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Ok I didn’t want to create a discussion but I feel like I really need to say this because it really makes my throat tie up. There have been a tendency to fling around the word “pedophile” towards people in fandom lately, and not in an appropriate way. Now pedophile is meant to mean a sexually developed person being attracted to someone that is not (prepubescent), but I’ve seen the word exclusively used at 20+ year olds people dating 17-18 year olds, or sometimes even teens at 18-19 for dating people two years their junior. These people claim they are trying to “protect the kids” by using this word like a slur, even though they’re often aware they are using it incorrectly.

Why do people use this word even though it’s fundamentally not at all what their cause is representing? For the same reason people bring up the holocaust or Hitler trying to win arguments - because it’s an incredibly negatively loaded word that just about everyone is sure to recognize as such, and they are trying to win points by pulling at the emotions associated with it rather than the actual facts of the situation.

Does it matter? YES. By misusing a word like this you trivialize VERY REAL child sexual abuse. An older teen is sexually mature and can initiate and even force these relationships of their own accord. A teen can be a sexual predator towards younger and older people. A child have not yet developed these urges or interests and would never ever take part of these activities willingly. While there can be a definite power imbalance at play with a late teen/adult turning it into an abusive relationship, it is not the same as the kind of fear that is used to keep a child silent about something they never wanted to be a part of. It is disgusting, is triggering, and it is disturbing to see these two being acknowledged as the same thing.

“So should you not use the word at all?” Uh, yes of course you can, in a situation where it’s actually applicable. You should however not use it in a way that makes is seem like any less than what it is, which is a blatant projection of power wherein one party is always forced into it with threats of hurt or rejection from their loved ones or something else fueled out of desperation.


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i love how Harry’s killing the bs narrative that he hates 1D one show at a time.

media: Harry Styles hates One Direction and doesn’t speak with the rest of the boys anymore. he’s superior to all of it. 

Harry: my amazing, great, wonderful, friends from 1D. you know them. we’ve been here before. me and my amazing friends :) *proceeds on singing 1D’s songs* 

Groupie Love

Summary: After approving a road trip with Peter, Bucky & Sam, it turns out to be the best agreement you ever made. 

Word Count: 3,237. (not even sorry)

A/N: Look who’s ba-ba-ba-ba-back again. I’m coming in hot with this fresh new (and good grammar!!!) fic, and let me tell you guys that this one was an absolute blast to write. Hope you enjoy! (ps: go buy lana del rey’s new album “lust for life” on itunes)

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Looking at “Second First Date”

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It’s obvious that Rad tries too hard to come across as the super-cool, knowledgeable, and super macho guy. This shines through most in episodes focusing on the dynamic between him and K.O. For better or worse, Rad is K.O.’s role model. He looks up to him like the do-no-wrong older brother, feeding Rad’s ego and encouraging his facade. Though, every time Rad tries to bolster said facade, he bumbles. K.O. discovers that Rad doesn’t know the backroom as well as he claims to and that he likes crochet and cute kittens. But, Rad is too proud to openly admit these ‘weaknesses’ or cracks in his proverbial armor. A person has to be patient with him to see the backroom map poking out of his back pocket. To see that, yes, their arguments broke through to him, but he expresses this through small gestures more than words. The fact that K.O. looks up to Rad adds a needed dimension to his character growth. He’s forced to be more responsible and considerate even if only for K.O.’s sake. 

Enter “Second First Date” and Rad’s Facade

“Second First Date” gives viewers one of the more vulnerable looks at Rad’s character. When he was younger, his true self shined through more. He’s a nice, considerate, and sensitive fellow at his core. Though, these are paired with strong self-consciousness and low self-confidence. In part, this leads to Rad trusting and following the questionable council of his friends. Whatever doubts he holds about their advice is crowded out by how confident and self-assured they come across. Some degree of peer pressure and the need to conform. To young Rad, it feels better to build and cultivate this image of the ‘super cool bro’ that he and his friends see as the ultimate endgame. The image was enticing enough that Rad became ‘super cool bro’ and that’s who viewers see in present time. (Side Note: It was pretty funny to hear the meta, self-aware asides characters made in the dialogue. I chalked this up as Rad making Cliff Notes during the flashback, a sign of him looking at things in retrospect). 

