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#dgraymanweek || Day 1: The Voice of Darkness

⤷  Option B: Manga/Anime 2006 or Anime 2016


                                                                  Your hand is a star.
                                                      Your blood is famous in your heart.

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it’s like my third digital drawing …

i think i’m gonna continu fanart but traditional one cause huuum … : /

art by @chloecats7


it’s AMAZING FOR THIRD BRO. omg my third digital drawing suuuucked-

loookit him so CYOOOOT

sure obi-vaughn kenobi is cute but what about a middle thing when hes just starting to grow out his hair and is a literal fluffball

   out . i know that i am super late for munday , man , by four days . anyway this is the first picture i have taken in a good while , because i finally felt good about myself . but anyway look it’s me and gee way chilling in our casual selfie together , lmfao i forgot that the filter captures whatever else is in the photo as well , and it found gerard’s face , and i fucking choked . i also look and feel far too feminine , but bite me .

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1) Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl - Wet

2) Trouble (Stripped) - Halsey 

3) Sirens - Tom Odell 

4) Don’t Save Me - HAIM 

5) The Beach - The Neighborhood

6) Red Lips - Sky Ferreira 

7) Warrior - Kesha 

8) Trainwreck - BANKS

9) From Eden - Hozier

10) Talk Me Down -Troye Sivan

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How I met your Dad-Pool. Part one two. Meeting the in-laws, take one.

“This is what you’re getting worked up over, Tony? You do realize he also stole one of your jets and never returned it?”

“That was him?!”

“Wait, whose side are you on, baby boy?!”


What if I’m far from home?
Oh, brother I will hear you call.

What if I lose it all?
Oh, sister I will help you out!

Oh, if the sky comes falling down, for you
There’s nothing in this world I wouldn’t do.

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c: do what ever you want to me, b u t   l e a v e   h i m   a l o n e .
hw: okay. you and this flash must be really close if you’re willing to die for him.

b: w e ’ r e   g e t t i n g   h e r   b a c k .