super junior


KangTeukChul Choki Choki 19+ ver.

Don’t imagine your bias as the school’s quarterback. Don’t imagine him coming to you after school, cornering you at your locker and asking, face red, “Hey, I heard you got really good marks in English last quarter, and I was wondering… Could you tutor me? Coach says I need to bring my grade up if I want to stay on the team…” Don’t imagine tutoring sessions that turn into hanging out with your new found friend, sharing music while studying, and even getting him to pick up the guitar that’s sitting in the corner of his tiny bedroom, and sing a song for you (It’s almost unfair, you decide, for someone to be so good looking, as well as talented at sports and music). Don’t imagine him convincing you to come to his games, whining, “Come on, I’m only able to play because you’re genius self is dragging my dumb ass through school. It’s only right you come to see me be a superstar on the field.” Don’t imagine meeting him outside the locker room after the game, ignoring his teammates conspiratorial grins, as he nervously stutters out, “S-so, we’ve been friends for a while, and… Well… I like you. A lot. And, if you like, I want to take you on a date. You’re just really smart and funny and damn you’re hot as hell and I think I might die of embarrassment if I keep rambling about all the reasons why I like you, but what do you say? Will you go out with me?”