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Signs as That 70's Show Main Characters
  • Aries: Donna (angry af, fiery, the Best™)
  • Taurus: Jackie (materialistic and stubborn, has a nurturing side)
  • Gemini: Randy (dualistic personality, maybe doesn't deserve all the hate)
  • Cancer: Kitty (C R Y, moody af, clingy, also generous and loving)
  • Leo: Hyde (EGO, super funny, super cool, thick lion mane)
  • Virgo: Eric (hardworking, smart, fucks up a lot but always means well)
  • Libra: Bob (tries to keep peace & please ppl, pushover)
  • Scorpio: Laurie (literally Satan, extremely sexual)
  • Sagittarius: Kelso (can't sit still for a goddamn second, careless and impatient)
  • Capricorn: Red (F O O T IN A S S)
  • Aquarius: Leo (super high, super chill, really out there and weird af)
  • Pisces: Fez (a tiny child, cries so much, protect him, please)

Oh great last season finale Twilight went Super Saiyan and now Pinkie. The gimmick is getting old Hasbro

(Just kidding guys, here’s the actual link to the preview: )