Rad’s facade is a huge part of what makes his dynamic with Enid so meaningful. To an extent, Enid is exactly what Rad is trying too hard to be. Where Rad is overly concerned what others think of him, Enid could care less. Enid openly expresses herself and shares her thoughts and opinions on things. Sometimes, she comes across as ‘mysterious’ or ‘cryptic.’ Though, this is more Enid being a woman of few words than anything else. If Enid wants someone to know where they stand with her, she lets them know. In Rad’s case, he spends so much time trying to build up and maintain his ‘image,’ he can lose sight of what consequences could stem from what he says or does. He’s so worried about what others might think of him, he can get stubborn and defensive when someone challenges his persona. Enid is one of the few people that knows him well enough to cut through his facade and level with him on a significant, meaningful level.

Enid and Rad

“Second First Date” comes across as the much-needed reconciliation between Rad and Enid. They originally buried the proverbial hatchet by ignoring the hatchet even exists. 

Their first date established Enid’s first real impression of Rad’s character. She originally liked him for being this nice, sweet guy, but turned away because as far as she knew, he was always an outright jerk. Imagine what it was like for them to meet up again long after that first date. Whatever glimmer there was of Rad the sweetheart is completely gone. Enid’s new co-worker is an obnoxious and doofy meathead. On Rad’s part, he’s challenged by guilt, regret, and what it’ll take to maintain his status quo. He can’t renege on his ‘super cool bro’ image now. Though, he has to make some kind of peace if he wants things to go well moving forward. If Enid even tried to broach the issue, he feigns forgetfulness. Possibly with the throwaway comment “Oh, I’ve dated soo many girls, I can’t remember them all…” 

Looking at their reactions after the Cupid flashback, they’ve probably had a few arguments about the nightmare date. Though, given enough time, lack of a levelheaded mediator, and the need to get along ‘well enough,’ they decided not to talk about it ever again. It’s a “thing that should not be named” locked up with Voldermort level conspiracy and secrecy. This is something that happened in the far-back and long-ago. It may as well have never happened. 

When Rad acknowledges and apologizes for being a jerk, it feels like they finally addressed the elephant in the room. Going forward, there’s more room for intimacy and honesty in their relationship. Rad may make attempts at being more genuine and true to his character rather than pushing the ‘super cool bro’ image. The overall point of the episode was further fleshing out Rad’s and Enid’s dynamic and what kind of impact it has for their character development. Even the walking home scene showcased how much of a relief this was for them. They seemed thoughtful and contemplative, like a weight had been lifted from their shoulders.

In regards to Rad and Enid’s relationship, I’m torn between Cupid’s comment about platonic friendship and how Rad was looking at Enid on their walk home. I’ve chalked up the episode as ambiguous as to whether or not their dynamic will become romantic or stay platonic. I’m strongly hoping for the latter. My personal hope is to see a Miguel and Tulio (Road to El Dorado) or even Wander and Sylvia (Wander Over Yonder) dynamic between them. There’s definitely potential given their complementary opposites personalities. 

(In regards to shipping interests, I think Carol and Mr.Gar is the closest to eventual endgame canon. At this point, Rad and Enid are as likely endgame canon as Enid and Red Action in my book.)

✿ reaction; you’re crying because of school stress

@sayurifushigi asked: Hey ❣ Can I get a NCT127 (+ten reaction). Reacting to their s/o crying because of too much school stress? Thank u so much 💐🌹❣♥


Will go into super cute boyfriend mode. When he sees you crying to begin with, he’ll immediately try to help you in any way that he can but often that ends with him holding you in his arms as you cry into his chest. He doesn’t like to see you crying, but from his own personal experience he knows that sometimes you need to just cry to let your emotions out. He’ll offer to help you out with your work, even if he has no idea what’s going on, but will be super productive and efficient in helping you to organise yourself (with some tips from the others) to try and reduce your stress in the best way he can. His priority is not to see you cry again because of school. 

