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I just heard Caity Lotz saying that Sara Lance not only thinks Kara is hot (which duh) but will also be “intimidated” by Kara... INTIMIDATED . BY . KARA...


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Kickass Sara Lance

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is gonna be intimidated by this ray of sunshine that even when kicking ass looks like a puppy?

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Doodles! 🖍🙇🏻 mamma mia! My hand hurts! 🙋🏻‍♂️😫✍🏻see you guys! 🔺🤓👋🏻 / Dibujos!, mamma mia, me duele la mano! Nos vemos!


Finally got to continuing this series and altered some of the older ones. Going to culminate in a large image with all the characters featured in the posters. Hope you all enjoy! :D

i had this dream about a legend of zelda au where link is a little older but zelda is much younger and she’s his kid sidekick/apprentice and he’s teaching her how to use a bow.. they find navi and shes like “STOP this is all wrong!!! youre supposed to be using a sword!!! and YOURE a princess!!!!!” and they just laugh at her