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Hanzo and Genji - Me


Kevin MacLeod - Basic Implosion

Dragonball Z Kai - Ginyu Tokusentai

TobyFox - Hotel

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Flower Allura and Hunk Icons requested by Anon

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you know in interstellar when they reach a planet with so much gravity or whatever that time moves slower relative to time on earth? so when they come back to earth everyone they knew is either dead or really old????

imagine that but in voltron with the paladins and their families………

mika and yuu in c3 for @yuichiroswife

Donghae comments on Heechul instagram live : 

Donghae kept on leaving comments on heechul’s ig live saying “Hyung, come to Japan asap. I miss you”
Heechul saw Donghae’s comment and was screaming then said he couldn’t travel today because he had schedule.
Donghae - Hyung
Come asap
I miss you
Hyung, it’s me donghae.
Heechul played Oppa Oppa on his phone for Donghae and was singing along. Then said he wil work hard, earn lots of money and buy donghae delicious food
Heechul said there is a funny talk/story behind “Oppa Oppa”. The song actually means that “I’m a superstar, I’m a famous person” Even the lyrics say it “I’m a total woman killer”. Bcs of the lyrics, Donghae always gets embarrassed for (admitting) to be a woman killer while singing.
Donghae : You know that I love you, right?
Heechul said Donghae must be drunk
Heechul instalive - bcs of “Life Bar” filming. Heechul couldn’t travel to Japan 
Heechul said that Donghae only drinks few shots then he’ll go like “i feel like dying”
After what heechul said Donghae left a comment : “Hyung, stop ㅎㅎ”
Heechul was singing & DH said “hyung stop singing” then HC was like “Ya I’m now the main vocalist after Yesung since Ryeowook and Kyuhyun aren’t here”
He added “urgh *sighs* Kangin, this bastard’s voice is so good”