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How Dan and Phil probably broke up #37
  • Phil: *gets Dan a whisk for Christmas*

for @forestpenguin​ for the prompt: i see you carrying around a bowl of dog food and calling for your dog and, let’s be honest, i definitely think this is trap but on the other hand there is the potential to pet a dog at the end. so i stop to help you and you’re so relieved as we spend the next several hours searching for your dog until we finally give up and i take you home since you’re inconsolable only to find your dog asleep on your fucking porch wtf.

in which Cassian’s adopted ex-racer greyhound, K2-SO is awful, willful, misbehaved, and the light of his life. When K2 goes missing, Cassian frantically searches the neighborhood, his desperate calls awakening Bodhi, his neighbor, who offers to help. Just as Cassian has given up hope and gotten drawn and surly, Bodhi walks him back home - and lo and behold, K2 has been scratching at the front door and nearly knocks Bodhi out bounding into Cassian’s arms.


The new splatoon 2 trailer was part of a Nintendo Direct for their new game Arms so I went to investigate it and 

Oh m y goodness I love it so much 

Background info, Nintendo is making a new original fighting game called arms where the fighters have ribbon-y arms with huge fists at the end, which they use to participate in a professional wrestling sport of the same name (Arms) and just looked like a fun time in general but THE DIRECT TODAY showed off all 10 fighters and I am in love with all of them but I’m only gonna gab excitedly about a few cause we’d all be here all night and I’m sure y’all got memes to get back to.

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Lamborghini SESTO ELEMENTO vs Bugatti VEYRON SS - Hot Lap Battle! Forza Horizon 3

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Laito turn ons please (^_^)☆

- Everything? 

- Lip biting.

- His lover being open to anything.

- Clumsiness.

- Dimpled smiles.

- Cute accent.

- Sitting on his lap.

- Being super excited to see him after a while.

- Being able to handle his brothers and sass them. 

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Ya know I thought that comic you made of Zenyatta doing a flip onto Genji's lap was super cute and made me smile, and then it made me laugh because I imagined Genji stiffening up and stuttering out in pain; "M- Master y-you're crushing my d*ck..." And Zenyatta being all like; "I was not aware you still had one." All nonchalantly.

zenyatta, stop embarrassing ur boyfriend

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Can I have some details about domestic kidstorm


  • Okay so they got a little apartment together in Central City that’s a couple blocks from the school where Stein teaches, right in a college neighborhood
  • None of their towels match because they just bought one of each that had a cool pattern
  • Neither of them can technically cook well but they get so. dang. proud. of putting literally any form of food on the table. 
    • “I mean this meal included a vegetable, so I think we’re doing pretty good.” “Hell yeah!” *couple’s high five*
    • Wally brings home Chinese for dinner and comes through the door like “I HAVE PROVIDED”
    • Jax makes waffles for breakfast and Wally’s so stoked that they end up making out against the fridge until they remember the waffles are getting cold.
  • Iris adores Jax and comes over all the time to hang out and tell them they need to buy better food.
  • They pretty much gave up on owning their own clothes the second they moved in together. (Although Wally has a complex system of letting Jax wear sweatshirts for a few days so they smell like Jax and then taking them back.)
  • Wally brought several incredibly tacky lava lamps when they moved in and refuses to get rid of them.
  • Jax and Wally are the biggest cuddlers on the planet. They’ll jam themselves into one corner of the couch, spend an hour just snuggling in bed in the morning, you name it. Jax has slightly greater big spoon tendencies but they’re versatile. 
  • They kept buying each other little toy cars as joke gifts but then their friends started getting in on it too and now it’s a seriously impressive collection, so there a little cars all over their apartment. On the coffee table, on top of the microwave, on the back of the toilet, you name it.
  • They send each other cheesy little playlists like all the time, it’s adorable.
  • Double dates with Iris and Barry what uuuuup
  • Jax does more dishes, Wally does more laundry. Both of them hate cleaning the bathroom and will try to find ways to make the other one do it. Jax tries to set up a fair every-other-week system; Wally tries to get out of it with sexual favors. 
  • They visit Joe and Jax’s mom at least once a week, because both of them appreciate the heck out of their living parents, okay?
  • Wally lost his key like the first week there and didn’t want to tell Jax, so he’s just been sneaking in through the fire escape. It took Jax like a month to figure it out and when he did he wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or bang his head on the wall.
  • They’ve got a little radio on the window sill that picks up the awesome alternative college station and it’s one approximately 24-7. 
  • There’s always Gatorade in the fridge. Always. Jax needs it. 
  • Speaking of: Jax likes to go running in the evenings. Wally, who hates running, refuses to join him. And then he gets super speed and laps him just to be a little shit
  • Concept: Wally and Jax in their boxers and hoodies enjoying a lazy Sunday eating cereal on the couch in their sun-filled living room. They sit with their legs overlapping. They’re utterly content. 

