super mario 3d worlds

If you haven’t seen @peanutbuttergamer‘s new “Super Mario 3D World Hacking” video… please do yourself a favour and go look it up. It is art.

(I can’t link you directly to it because Tumblr is dumb and basically hides my posts if I have external links that aren’t run through a redirect page)

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Mr Video Game himself!

Another commission courtesy of @diggerdagger, this time to feed the hype train for Odyssey! He just wanted something Mario, so I thought about what I enjoy most about Mario and figured I’d shove as many power ups and helpers from as many games as I could without overcrowding everything~ NES fireballs, SNES feather, N64 wing cap, Gamecube Fludd, Wii Baby Luma, Wii U raccoon tail (okay, yes, that’s a Mario 3 powerup but it came back in the 3D Land/World games and is more iconic than the cat suit so… counting it) and the upcoming cap from Odyssey! And star sparkles/rainbow too~

Don’t actually think I’ve ever drawn Mario before. Glad that oversight’s been corrected! Thanks again, @diggerdagger!