super junior i regret nothing

To the one that touched my heart, thank you for all you’ve done for me, even if you realize it or not. You’ve been my light in my darkest days; you have always shined so bright for me to see. After you’ve shaken my mind, don’t leave me. You’re someone I hold dear to my heart, because one day I saw you smile, and from that day forth, you’ve made my heart skip a beat every time. Having you in my life has changed it for the better; your voice is like medicine for whenever I feel down and gloomy, you always seem to ease my pain away with just one serenade.Your voice is like none other, such a soft, sweet, and silky tone; pure beauty.

It doesn’t matter if I’m lonely. Whenever I think of you, a smile spreads across my face, and I can’t help but smile, because you make me happy.

I have hope, because I know one day, we’ll meet face to face, and I’ll just be there, smiling as brightly as you do.

You’ve stood by my side when I need it most, and no matter what, I’ll stand by your side. In life, you experience some hardships and some things that trouble you, but that’s what only makes us stronger and let us see the brightness in the day. Cherishing life, and holding it close to you, is one of the gifts in life that you will always remember. Push aside those stormy days and wait for sunny days, and smile, because your smile lightens up any room. No matter how many times I stumble and fall, I’m still standing like this. You’re the one who makes me happy, the happiest I could ever be,

On this day, your birthday, you turn another year older, one step forward to more exciting adventures and stories to be told.One step closer to new goals and achievements to be made, but also another year of hard work and determination, because at the end of the day, it all pays off. Your strength leads you to a new, brighter day full of opportunities to be taken.

Even if the the world separates us, we will always see the same sky.

Because you have given me a dream that will never sleep.

Happy Birthday, my dear Cho Kyuhyun.