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Either he overreacts to the situation, or he knows exactly how to act. Assuming the latter is correct, then he’ll be calm and try to stop you crying by holding you in his arms and rubbing your back gently to cry and get you back to a better state of mind so you can both talk about what is going on. If he doesn’t overreact then he’ll panic about what to do and will end up being pretty useless in every aspect but providing you some kind of physical comfort. In the end, though, Johnny will make sure that by the time he leaves you, you’re no longer crying and you’re at least feeling a bit better about your school work. He’ll try to help you though, to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. 

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Leader mode: activated. He’d be super worried for you, he’d not let you out of his sight when he’s managed to calm you down to the point where you can actually tell him what’s wrong. Expect a lot of kisses from him, mostly him trying to be cute to cheer you up (and him failing at being cute, which makes you laugh anyway), but also expect him to be trying to help you out with your studies too. He’ll FaceTime you to make sure you’re on top of work, and he’ll definitely be sitting down with you to make sure you’re on top of things in a schedule that he’s helped you to create. In the end, you’ll be the one who doesn’t have any trouble with your studies anymore!

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As a whole, if Doyoung saw you crying for any reason whatsoever, he’d be really worried. Every reason for why you could be crying runs through his head and he fears for what if could be, so when he manages to sit you down and stop you crying, he’ll be slightly relieved that you’re crying because of something that’s fixable. He’d kiss you and wipe away your tears, offering to help you with work if you needed him to. He’d be the type to offer you his own advice and he certainly wouldn’t leave you alone because he’s genuinely worried about you. Expect Doyoung to be by your side until he sees you smiling again. 

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Soft, smol, doesn’t really know what he should be doing with you but lets you take comfort in him and listens to you rant and cry for hours until it’s all out. He’s always there for you when you have a problem and this is no different; he’s knows all the best ways to make you feel better, including your favourite TV shows and your favourite foods. He may not be able to help you so much with the problems at school, he probably will seek help from Taeyong and the others though in an attempt to help you. He’s much better at comfort than help, so in the end he probably won’t be able to help you organise yourself as well as the others. 

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Jaehyun is creative in the way that he sorts out your problems. When he sees you upset to begin with, he’d react immediately with the aim in his heart to make sure you don’t ever feel the same way again. He’ll try to help you with your work after he’s held you for a while and tried to calm you down, and he’ll certainly be the one who sits up with you all night to finish a project that was due. I think though, in the end, he gets easily bored so he’ll be getting you to take breaks from your work - one thing that definitely makes it easier. Since he’s emotional too, I think his priority, regardless of how important your school work is, is to make sure you’re always smiling. 

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He definitely becomes a distraction for you. When he finds you crying because of the stress you’re under, it will break his heart - really, it’s one of the worst things he’s ever seen and he wants to make sure you don’t cry at all costs. He holds you tight until you’re starting to feel better and will tell you to forget your work for the rest of the night. It’s not a permanent solution to your problems but it does work, and you feel better after a few nights with Sicheng assuring you that school isn’t the end of the world. In the end though, Sicheng will be best at distracting you from your problems rather than helping you with them - he will help if you want him to, though. 

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Will be kinda spooked by your outburst and may panic at first about what he’s supposed to do. He’s kinda new to relationships, so when he sees you crying he just wants to ask if you’re okay and try to make things better. He probably wont even think to try and hug you, not until you don’t answer him and he realises holy shit they’re crying and he needs to comfort you. He’ll hug you and try to do things to make you laugh, waiting until you’re asleep that night or something so he can talk to one of his hyungs. He’ll help you in whatever way he can, and in the end he’ll be a distraction and a solution to your problems. 

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Though he seeks to hold you and make sure you’re okay immediately, he’s a little awkward when he’s comforting you. He doesn’t really know what to say to you and he certainly doesn’t know how he can make things better. He’s done school himself so he knows what sort of things to expect but that doesn’t mean he knows how to deal with the stress. What Haechan will offer you is help with your work if you need it, and an escape from your work that may start to build up over time. He doesn’t want you to be stressed, so he’ll do his best to make sure that you feel comfortable and is always there if you need someone to get ice cream with. 

