Here’s a pair of very good boys.

I’ve been watching a lot of Nintendo let’s plays, and have been itching to draw/redesign a bunch of Nintendo characters, like I did with Mimi. Partially because I LOVE those characters and really want to draw them, but also because I want to stretch out my style and character design skills.

Wonder Wickets is stripping a lot of my free time and energy, so it’s hard to do recreational drawings lately, but until I find the time to work more on these, I’m building a nice list of characters I wanna take a stab at for redesigns.

(and I’ll revisit these sketches with something more finished + maybe some more takes on Mario bros. designs)

ID #73841

Name: Michelle
Age: 18
Country: Mexico

Hello! I’m kinda shy but I’d like to try this!
I love languages, I myself am learning French and just starting Japanese, I’m actually studying foreign languages in college.
I like reading books and fan fiction, reading is what I do most of the day, I also like watching Netflix series like Sherlock, Lie to Me, The good Place, Scorpion, Limitless (;w;) and stuff like that. I like playing some video games too, but I’m not a gamer, I like playing sims and sonic and most Mario games and things like that.
I also like anime like hetalia, black butler, naruto, blue exorcist, toradora and so on.
I’m an INFP (if you like MBTI) and I don’t know what else to write! Thanks for reading!

Preferences: +16 is fine by me. Online for now, but it may evolve to snail mail once we get to talk a little more (and someone explains it better to me, thank you).