super mama ready

Happy Christmas @badlydrawn-aceattorneydio!!

Your Secret Santa was I, @super-mama-ready! Or well, that’s my primary account, but I post all of my art these days to this art blog o’ mine right here.

I had a ton of fun doing this, I didn’t draw anything with Joseph and Caesar for ages, and I really hope you enjoy it. I have an A4 size available for you to print out too if you’d like, you can just message me and I’ll hit you up with the file.

Have a good one man and a Happy New Year!

Some people are the definition of cute.

There’s Neko, Synpai, Hayley, Gilly, Hanna, Anna, Ror, Emi can be cute sometimes and of course never forget tsundere nerd nxmirandy Ash~


Diddy Kong Racing - Tipsy Intensifies - PART 2                                      

last Sunday’s stream in full