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Jean Moreau & Renee Walker. Friends, survivors, effulgent

Neil thought of Jean’s odd reaction to Renee at the fall banquet, the lingering look and the uncomfortable introduction. It was the memory he’d been looking for last week when going through his messages at Reddin. Jean accepted Riko and Tetsuji’s cruelty because he had no one outside of the Ravens. With nothing else to live for and no reason to fight, he bowed his head and focused on surviving. Renee was the first bright thing to catch his eye.

Guardian Angel

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Request:  Hey could i request a warren x reader? where he doesn’t die and instead comes back with them to the school and ends up falling in love with the reader but she don’t know only their friends & its just cute cause he kinda hates everyone lmao

Pairing: Warren Worthington x reader

Summary:  Reader has the power to create force fields and to teleport. During the fight with Apocalypse the reader saves Warren’s life. Ever since then the winged bad boy follows you around like a bodyguard, protecting you from even the smallest inconveniences. Along the way Warren starts to fall for you and everyone knows… except you.

Words Count: 1,684

Genre:  fluffy

Notes: YASS WARREN MY BB FLUFF BURB. But for real, I’m a big warren girl. This is set during Apocalypse

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okay i got this ask like ages ago but i loved it so much i just hoarded it until now so to anon: im sorry i mean youve probably forgotten that you even sent me this but thank you so much for sending it

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