I’m sorry, I’m so bad at domestic, I tried and some of it’s cute

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some kenkage if you have time? i love them so much ♥(ˆ⌣ˆԅ)

i jump at ANY chance to talk about KageKen, my first rare pair, my love, my awkward babies, my kageken OTL


  • (I’ve shared this HC before) Kageyama sleeps really early (for his height!!!), and Kenma sleeps pretty irregularly, either super early or super late.
  • When Kenma sleeps really really late, he’d crawl into bed and wrap his arms around Kageyama’s middle and rests his head on Kageyama’s back
  • Kageyama would wake up with a cat attached to his back
  • Kenma is usually the big spoon though. I have this mental image of Kenma playing games late into the night while Kageyama snores softly in his arms. Like after a long day of volleyball practice, Kageyama would literally collapse (super satisfied) into Kenma’s lap or arms.
  • but sometimes when Kenma is having a bad day, or when he’s been stimulated too much during the day, Kageyama would be the big spoon, and wrap Kenma up in an excessive amount of blankets, and give him a milk box and even offer to run out to buy him pork curry rice, even though Kenma isn’t really that interested in food.
  • Kenma appreciates the sentiment though.
  • They’re both pretty shy when it comes to showing affection in public,  but Kageyama shows more.
  • When they meet up he’d lean down and kiss Kenma’s cheek lightly before pulling away with a blush (he, eventually, can do it without blushing right down to his neck, but it takes a bit of time)
  • He really loves carding his hand through Kenma’s hair. It’s soft and long, and sometimes Kenma snuggles against his palm and it makes Kageyama’s heart go boom
  • Kenma not stuffing his hand into his pocket so Kageyama could hold it if he wants. The first time he does this he doesn’t look at Kageyama and Kageyama doesn’t catch on. But the second time he brushes his fingers against Kageyama’s and then he gets it
  • Kenma stretching up slightly to kiss the side of Kageyama’s neck, right near his pulse (ʘ‿ʘ)  he’d then press his forehead against Kageyama’s collarbone, the tips of his ears tinted red

I freaking love this ship so much

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S/o tries they best to make jack morrison (before he became soldier 76) blush and kisses him infront of everyone and runs for it.

(hahahaha I’m so sorry, but I have to do this.)

  • S/O would put every tactic that they knew up to this point against Jack.
  • From the cutesy talk (maybe he’ll blush of how cute they are??) to the sexy talk
  • S/O just couldn’t get any of it to work!!!
  • It wasn’t until Gabriel (probably jokingly spitefully) gave some advice did they find something
  • S/O would purposely saunter over to Jack, making sure he was sitting somewhere comfy
  • S/O then proceeds to sit in his lap, snuggling up to him all cutely like they’ve done before
  • Leans up just close enough for him to hear their whisper
  • “Do you like it when I’m like this… daddy”
  • GIves a quick kiss on the cheek and jumps off of his lap super quickly
  • Has a giggle fit down the hall as he’s chasing them, asking them what the hell was that about
  • Growls at them to not takes lessons from Gabe when they admit he gave them the idea

-Admin Kitty

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What if Fushimi got hit by a strains power that made him a few centimeters tall.

He would be so adorable and palm-sized. He gets hit by the Strain’s power and immediately vanishes and everyone freaks out because the Strain made Fushimi-san disappear, and that’s when someone notices the angry squeaking sound coming from by their feet. Even better if it shrinks just Fushimi and not his clothes so there’s a bitty naked Fushimi sitting in a pile of his clothing looking extremely pissed off. He kinda wraps himself in his shirt like a dress as he gets picked up by one of the Scepter 4 boys and they’re all suddenly interested in staring at their cute little boss. Someone has the presence of mind to run to a toy store and buy Fushimi a nice variety of doll outfits, most of which are super cute and of course Fushimi hates them. When they get back to Scepter 4 headquarters Munakata praises their quick thinking and then probably has too much fun playing dress-up with tiny irritated Fushimi. And Awashima is totally into it too because she likes cute things and now Fushimi is somehow suddenly more appealing because she can put little outfits on him. Fushimi just wonders if anyone else has any work to do or anything, can’t they just leave him alone.

Fushimi maybe briefly attempts work but he can only type by jumping from key to key on his computer and that gets old pretty quick. Munakata decides that Fushimi should take a break with him and Fushimi ends up just sulking in Munakata’s pocket while Munakata sits at his desk playing puzzles. Maybe he lets Fushimi help and Fushimi gets to walk around dragging pieces one by one into place while Munakata just observes him happily. Fushimi later ends up falling asleep on a stack of papers and even though those are important reports no one can bring themselves to move him, Munakata just lays a little handkerchief or something over him and lets him sleep. Also everyone’s a little worried about accidentally stepping on Fushimi or something (I imagine at one point Fushimi’s trying to do his work and Doumyoji argues that they can’t turn in reports to him, what if they accidentally squish him).

Later everyone goes out after the Strain again and Fushimi gets to ride in people’s pockets because he wants to get back to normal now please. Maybe he gets jostled in the Strain chasing though and falls out, hitting the ground and ending up a little disoriented because that’s a long fall for a tiny Fushimi. He ends up almost getting run over by Yata’s skateboard and tosses a bunch of teeny tiny knives at it, doing just enough damage to cause Yata to fall. Yata’s like what the hell was that and then he feels something sharp like a bug bite in his arm, looks down and sees another tiny knife. That’s when he notices travel-sized Fushimi standing there, looking suddenly a bit pale because okay Misaki’s a little bigger than he remembers. At first Yata’s all mocking him, like who’s the shorty now huh monkey and Fushimi’s all annoyed, but then maybe the crowd on the sidewalk is getting thicker and Fushimi almost gets stepped on a couple times and finally Yata has to scoop him up to rescue him. Fushimi’s yelling at Yata to put him down but Yata just tells him to shut up because he’s gonna get killed at this rate. Fushimi reluctantly lets Yata carry him and they end up Strain chasing with Fushimi clinging to Yata’s hat and looking a little ill, because Yata’s skateboarding is a little too fast for him at this size and hello sudden motion sickness.