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                                                                  Your hand is a star.
                                                      Your blood is famous in your heart.


It looks like Cosima is Skyping with captured Sarah and Ferdinand is watching them both? I’m not really sure about the composition of that image but I’m pretty sure that’s the case??

I mean look at this:

It totally looks like the same scrubs on Sarah. So what’s the deal? Is Sarah back in Toronto (with DYAD) while Cosima is still on the island? And both can communicate with each other? Or at least Cosima with DYAD?

Oh man I’m so ready!!!!


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Sterek neighbor fic prompt!! Any prompt on that list bc so cute OMG but maybe instead of dog biting it's dog licking / being friendly?? Whatever you like I just love AU prompts and Sterek !

since these are from the same prompt, i’m just combining them into the same fic :)

Derek is exhausted.

Between work, his sisters, and trying to have some semblance of a social life? It’s a wonder he hasn’t keeled over yet.

For the past few weeks, his world has been a constant tangle of dealing with students trying to hand in last-minute papers, spending half his time grading said papers, listening to sob stories about why those who haven’t been turning in assignments all quarter don’t really deserve to fail, trying not to lose touch with Boyd, Isaac, and Erica while they’re in their last year of college, constantly hearing about Laura’s boyfriend, and constantly hearing about Cora’s lack of a boyfriend. Funnily enough, no one seems to care about Derek’s lack of a boyfriend. Not that he has time for one, but still.

When he does get a rare, free moment, he spends it lounging in the front yard, reading a book. And, thank god, now is one of those times.

He’s sitting in a beach chair with his feet kicked up on the birdbath, slowly but surely making his way through Les Mis. He knows next year’s students will gripe horribly about the size, but at least he’ll be able to honestly assure them it’s worth the read. He’s just reached page 569 when a big, black dog wanders in through the gate. Derek has told the mailman a thousand times to shut it on his way out, but to no avail. The dog, who Derek notes is wearing a collar, steps heavily on his freshly mown grass, and is nearing Laura’s flowerbeds when he whistles at it. The dog perks up, as though it hadn’t noticed Derek earlier, and happily trots over, tongue lolling and tail wagging.

“Hey, boy,” Derek says, dog-earring the book and setting it in the grass, and reaching a hand out. “C’mere.”

The dog shoves its muzzle in Derek’s hand and seems perfectly content to stand there all day, rubbing itself against his fingers.

“You lost?” Derek asks. “Hmmm?” He moves to scratch behind its ears instead, because its muzzle is disgustingly slobber-covered, when three things happen in very quick succession.

The dog, whose teeth are much sharper than they look, chomps down on Derek’s palm. 

Derek flashes blue eyes at the dog, who immediately whines and lets go.

A brunette man comes running into view and yells, “Holy shit!”

Well, this won’t be good.

Derek practically breathes a sigh of relief when he follows it up with, “Bad, Toby! Bad! We don’t bite!” He was much more concerned that the guy had seen his eyes blaze blue than about the cut on his hand that’ll heal soon anyway. Though, now that he’s focusing on it, it really is pretty deep, and there’s blood flowing freely.

The guy, who’s panting now, makes it through Derek’s gate and grabs his dog by the collar. Not that it makes much of a difference, considering that since Derek asserted his dominance, the dog has been sitting still and whining.

“Bad, Toby! Bad!” The man releases the dog when it’s clear he’s not going anywhere, and looks up at Derek. “Oh, shit. Shit, shit, shit, I’m sorry. That’s- fuck that’s bleeding a lot. Look, my Jeep is like three blocks down, lemme drive you to the hospital. I am so sorry, dude.”

As the man babbles, he grabs Derek’s arm and pulls him in the direction of the gate, but Derek doesn’t budge. The bite should close up in ten minutes, tops, and stop bleeding even sooner. He doesn’t need the hospital; he needs this guy gone by the time his healing kicks in.

“I don’t need you to drive me,” Derek tells him calmly. “I’m fine.”

Well, fine, if a little pissed.

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yo. Lucky! hug, high five, and play videogames with: Shou, Emu, and Balance!

c'mon bro that was easy mode


“O-kay, turn ‘round and let’s see how that looks.”
Emily Ripov turned to face the friendly zbornak — Sylvia, she’d called herself Sylvia — but she did so awkwardly. Ripov was no longer used to kindness without a price, and had quickly learnt to trust no one while travelling the galaxy. This was the source of her discomfort now as she was dealt with something (or rather someone), that flew in the face of all her experiences. The hunter hesitantly raised a hand to her head, trying to imagine what she looked like now the zbornak was finished.

Sylvia cast an eye over Ripov’s unruly mop of hair and leaned in again to tighten the bandana she’d just tied around it another notch. She stood back then, arms crossed and eyes squinting in the planet’s weak light. She couldn’t exactly say the hair was tamed but it was better than the feral mess it had been before. Sylvia wasn’t one to worry about this kind of stuff usually, but when a young lady fails to deck some creep in a dive bar down to poor visibility, something needs to be done. Sylvia was happy to give up her own bandana for a good cause.

“…Well? How do I look?” Ripov asked, noticing the difference, now.
“I think… it looks like next time, you won’t miss.”
Her answer was accompanied by a wide grin that stretched even further as the larger creature’s gaze moved past Ripov, back towards the bar they’d just exited. The two watched a gaggle of the bar’s patrons begin to trudge purposefully towards them, creep numero uno leading the pack; Oh boy.
They shared a look, Sylvia pleased to see that Ripov could, Ripov pleased to have someone to shoot a look at. There was a high whirr as she fired up her blaster, ready to shoot something else;
“Looks like it’s next time already.”

@savewoygiftexchange gift for @seerofbread
Hope this is cool for you, I know you were more interested in fic, but I wasn’t about to attempt to write something and try to call it a gift.

Your wish list was fantastic, you had so much material there to play with!! I had a lot of fun thinking about everything, but when you mentioned the possibility of Sylvia and Ripov meeting at some point in the past (possibility forgotten on a canon timeline), I couldn’t get it out of my head. I began to think about a younger Ripov and how she might look a little different – And then of course, both of our ladies have a bandana thing going on as bounty hunters.
I was thinking Sylvia went into bounty hunting by choice (and has been doing it for a while now), meanwhile Ripov has been plunged in there by pretty awful circumstances. Finding Sylvia sure could help her out.
Bounty Hunting takes you to a lot of pretty unsavoury places, too. I imagine them being able to bond when it comes to extra dangers they might face as women (“women”).

Anyway: Hope you’ve been feeling better lately and this has brought you some cheer. I’ll shut up now