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Ok I didn’t want to create a discussion but I feel like I really need to say this because it really makes my throat tie up. There have been a tendency to fling around the word “pedophile” towards people in fandom lately, and not in an appropriate way. Now pedophile is meant to mean a sexually developed person being attracted to someone that is not (prepubescent), but I’ve seen the word exclusively used at 20+ year olds people dating 17-18 year olds, or sometimes even teens at 18-19 for dating people two years their junior. These people claim they are trying to “protect the kids” by using this word like a slur, even though they’re often aware they are using it incorrectly.

Why do people use this word even though it’s fundamentally not at all what their cause is representing? For the same reason people bring up the holocaust or Hitler trying to win arguments - because it’s an incredibly negatively loaded word that just about everyone is sure to recognize as such, and they are trying to win points by pulling at the emotions associated with it rather than the actual facts of the situation.

Does it matter? YES. By misusing a word like this you trivialize VERY REAL child sexual abuse. An older teen is sexually mature and can initiate and even force these relationships of their own accord. A teen can be a sexual predator towards younger and older people. A child have not yet developed these urges or interests and would never ever take part of these activities willingly. While there can be a definite power imbalance at play with a late teen/adult turning it into an abusive relationship, it is not the same as the kind of fear that is used to keep a child silent about something they never wanted to be a part of. It is disgusting, is triggering, and it is disturbing to see these two being acknowledged as the same thing.

“So should you not use the word at all?” Uh, yes of course you can, in a situation where it’s actually applicable. You should however not use it in a way that makes is seem like any less than what it is, which is a blatant projection of power wherein one party is always forced into it with threats of hurt or rejection from their loved ones or something else fueled out of desperation.

another thing thats abundantly clear after watching ben c clips for a solid week is if you think any of us exaggerate how gay he is…’s really not at all. taking into consideration the obvious fact that hes attracted to women, which nobody is disputing, he still has such a gay AURA? his SOUL is gay? the ONLY unconvincing roles i’ve ever seen ben in is when he’s meant to play a super macho het guy: a really good example of this is his mad libs sketch, clearly that’s for comedy but i think that’s kind of the point, i think ben views that sort of uber masculinity as parody worthy, or like a parody of manhood in and of itself which is a really fascinating take coming from a c*s guy who’s attracted to women and is generally masc…… ben’s personality he presents and the roles he is typecast as/fits into the most easily are the sensitive yet passionate about justice men who typically are either explicitly gay or queercoded….. its? wow


Little Mac / Glass Joe / Von Kaiser / Disco Kid / King Hippo / Piston Honda / Bear Hugger / Great Tiger / Don Flamenco / Aran Ryan / Soda Popinski / Bald Bull / Super Macho Man / Mr. Sandman / Donkey Kong / Doc Louis

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you remind me of those characters in anime/cartoons who are super macho and muscly and intimidating, you would crush a thousand layers of rocks with one punch. But you are actually very soft and gentle, you own a tiny pupper and you love it and would protect it with your life, except the tiny pupper is a skitty

Summary of Aaron Burr, Sir
  • Hamilton: Hi, I'm Alexander Hamilton!
  • Burr: Why are you speaking to me?
  • Hamilton: I punched your friend and wanted your help to know how to get through college as fast as you did.:)
  • Burr: I was proudly protecting my parents legacy.
  • Hamilton: Hey wait your an orphan? OMG samesies! Don't you wish there was a war going on right now?
  • Burr: I prefer not to discuss my political views you should do the same.
  • Laurens: I'm John Laurens and I want to free the slaves!
  • Lafayette: I'm French and monarchy can go f*ck itself!
  • Mulligan: I'm a super macho spy for the British!
  • All four: what do you say to that Burr?!
  • Burr: nothing at all.
  • Hamilton: profound sounding thing about how you should stand up for what you believe.
  • All but Burr and Ham: who's this dude?!?!

Petition for the Gotham fandom to immediately stop calling last nights recent Nygmobblepot horror “gay panic”as a big joke heres why; 

  • Gay Panic is a criminal defence used by straight men who murder gay men ( typically friends or colleagues  ) after learning of their romantic and / or sexual feelings for them. 

  • Gay Panic though it has widely been banned is STILL a relevant, usable criminal defence in many states in the US and other places of the world
  • If you don’t know what the above means: it means a straight man can murder a gay man for being gay.

    It works upon the idea that straight men are so freaked out by the idea of gay men having romantic feelings for them they can slip into a form of psychosis and murder said gay man. This is used as a valid excuse and can get them off on the homophobic hate crime they committed. 

