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Zhou Mi is an actual angel

guys you need to understand how nice Zhou Mi is.

So, I teach english in Korea, I’m at the start of my second year now in a school I really like. Zhou Mi has seen my face for over a year now and he has a nice little clique of fans that go to damn near everything to see him so he knows our faces pretty well.

I recently discovered 3 of my 6 grade fans are Zhou Mi fans. 

So ysterday I saw him at The Show as I do every week. I let him know that some of my students really like him and gave him a letter asking if it was possible for him to gie these students signs because it would make them super happy.

My other opportunity to see him this week was tonight after a show recording. I expected him to be tired and didnt think i’d get a chance to get these signs for my students because the security had told us to stay in a certain spot and we didn’t know which manager he was with.

So Zhou Mi comes downstairs after recording. One fan went inside the recording and got a chance to talk to him, so aske him to use the lobby because we would be waiting there for him, so he used the lobby, but he’s over by the elevator a good yard or two away from us. He spots us and waves and then starts to walk towards us, taking a letter from one fan and then turning to me. (Meanwhile the security guard is like ??? and his manager is just kind of resigned. Like ‘oh there he goes…’)

Zhou Mi: *Smiles* “Ah give me the albums to sign please” (in Korean)
Me: Oh! *hands then over and confirms the names and dies because I can’t believe hes doing this*

Zhou Mi: Ah you are an English teacher.
Me: Yeah. 
Zhou Mi: You should teach me English next time.
Me: Of course! I can help you!
Zhou Mi: But how is my English? is it good?
Me: Really good!
Zhou Mi: My pronunciation is good?
Me: Yeah you pronunciation is really clear!
Zhou Mi: *chuckles happily and gives me the albums* Here you go~ *takes me early birthday gift* Oh thank you~

Zhou Mi walks away with his manager and then comes rushing back to me.

Zhou Mi: “Here have some coffee~ Goodnight~” *goes back to manager*

Seriously this sort of thing is unreal. He is painfully sweet. So, so, so lovely. I can’t believe he did this for me. My students are going to lose their shit.

And he had the sweetest smile on the whole time. Like whenever he’s talking to us I never feel like we are a chore for him to deal with. He’s such a genuinely lovely person.