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He’ll do one of two things - he’ll be super soft and hug you, running his fingers through your hair until he’s satisfied you’re feeling better, or he’ll be super macho and threaten to hurt anyone who has hurt my baby, how dare they touch my baby. When he realises what’s really wrong, he’ll immediately do what he can to help you (including hugging you, this does include a long back hug until you’re getting him to let go) and make sure that you’re absolutely sick of him by the time he leaves you alone. He’ll try to help you with your studying but isn’t the best help, as he will just be trying to distract you the whole time. This does include him trying to kiss you all the damn time.

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Right, so I wanted to try and give myself a challenge here because a few folk pointed out to me that I tend to write a lot of quick and snappy scenes without really stopping for a moment. So here we go, this is my attempt at trying a nice, calm, development chapter. Sit down and relax, folks.

I also want to thank you all for 300 followers! It means so much to me, you have no clue! ;w;

Once again, this story is inspired by the 2D Bendy AU created by the wonderful @shinyzango!

I tried.

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another thing thats abundantly clear after watching ben c clips for a solid week is if you think any of us exaggerate how gay he is…’s really not at all. taking into consideration the obvious fact that hes attracted to women, which nobody is disputing, he still has such a gay AURA? his SOUL is gay? the ONLY unconvincing roles i’ve ever seen ben in is when he’s meant to play a super macho het guy: a really good example of this is his mad libs sketch, clearly that’s for comedy but i think that’s kind of the point, i think ben views that sort of uber masculinity as parody worthy, or like a parody of manhood in and of itself which is a really fascinating take coming from a c*s guy who’s attracted to women and is generally masc…… ben’s personality he presents and the roles he is typecast as/fits into the most easily are the sensitive yet passionate about justice men who typically are either explicitly gay or queercoded….. its? wow

now that i’ve seen the new red band trailer for kingsman: the golden circle, i’m very tempted to revisit that trimberly kingsman au i thought up months ago…

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Can I request for headcanons about Jesse, Junkrat and Reaper with shy s/o who likes to hide behind them when talking to people because they feel safe and secure?

I’d feel secure too with an s/o that’s like 6 feet plus lmao


  • He’s usually just minding his own business when with you but when he sees you kind of step behind him he’s initially kinda like “Whatcha doin’ back there darlin?”
  • When it’s clear that you’re just nervous about talking to people he makes a big stupid joke out of it and is like “I got this Y/N! Just hide under the serape- we’ll get out of this real quiet like.”
  • Will literally fight everyone if they have a problem with your shyness “What? You got a problem with Y/N? You fuckin’ deal with me.”
  • TBH he just feels super macho and great when he gets to protect you like this
  • But he also wants to try and encourage you to get out from behind him and get over your shyness
  • For example to cross reference with the shy/anxious S/O post I’ve made about him he’ll use the Confidence Hat Technique or just put his arm around you to bring you to his side
  • “You’re supposed to be right here, baby. Not behind me- I can’t look at your pretty pretty face if you’re hiding.”


  • Takes this extremely seriously!
  • Has on more than 12 occasions hummed a sneaking theme as he hides you behind him and you both hilariously have to tiptoe away from situations
  • “I’ve got it Y/N! I’ll throw a smoke bomb and then we can escape! Oooooh, how about I use a REAL BOMB?!” Junkrat NO
  • He might get a lil sad if you withdraw from HIM though, like “Whuh? But Y/N you can’t possibly have the same fears around me now do ya?! Who do I gotta bomb to make up for it? Who needs some explosives!?”
  • Otherwise though? Completely is all up for his role in keeping you SAFE during conversations with other humans. Actually has on more than one occasion barked like a dog to someone that makes you nervous


  • Annoyed.
  • “What the hell are you doing?” totally unimpressed when you cling to the back of his coat
  • “Let go of my coat.” “I don’t want to, Gabriel.” “Ughhhh.”
  • Probably will criticize you if you say that you feel safer when you can cling to him, and he’ll simply say “Feel secure when I have shotguns in my hands, not when we’re just around the base. Understand?”
  • I mean, he’s got a fair point right?
  • For the most part he’ll do the same as McCree and push you in front of him or back to his side, stating that you need “to stop being childish”
  • Truthfully speaking he doesn’t *really* mind, just don’t pull up his coat because he wants to look cool :P

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