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Sungmin Blog Update: Teukie hyung, are you watching?..

Are we youngsters..?Kekeke

We reached Atlanta after 13 hours of flight!
Now, we have to wait for 7 hours and
take another 10 hours of flight…ㅠㅠ Today’s flight was tiring…


Eh ee…I can only upload this now…

The Chile performance ended well..
The first performance without Teukie hyung..
I was nervous and worried..

It’s very~ interesting and well done!!
We’re indeed shiny one stage~
Teukie hyung, are you watching?..

I miss you~
We should tell them about Korea and Korean together!
ㅠㅠWhat a pity.. We’re still not perfect yet~
Come back quickly~Because we’re doing really well!

We’ve been to many places overseas but this is the first time at South America..
Like what I’ve heard, it’s a passionate and cool country.
I would like to go to the other South American countries too!!!
Please find us frequently♥No matter where we go..

Korea, Japan and China fans who are 12 hours ahead of us..
I miss you all so much…I feel like time is moving in an opposite directionㅎㅎ

I’ll come back and greet you all handsomely again tomorow^^

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Today marks one year since many Chilean fans realized their dream . The day confirmed the SS5 in Chile was the happiest girl in the world ,I could not believe it! Super Junior, the most influential in the world of KPOP group would come to Chile with his long-awaited “ Super Show 5” . It was too good to be true … It took me hours to sink .

I went to the airport but I could not see them , they had gone out elsewhere < | | | 3, but still I was pleased to know that Henry had remembered us and tweeted .

The show was spectacular . More than 11,000 people attended the concert ! The sapphire blue ocean looked beautiful … They were divine with us, played , laughed, danced and sang amazing. They are the true kings of KPOP .

I have many feelings and thoughts at the moment but I do not lengthen much because I do not want to bother , hahaha . Just want to say … Thank you Super Junior. Thank you very much for the wonderful 4-hour long concert .

See you in SS6!



Parte 1:
Parte 2:
Parte 3:
Parte 4:
Parte 5:
Parte 6:
Parte 7:

I am so sorry for all the movement, the screams, and the people who crossed in the video.

You can watch this video on HD!


Vi a Super junior *–* Valió la pena ir al hotel

-Ryewook no puedes ser mas lindo.
-Las piernas de siwon Wow! sin palabras
-Monito Tan Lindo, Igual quería irse con hae.
-Henry Debiste haber saludado (?) e__e

-Según los huéspedes que iban saliendo del hotel Super Junior ,son super amables y les hicieron señas con las manos [Saludando] También dijeron que eran muy lindos.

Y Ese Fue mi dia ♥


@ryeong9: 씨엔블루 엠블랙 애프터스쿨 라니아 슈주 다비치 in Chile ㅋㅋㅋㅋ 정말 와인농장에서 밥먹고 잔디밭에서 옹기종기 ~ 잼났음 ~~ㅋㅑㅋㅑ

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@ryeong9: CNBLUE MBLAQ After School RaNia SuJu Davichi in Chile kekeke having a meal at a wine farm and playing on the grass~ it was fun kya

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Dreammaker Facebook Update: SUPER JUNIOR is bringing their special event “SUPER CAMP” to the U.S., Mexico and Chile. | 160521

Beware all E.L.F.s!
SUPER JUNIOR is bringing their special event “SUPER CAMP” to the U.S., Mexico and Chile.

We know how much all of you have been waiting to meet SUPER JUNIOR!
Hope all E.L.F.s come and join this fun and intimate event!

Tour dates are as below:

in LOS ANGELES July 1st (FRI)
in MONTERREY July 3rd (SUN)
in MEXICO CITY July 5th (TUE)
in SANTIAGO July 7th (THU)
in NEW YORK CITY July 9th (SAT)

Ticketing and venue information is to be announced soon.

E.L.F.s Are you all ready?
Meet you all in July! NOS VEMOS EN JULIO!


Super Junior’s D&E “Surround Viewing” concert in Chile gets explosive response from local fans

SM Entertainment has introduced a new business model that combines concert and ICT’s “Surround Viewing” in Chile, receiving an explosive response from local fans.
On April 22nd at 3:10pm local time at the Espacio Riesco’s Pabellon 4 in Santiago, Chile, the SUPER JUNIOR D&E JAPAN TOUR 2015 -Present- SURROUND VIEWING in Chile was held. Super Junior D&E (Donghae & Eunhyuk)’s concert was presented in surround viewing form with local fans filling up the theater to watch.
“Surround Viewing” is another form of relaying a live concert to fans, utilizing three-screens wrapped around an auditorium, and will make you feel as if you are at the actual concert.
This is the first time SME has shown this time of recording anywhere in the world, and with the success of its first showing, a new chapter has been opened in relaying K-pop content internationally.

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