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Punch-Out!! Characters By 中川るい on Pixiv

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another thing thats abundantly clear after watching ben c clips for a solid week is if you think any of us exaggerate how gay he is…’s really not at all. taking into consideration the obvious fact that hes attracted to women, which nobody is disputing, he still has such a gay AURA? his SOUL is gay? the ONLY unconvincing roles i’ve ever seen ben in is when he’s meant to play a super macho het guy: a really good example of this is his mad libs sketch, clearly that’s for comedy but i think that’s kind of the point, i think ben views that sort of uber masculinity as parody worthy, or like a parody of manhood in and of itself which is a really fascinating take coming from a c*s guy who’s attracted to women and is generally masc…… ben’s personality he presents and the roles he is typecast as/fits into the most easily are the sensitive yet passionate about justice men who typically are either explicitly gay or queercoded….. its? wow


Monumento al chongo, al amanecer, para los que se levantan temprano: gendarme, unos 20/22 años, como 1,90 metro de alto, unos 90/95 kilos, uniforme perfecto, botas perfectas,  hablaba con acento de la mesopotamia argentina (correntino/misionero). Todo lo demás para que te hagas los ratones. Estas fotos furtivas no hacen honor al man este. 

Listo, parte 2 

I love the fact that Dean Winchester is this super macho manly man who likes muscle cars and leather and classic rock and porn but aCtuALLY he’s just a bisexual puppy who watches doctor sexy and listens to Taylor swift and loves to cosplay and watches Oprah and is a total fucking nERD who’s in love with one of his best friends and his other best friend is a nerdy lesbian

Happy Birthday Mr. Jorge R. Gutiérrez ( Mexopolis )!!!!!!

I and I know alot of people on here really want to thank you for what you have given us and will give us in the future ( Super Macho Fighter) and just for talking to the fans and answering questions and reblogging our posts/art. It really means alot :)

Hope today is a fantastico day Jorge!


Nikki L. and the fans :)