  • Why does this work? Because toxic masculinity is a thing. Straight men often suffer fragile egos and need to reassure themselves of their super macho heterosexuality every moment of their lives. Gay men and gay love is seen as emasculating and thus seen as extremely threatening to a straight man. They fear being gay or a gay man will rob them of said masculinity and this is more than enough to throw them into a violent rage that results in gay men being severely beaten or murdered. 

Some definitions of gay panic include: 

a legal defence, usually against charges of assault or murder. A defendant using the defence claims they acted in a state of violent temporary insanity because of a purported psychiatric condition called homosexual panic. The defendant alleges to find the same-sex sexual advances so offensive and frightening that it brings on a psychotic state characterized by unusual violence.


Homosexual panic is a term coined by psychiatrist Edward J. Kempf in 1920 for a condition of “panic due to the pressure of uncontrollable perverse sexual cravings”. Kempf classified this condition as an acute pernicious dissociative disorder, meaning that it involved a disruption in typical perception and memory functions of an individual. In the psychiatrist’s honour, the condition has come to also be known as “Kempf’s disease”. It is no longer recognized by the DSM.

Its really not okay to make jokes about Ed suffering “”gay panic”” after last nights episode. In general its incredibly disrespectful to gay men, particularly as despite the CLEAR HOMOPHOBIA this is still a relevant legal defence used to excuse homophobes of attacking and murdering gay men. 

On top of that what Gotham showed tonight continued to be completely in theme with its offensive flippant use of homophobic tropes in dealing with Nygmobblepot. Gay Panic actually DOES bare a disturbing resemblance to Ed’s treatment of Oswald which makes it all the more horrifying & gay fans pointed that out long before this epsiode. 

Last night, Edward Nygma was shown fantasising about Oswald in a very sexually driven way while also displaying clear discomfort and disgust toward this. The show has made an immense effort to completely desexualise Oswald’s feelings for Ed and explained that his feelings were in no way sexual. Oswald’s feelings had never been put across in a sexual way in canon UNTIL Ed. 

What I mean by this is Oswald’s feelings were displayed as very non threatening to Ed and yet Ed has completely sexualized them of his own accord and further shown that this is something he is uncomfortable with. This literally cannonly confirms that somewhere in Eds psyche he either found Oswald’s sexuality/feelings threatening and disgusting or that Oswald’s feelings did cause him to question his sexuality and he has been experiencing intense internalised homophobia. 

The latter is not great either because it feeds the stereotype that people who commit homophobic hate crimes or act in a homophobic way are secretly gay or bi themselves. This is intensely offensive and often makes a big victim blaming joke in itself out of both homophobic violence and real gay / bi people who suffer internalised homophobia and generally works to excuse homophobic hate crimes. 

This scene either existed as another way to show Eds discomfort with Oswald’s sexuality or to show Ed’s discomfort with possibly harbouring homosexual feelings himself. 

Also consider that Cory Michel Smith has A) confirmed that Edwards attachment to Isabella was because she made him feel like a “ real man ” which even early on correlated to Oswald’s feelings for him to being seen as ‘emasculating’ by Ed and Ed’s masculinity / security being related directly to being in heterosexual relationships.

and B) That CMS has come out and declared multiple times that Ed is in no way queer and does not have ANY romantic/sexual feelings for Oswald. He continues to reaffirm this in just about every interview hes done since e12. 

I assure you that NO homophobic fanboys are going to feel overly upset over last night episode because Oswald’s feelings for Ed are STILL being portrayed as a source of “discomfort” for Ed and used to justify what he did to Oswald. Even before that scene this was general consensus among straight men ( and homophobes in general ) who similarly feel threatened and repulsed by gay affections and believed Ed did the best and ONLY thing possible for a man to do in his situation. 

That very sexually charge homoerotic scene also came from a show who has gay coded Oswald since day one, directly outed him to traumatise him emotionally, mentally and psychically, would not allow him to have his love recognised in any positive way, had a heterosexual romance held directly above it and has then continued to try and erase his identity as gay. 

Please please please don’t joke about “Gay Panic” in regard to Nygmobblepot. 

No matter how you feel about the ship or the canon PLEASE don’t. I know you guys MAY be intending it to mean something different but please be aware of what “Gay Panic” is and its usage and further how disturbingly similar it actually is to what happened in Nygmobblepot. 

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Ayyyyy can you draw something super intimidating but cute at the same time? I like to think that I'm super macho and tough but all my friends say I'm a cinnamon roll XD I wanna see what you come up with

Ah, yes, Just like Darkiplier, you try to be intimidating, but everyone just wants to give you a hug.

Even though you’re a little ball of murder. You’re just so cute.