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Naruto definitely talked Sasuke into wearing that shirt.

Because @it-started-over-sasunaru said something super cool in this post and honestly I have too many ideas over here. ;A;

I saw this post on facebook and this is what I immediately thought;

2p!America/Allen: Hello? Is this some kind of weird cake company or somethin’?? I WOULD ask Oliver to do the baking cake shit but he’s just gonna put drugs ‘n stuff in it, so I’m gonna ask you instead–It’s my dumb brother’s birthday and I want to order a chocolate cake saying ‘Happy Birthday Dick Ha Ha Ha–

2p!England/Oliver: //snatches the phone// SWEAR JAR ALLEN!!—And don’t write that! His name is Matt–

Allen: I DON’T CARE!!!

Decorator: //As Oliver and Allen argue// Meh, I’m just gunna do what they wanted to write together. I just wanna to go home and eat a whole jar of nutella and a packet of chips…………..

My super duper late gif/pic-review of @mrslackles‘s latest update of will your mouth still remember the taste of my love ::

1) ‘She’d been regrouping in the study, trying to figure out how to find or get in contact with the Original so he could get her out’ ->

*light chuckling*

*me to Caroline*

Wanting to escape family reunions is such a meee thing to do lol. Whenever there was one my sister and I would hide in the attic or in the barn and wait till everybody left. Socializing is so not our thing…

2) ‘I thought being immortal meant avoiding hell but clearly I was wrong’ + remembering that toothless Caroline’s relative ->

*me picturing Klaus’s inner state during Forbes’ family gatherings*

3) ‘They’d both stopped walking and now they’re just standing smiling at each other, her very aware of how casual touching him had become’ ->

4) ‘It kind of scared her, but she was becoming used to it and … well, finding excuses to do it’ ->

5) ‘Yeah, she wishes she were sneaking off with him’ ->

6) ‘This is my bloody house!’ ->

7) ‘I was expecting to spend the night with you’ ->

8) ‘Before she’d never had to worry about accusing him of anything - well, short of putting her own life in anger. But now it’s different. Now they’re - sort of - together, and it feels like there’s more on the line’ ->

9) ‘Somewhere inside she know he’s hurting and - automatically, like a switch - she’s panicked and hurting too. And she honestly doesn’t know if all of it belongs to Past Caroline’ ->

10) ‘On impulse she slips her hand into his, her heart beating rapidly for the dumbest reason: she’s terrified he’ll pull away or look at her like he has no idea why she’s touching him’ ->

11) ‘He doesn’t trust you with his vulnerability yet’ ->

*birds chirping in the distance*

*me to Caroline*

12) ‘Despairing about the misfortune he’s had when it comes to a younger brother, I would imagine’ ->

Omw that’s such an Elijah thing to do

13) ‘You asked me to heal him so I did’ ->

This reminds me of ch9 so much :: ‘I know you Caroline. There is nothing you can or have to hide from me.’ ‘The way he says it is strong and confident but not arrogant or forceful. He states it lowly, like a fact of nature. Trees make oxygen. The sky is blue. I know you, Caroline’ 

You asked me to heal him so I did.’

14) ‘As much as she’d known down to her bones that it had been a memory, she’d still been hoping otherwise’ ->

First, she read the journals in order to understand her Past self better, even went on a - sort of date - with Klaus and now she doesn’t want her memories back?.. 

ch9 :: ‘I need you to stop waiting for my memories to come back. Otherwise we are done. <…> I can’t survive in her shadow.

15) ‘Not even me?’ ->

*at Caroline’s insecure ass*

16) ‘I made you a different promise.’ ‘What was it?’ ‘Then you left.’ ->

.. .. .  

   Sooo .. .

…  Caroline’s still completely unaware about 

*me at Klaus*

*me at you*

If only I had enough money to fly to you …

17) ‘No, no way. This you’re telling me.’ ->

*at Caroline*

She wants Klaus to tell her everything and yet she doesn’t tell him anything herself?..

18)  ‘Seriously! You really don’t get it?’ ->

I’m kind of with Klaus about this one ..? She only had to ask.

19) ‘I didn’t ask because I couldn’t!’ + waiting for Klaus so figure out that her memories - at least a part of them - are back and call her out on it ->

20) ‘… she’s still holding onto him and they’re so close that it’s really damn difficult not to ogle his features. It takes her a second before she realises she’s not the only one. His eyes are on her lips as his breath touches them. She tries, without success, to just stop freaking staring.->

*Caroline to Caroline*

21) ‘Please don’t mention me staring at your lips, please don’t mention me staring at your lips, please don’t –’

22) ‘But he doesn’t leave yet. <…> They just stand there, relishing in the other’s presence’ ->

23) ‘He looks bitterly amused’ ->

*me to Caroline*

He knows she knows/remembers, doesn’t he?

24) ‘You’ll tell me if you experience any of that?’ ‘Yeah, of course.’ ->

*Caroline to Caroline*

*Klaus to Caroline*

*me to Caroline* 

How many times have you lied to Klaus by now?

yoongi as that beautiful ghost you see just at the edges of your peripheral vision

and every time you turn he’s no longer there… 

October 16th, 2015 - reference pic

(super late update…)

Uratanuki Voice Drama CD Info!

Urata officially released information on his upcoming voice drama cd!!!!

“Boku no seishun nikki ~kono kimochi ni kizukumade~” 

(The Diary of my Youth ~until you notice these feelings~)

School voice drama CD
Price: 1,000 Yen     Mail order (plans): 1,500 Yen
Music composition: mafumafu-sama     Jacket (CD cover): fuyuka
Starring: uratanuki     
Cameo Appearances (”super mob” guys): shima, sakata, senra
He is planning on creating button badges as well!
(Note: mafumafu created the OP and ED for the drama CD and urata will be singing them!)

He will be releasing and selling the voice drama CD in Cho Vomas on April 26th!