super mane

Signs as That 70's Show Main Characters
  • Aries: Donna (angry af, fiery, the Best™)
  • Taurus: Jackie (materialistic and stubborn, has a nurturing side)
  • Gemini: Randy (dualistic personality, maybe doesn't deserve all the hate)
  • Cancer: Kitty (C R Y, moody af, clingy, also generous and loving)
  • Leo: Hyde (EGO, super funny, super cool, thick lion mane)
  • Virgo: Eric (hardworking, smart, fucks up a lot but always means well)
  • Libra: Bob (tries to keep peace & please ppl, pushover)
  • Scorpio: Laurie (literally Satan, extremely sexual)
  • Sagittarius: Kelso (can't sit still for a goddamn second, careless and impatient)
  • Capricorn: Red (F O O T IN A S S)
  • Aquarius: Leo (super high, super chill, really out there and weird af)
  • Pisces: Fez (a tiny child, cries so much, protect him, please)

some morning doodles


THIS BAB IS OFFICIALLY DONE and hes so beautiful!!!

he features custom luxury shag fur, custom eye chips, super long soft glittery mane, and a lavender pouch that makes him smell nice

hes got me sleep again but its not hard to wake him up!

hes up for offer!! no less than $50, please. autobuy is $100, if you ab i will include a custom tag and a fullbody anthro drawing of him !!

message me if you’re interested!!

gonna post a video in a sec.


Fluttershy sculpture made by me 
Photographed by my father

Super Sculpey Firm and Apoxie Sculpt over a wire armature. Primed and then painted with Acrylics. The sculpture including the MDF base is about 15cm tall.

WIP pictures can be found here.

This sculpture is for sale! More info can be found here.