Well, if it isn’t little old… whoever you are. Take a seat, have some tea. You’re in the presence of the second most important man in the Koopa Kingdom–the first being, of course, his highness, Lord Bowser.

(Or would I be third, with Junior ahead of me? …. well, never mind that.)

That’s right. I’m Kamek, and I’m here to answer any questions you might have for me. I’m wise beyond years, after all, and I’m sure you’re just so eager to learn from me.

So there you have it. Ask away, kids.

((Hey guys, it’s me, Selan! This is another ask blog because there’s no such thing as too many projects. I’ll take any questions given to me–time permitting–and I’m open to RP, although I second guess myself so feel free to contact me OOC to hammer out details. Answers will be mostly text, but art replies will happen on occasion. This is a side blog, so Kamek cannot follow you or send asks. Let’s get started!))


There is a design parallel between the Mario Bros. and the princesses traditionally paired up with them. The number of eyelashes on Princess Peach’s eyes - six - matches the number of curved segments in Mario’s mustache. Likewise, Princess Daisy has two eyelashes on each eye, which matches Luigi’s two-segment mustache. Whether this is a coincidence or a deliberate design choice is unknown.


do the mario but every time captain lou teleports the audio adjusts spatially to his location