super junior abs

Let’s be real now, the hardest thing when you have more than one bias in a groups is when you watch a dance practice and you don’t know at which one to look at.


What kinda amateur porno 🤔

Personally For Me It Would Be:

1. Siwon

2. Ryeowook

3. Leeteuk

4. Zhou Mi

5. Eunhyuk

6. Donghae 

7. Kibum

8. Henry

9. Yesung

10. Henry

11. Sungmin

12. Kyuhyun

13. Heechul

14. Shindong 

15. Kangin (Work It Up!) 


Ummmm…what are you two doing in there???  ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)