super junior merchandise

Text:  There is an ongoing hate for OT8 and SM for promoting SNSD merchandise without Jessica. Jessica has the right to sue or gain profit if SM uses her image. It’s business, not trying to erase Jessica from our memories. Also, be mature fans and accept Jessica is not in SNSD anymore. It’s not like they show all 13 members of Super Junior on recent official merchandise either.

Note: I wasn’t sure if this was negative or not, so I decided to post it anyways

To celebrate Eunhyuk’s birthday at SMTOWN COEXartium! 

* on the paper:


Artist Birthday Event 

“To celebrate the birthday of Super Junior Eunhyuk on 4th April. 5th floor only service for Super Junior (merchandise) 20% discount for Super Junior (merchandise) to celebrate the event.”

Event time: Only on the day (4/4) of the artist birthday. (c)