Rosalina: Where are you going?

Lucas: I’m going home… I want to visit my mother

Rosalina: …… Very well… Luma shall accompany you…

“May the stars shine down on you… one dear child” —Rosalina

EDIT: I forgot to include the small conversation above.

I think this is going to be the only full illustration from the Nintendo Scene Selection book (Though, it’s pretty low-res) that I’ll post online because I’m pretty pleased with it, though I MAY change things if I find any big mistakes later. For my first time drawing Mario, I think I did alright. 

“Please let Mallow find his way home.”
This page depicts Mario and Mallow stumbling across the wish of Mallow’s parents as they traverse Star Hill.

This is artwork goes way back to 2009 and my humble origins in Deviantart. But still, is one of those works that I can look back and say I’m really proud of.

 I still remember the days I went trough while doing this piece, and Photoshop almost collapsed because of the size of the file XD

This piece was inspired by some awesome childhood memories and this song and video “Rawest forest” 

Every once in a while I take the time to play it and feel the rush again. Gotta Love those TIMED HITS!

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The Mario characters if they had tumblrs:

Mario: Shamelessly reblogs his own selfies, aggressively comments on anything tagged #Olive_Garden, sometimes leaves nice comments on Luigi’s posts. 

Luigi: Black and white photo posts, aesthetic posts, often provides self care tips, a simple and clean theme, has #ghosts blacklisted but checks the posts anyways.

Bowser: Hides his low-key compliments for the Koopalings and Bowser Jr. by ranting about his lackeys. Constantly sends anon hate to Mario but forgets to tick “Ask anonymously”.

Peach: Her layout is all pink and white but is hard to navigate because she made the cursor 4x4 pixels. She posts about cute animal videos and death metal music.

Daisy: Blank layout, only has “DAISY” as the title.

Toad: Reblogs stolen artwork and meme macros that are ridden with jpeg artifacts and watermarks from other sites. A true fuckboy who probably uses the default theme.

Toadette: Runs a soft grunge blog, but only ironically.

Wario: His entire blog is a big corporate advertisement. Tries imitating trending memes, but a few days too late. You can also find updates in regards to his upcoming WarioWare titles, but you might also find a selfie of him and Waluigi.

Waluigi: Posts about sports cars a lot.

Yoshi: Chaotic shitpost overlord. Just posting a text post with the word “Egg” gets millions of notes in a week.  


hey, all! you read right: cute and nerdy skirt preorders!

i’ll be ordering these skirts shortly, preorders will be open until june 30th!

skirts are one size fits all and are very stretchy! they can fit a 27″ waist or a 40″ waist! (check it out, i’ve worn them!). they are about 17″ long and will come down nearly to your knee or a little higher depending on sizing.

skirts are $35 each!

i’m opening preorders before i make the orders so i can gauge interest and decide how many i should order. these skirts may not be available online after preorders end.

since these are preorders, they will not ship out for about another month!

if you like the patterns but are not interested in skirts, you can also purchase digital copies of the patterns (great for desktop backgrounds!) as part of a pattern pack here for just $5!