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Signs as That 70's Show Main Characters
  • Aries: Donna (angry af, fiery, the Best™)
  • Taurus: Jackie (materialistic and stubborn, has a nurturing side)
  • Gemini: Randy (dualistic personality, maybe doesn't deserve all the hate)
  • Cancer: Kitty (C R Y, moody af, clingy, also generous and loving)
  • Leo: Hyde (EGO, super funny, super cool, thick lion mane)
  • Virgo: Eric (hardworking, smart, fucks up a lot but always means well)
  • Libra: Bob (tries to keep peace & please ppl, pushover)
  • Scorpio: Laurie (literally Satan, extremely sexual)
  • Sagittarius: Kelso (can't sit still for a goddamn second, careless and impatient)
  • Capricorn: Red (F O O T IN A S S)
  • Aquarius: Leo (super high, super chill, really out there and weird af)
  • Pisces: Fez (a tiny child, cries so much, protect him, please)

anonymous asked:

Hey! I'm wondering if you've seen the new jungle book and what you think of the wolves in it? I thought there was something a bit off about the colouring of the pups, but I'm no expert so just wondering what you think ?

It’s on my list of things to see since it was one of my absolute favorite stories when I was little but I haven’t gotten to it yet! I’ll try to remember to make a post on them for you but don’t hesitate to remind me if it’s been a while!

From a quick image search and the trailer, they do look more like wolfdogs than full wolves but I don’t want to form a real opinion without actually seeing the movie first and below is why.

In some images they just don’t look completely like full wolves to me(especially Raksha, the white one on the left side and the one to the right of her):

So in some places, they just don’t look like full wolves to me. Some don’t have real manes and instead just look fluffy, there are wide chests, pointed ears, very very small ears, what appears to be semi folded ears on one, all of their proportions appear different and only a couple look proper, very long tails(more visible in other images but you can see it hanging well below the hocks in the top image, almost on the ground for one of them).

But then there are shots like these(and of the same one, Raksha, that looks so off and weirdly fluffy in the first image):

And she looks waaayy better in this image. Super visible mane, you can differentiate all the different fur textures/types, the ears are shaped well, her coat has countless different values and she just actually looks like a wolf.

So, until I can actually watch the whole movie and really get a feel for their representation of them, I can’t really say more than this! Maybe those are just bad angles and they usually look awesome like that last image, or maybe it’s the other way around and that’s just a nice shot. I just don’t know!

For those of you that have seen it, what did you think?


Alright, let’s do a proper introduction!!

This is CrazyDiamond!! 

Because I love reference names, she is named as a reference to Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure (Josuke’s stand…if anyone knows this anime even, haha.) 

I’m really happy to have another cold weather horse. I love her coloring. And her super thick mane and tail are adorable ;-; 
That’s basically it, I just wanted everyone to see her properly, haha<3

(( When derpibra spends all his money on DLC. (I personally call it “der-bling-bra” )

- golden stripes $2.99

- super saiyan derpibra mane and tail $2.50

- gilded mustache $1.99

- private colligair leg $princess