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[ENGLISH TRANSCRIPT] 150421 Kim Heechul on 4 Things Show

For the raw video of the episode, click here.

Note (please read!):

  1. Everything is translated by me, so make sure to give proper credit.
  2. I won’t translate everything in details (I’ll leave out a huge chunks of the captions), and I’ll just focus on the interesting bits (though that’s basically almost everything).
  3. Since it would be too long to include everything in just one post, the translation will be divided into eight parts (each part contains roughly about 4~5 minutes worth of the show).
  4. If you notice any translation errors, please do tell me about it.


Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4

Part 5 || Part 6 || Part 7 || Part 8

Additional note: Feel free to turn this translation into a subtitle but please contact me first before doing so. And please give me a notice if any of the link(s) is not working

Just a bit of warning, there might be a lot of typos and grammar errors here and there. Mostly because I haven’t been proofreading it, and also because I’ve been typing way too much lately. And with 10,000 words in this transcript, sometimes my fingers and eyes couldn’t keep up with my brain (or sometimes it’s the other way round). Haha. Besides, neither English nor Korean is my native language, so yeah. Other than that, enjoy! :)

SME is that a promotion you gave to Super Junior? for real? 4 DAYS in music shows and a lot of mistakes (the trailer posted entirely on 1st day, MV uploaded 1 hour in YT after it was uploaded in other plateform and to mention the promotional poster in their building our TV is bigger than that) is this how a special album for their 10 yrs anniversary should be promoted? get your shit together SME, DEVIL did so good digitally compared to other albums, gdi i’m so angry, the album is so solid & good


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