super junior


HC: Changmin said “I’ll give you all the money I made so far, just let me join a concert with you”
Gura: Is he insane? Wouldn’t that be a story of “The prince and the paupers”
KH: No, It is because he saw us playing like lunatics in the waiting room and thought it was really great so he wanted to join us.

Heechul’s new look for Devil really suits him, and he seems to enjoy the song a lot, because while performing he looks happier and more energetic than ever. And I’m really glad, because I was afraid that he wasn’t enjoying performing as much as he did before. He was never the best dancer or the best singer, but on stage, he would always do little things that were exciting to see.


special_js1004: Thank you for the warm welcome!!!^^.. isolated at LA airport for 30 minutes.. Shout “Super Junior” even louder in the future..ㅋㅋThank U.. (cr)


Jurassic Park AU: In which Donghae re-opens his grandfather’s park and hires two paleontologists (Siwon and Eunhyuk) and a mathematician (Kyuhyun) to tour the theme park populated by dinosaurs to assures everyone that it is safe. But, they find out otherwise when various ferocious predators break free and go on the hunt.