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liz/mj for the ship thing??

sooo this exists in my “what if liz + mj reunited at university?” frame of mind pls enjoy some roommate gfs!!

  • who hogs the duvet? MJ

listen, she doesn’t mean to, and she’s respectful about it. she doesn’t hog the duvet as much as she gets as close as she can to liz so she doesn’t have to. but on mornings where liz has to leave early for her labs, she turns into a duvet burrito literally the second liz gets up 

  • who texts/rings to check how their day is going MJ

when she does eventually wake up though, she leaves liz cute voicemails about whatever tea she was drinking or something dumb that their cats, appropriately named peter and ned, did 

  • who’s the most creative when it comes to gifts BOTH

there’s a bookshop in their area that sells old books for super cheap, and liz buys them for mj based on nothing but their titles (mj will read anything, and liz likes to listen to her rant about literature)

  • who suggests new things in bed LIZ

she no doubt tries to justify it with a bunch of articles and medical journals though! mj thinks its cute but would literally try anything with liz anyways

  • who cries at movies NEITHER

they have movie nights whenever peter and ned (humans, not cats) come over. they would cry themselves, but they’re too busy confusedly laughing at peter who cries at oddly inappropriate times throughout the plot 

  • who gets jealous easiest LIZ

listen, she spent all of high school trying to be the best, trying to win, and that translates her into being a tiny bit possesive 

  • who takes the longest to get ready MJ

her style is a calculated fashion, okay? 

  • who is the most tidy and organized LIZ

her notes for her chemistry class basically look like textbook handouts 

  • who gets most excited about the holidays MJ

their entire apartment is covered in christmas lights, mj’s “mistletoe megamix” is on repeat, but most importantly, mj has placed strategic mistletoe in all the places liz tends to reside in so she can justify random kisses (that she gets year round anyways)

  • what other couple they hang out with PETERNED

they have stereotypical bowling date nights on half-priced tuesdays. it might as well be a war (peter ends up using his spiderman powers to pull through for his and ned’s team at the last second)

  • who brings flowers home MJ

they started dating in winter, so their fourth or fifth date fell around valentines day. mj brought liz a bouquet of red roses. liz has the petals pressed in a picture frame on her bedside table, around a picture of them on that same date 

Since Forever (Peter Parker x Reader)

Summary: A night at a bar with some friends leads to so much more.

Featuring: Peter (obvi), MJ, and a wild Liz

A/N: The story is complete before the smut, but it was so much fun writing it also I’m still embarrassed by it. Also, Peter, MJ, and reader are all seniors.

Warnings: Smut below the triple line cut; underage drinking; drunk Liz

Word Count: 2.8k+

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I just spent the past hour and a half getting the logo on the tank top and it looks pretty solid, you can’t even tell the markers bled a bit unless you’re super close to my boobs and since nobody will be who cares it looks great from a few feet away im so hyped this cosplay’s gonna be great

still not over the fact that Brienne “wielder of Oathkeeper” Tarth said fuck loyalty to convince Jaime Lannister to leave King’s Landing and come be with her so

|| rivalry ||

[request prompt: can u do a peter x reader where they “"hate each other”“ and one day he finds her crying and u can take it from there pls!!]

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“Aram. Of course I knew.”

Elizabeth Gillies | FOUR
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So a few weeks ago I got Clip Studio Paint Pro. I couldn’t use it since I got it because of my Wacom Bamboo Pen Tablet. It didn’t like working with the software at all and that kinda upset me. Well that tablet’s stylus started acting up so I went and ordered a replacement one. But not for that tablet.

You see, the Wacom was my backup Drawing Tablet because the Pen on my Turcom broke a long time ago and back then, you couldn’t buy a replacement stylus for it. Now that I can I went ahead and got one for it. My Turcom works fine with Clip Studio BUT doesn’t like working with SAI now. So I thought and I’d sketch a few images up on Clip Studio to get used to it and the bigger Drawing Tablet.

Dear Chicago P.D. writers:

Please don’t pair Jay Halstead and Hailey Upton romantically. Aside from the sheer ridiculousness of repeating the exact same plots, it’s so unnecessary. Let Upton and Halstead become BFFs. That would be so great and so refreshing to see. Because men and women can work together and they can be great friends without feelings/romance/sex. I promise, it’s a thing!

She can support him with his struggles, be a shoulder to lean on and a listening ear. She can give him shit when he does something stupid (it happens often). Someday, she can be his “wing woman” (if/when we see Jay moving on romantically). They can joke and hang out and be family to each other.

Let her be the Lily Aldrin to his Ted Mosby, the Meredith Grey to his Alex Karev, the Veronica Mars to his Wallace Fennel, the Liz Lemon to his Jack Donaghy, the Haley James to his Lucas Scott…. male-female friendships are a wonderful thing. Please explore that!

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Ok so I just read a super long article about Liz Taylor and Richard Burtons love and... OMFG there are so many parallels that are killing me: Liz Taylor was never one to talk openly about her sexuality but in some love letters that she wrote Richard, she talks about how much she's longing for him and his body and that she would "play scrabble and spell out naughty words" because she misses him?!?! Play Scrabble?!?! That's the most famous quote of Liz T about Burton... SWIFT WE SEE YOU