super mario bros. cartoon


マリオとディズニーつめあわせ by ちこみん on pixiv

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One of my favorite Meme Phenomena is that, often times, when multiple memes are popular in a similar time frame, they end up becoming tied to each other, despite having completely unrelated origins.

The example in particular I’m thinking of is, the Dover Boys and To Be Continued. There’s literally nothing tying them to each other aside from concurrence, and yet, whenever I see Dan Backslide’s face, I’m automatically imagining it in sepiatone with a To Be Continued in the corner and Roundabout in the background.

Heck, it even happened with other old memes in the past. Over 9000 has ties to This Is Sparta. Scatman John is attached to Super Mario 64. YTP tied CD-I Zelda, the Super Mario Bros cartoon (that’s Mama Luigi to you!), and the Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog into wonderfully shitty amalgamate videos. There’s plenty of other examples from that age of memes that I can’t think of but still happened. 

Memes are powerful forces.