super mario bros cake


Super Mario Bros themed party

One of the two Fondant cakes we had specially made for the event.  

With the exception of the big Mario toy figure, everything else were hand made sugar sculptures.  My wife and I sat down with the owner of Dexter’s Bakeshop to show photo references, actual Mario toys and character key chains (to use as reference for character proportions).  

I guess we inspired Chef Raymond enough to go out of his way in making his first Mario Bros-themed fondant cake simply amazing.  I love the asymmetrical design of the cakes; it gave the cake the fluid movement that fits nicely with the video game theme.

My only complaint was that the same sugar characters were lined up together rather than spreading/mixing them all other the cake for better effect.  I didn’t want to risk ruining the cake by moving them around so that’s what the guests saw.

TGIF & it’s Mario Day too! 😀 Double whammy! 😎 Super Mario Bros is one of my all time fav games! 🤓🎮 To celebrate I wanted to share this Mario Bros. themed piece I did called “Peach Pie.” 👸🍑 Princess Peach is so cute with freckles don’t you think? 😍 I have to thank the wonderful Amanda Duarte for her coloring! 😘 She used my original line work from my painting and made this stunning piece of work! 👏✨ I absolutely love it! 😁💖 So much so, that you might see her at future conventions 😉

PS fun fact about me! 🎊 My wedding cake was Super Mario Bros. themed! 🎂🎮⭐ I am a dedicated fan 😜

Battlerock Galaxy
Battlerock Galaxy

External image

External image

Well, you certainly seem sure of yourself on that one, Heart-Snatchers!  Here’s hoping you’re right!  The Battlerock Galaxy theme really is one of the more lovely and triumphant tracks of the Super Mary Galaxy series, and having this track make an appearance alongside Rosalina and the new Galaxy stage would definitely be quite the icing on the cake.


My youngest son who turned 1 was ‘Mario’ for our party.  My 6-year old son, on the other hand, wanted to be Luigi.  Here’s his Luigi fondant birthday cake