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Seeing your Bias at the Grocery Store

Today is Tuesday, Tuesday is grocery day. There you are in the baking isle getting some supplies for blueberry muffins. As you compare prices a familiar song comes on and you hum the tune softly. Sensing someone else entering the aisle you glance up. You freeze, it can’t be…but it is. You would recognize that face anywhere, especially considering he is the subject of your lockscreen. Blushing you quickly turn back to the shelf, but you are no longer comparing flour prices. Instead you are thinking of ways to subtly get his attention before he leaves the isle. You really don’t want him to think you are a crazy fan. Nor do you want to bother him when he is obviously trying to get by unnoticed in public and get his grocery shopping done, not unlike yourself. As all the possibilities run through your head you suddenly hear him clear his throat behind you. You are blocking the entire flour section, while moving to get out of the way you bump into him. “I’m so sorry” you squeak. “No problem” he says offhandedly, grabs a bag of flour and pushes his cart around you leaving the isle briskly. You didn’t see him for the rest of your shopping trip, but not without trying. You head to the registers sighing, you missed your chance to speak with your favorite idol, how disappointing. Looking up again to move up in the line there he is pushing his cart, now done cashing- out, toward the exit. But before he reaches it you see a girl stop him squealing and speaking very animatedly, and soon enough more attention is brought to him. More fangirls crowd around him taking pictures and videos. He is being polite, but continues glancing towards the exit. Obviously he just wants to leave with his groceries, but he must keep appearances. You really pity him as you yourself are able to pay for your baking supplies, walk past the steadily growing crowd, and out into the parking lot. You frown as you drive home wondering if that poor man is still stuck in the grocery store lobby.