super late and last minute how

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(in relation to the "what i did for valetines" I hope it's not too late!!) anyways my boyfriend and I made super last minute plans to go to a small restaurant downtown. We got there, but it, as well as the others were SO full. so we drove around for 2hrs just talking/joking and holding hands in the car. in the end, we ended up getting fast food and eating it in the parking lot & kissing. It was so cute but he feels like he let me down (he totally didn't) because it was so fun. i love him so much

It’s never too late! I love stories. Awh how sweet!!! Sometimes drives with someone who love is the best way you can spend your time. 10/10


How can my Pun Pun Kill-Chan be this late to school? And furthermore how could I be so late to draw something for it? A last minute attempt to swooce right on in (I only started a few hours ago didn’t exactly spend enough time on it), I made her pigtails to kind of look like a bunch of pistols, and her outfit is essentially a Punsher-esque schoolgirl fuku.