Introducing … the cutest, grumpiest, and hungriest Bob-omb ever!  Did you know Bob-ombs run on radicchio fuel?  I was enjoying a delicious refueling when clumsy Mario almost ran into me with a Koopa Troopa shell!  @nintendo

To be continued…

* We are trying something new this year:  Check back every day this week for the next part of our Halloween story!


you guys

i met Cole Sprouse today

he came into my work and bought his halloween costumes

he made an instagram story about the Super Mario costume that is labeled “video game guy”

he took a picture with my coworker but we don’t know if he noticed the diy southside serpent patch that she embroidered onto her jacket

i had to tell him that we only accepted cash and debit cards and he responded with “aw well then I am crippled” and ran out to find an atm even though my boss was going to let him just have the stuff for free

what a lovely guy. what a dork. i’m not even a fan and i almost had a heart attack

Choreographer Sayquon Keys @jusbmore and The Super Bmore Bros!! 🙌🏽🔥@idance22 @mdesid   

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