super inflated

  • alright so realistically the pipe infrastructure probably wont be fixed in the next ten years
  • all the money thats been donated to the city or from the government is more or less a big ?? because we’re not seeing where its going

  • big rumor going around that the advisor the mayor is getting paid 120k out of water crisis money
  • went downtown today to talk to my water company about these inflated bills and it turns out that when the water crisis first hit big news, they installed new meters int he majority of the residents’ homes – these meters are leading to super inflated charges for water we can’t safely use. and the state won’t cover the costs of these water bills or credit them, so we’re forced to pay 10% of these super inflated water bills at random intervals and within a weeks time risk getting our pipes capped if we dont comply
im tired

✨✨ Super huge air inflation , I strip down from a striped dress to nothing showing off my belly from all angles and I even try to belly roll a few times reaching a new level of moaning from the discomfort & a new level of hugeness! 😱😜❤️ ✨✨This is the biggest i have ever got with inflation, i nearly burst i pushed myself so far😵😵😵I could literally feel myself stretching past my max!🙈😱

31 min for $30
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what *is* transformation porn...?

Its porn…where people transform

Ok more specifically the appeal comes from seeing someone “normal” turn into an extreme fetish object so like, ladies turning into bimbos, or getting super fat, or growing/inflating, all sorts of stuff. I also know its big in the sissification scene although like…idk I hate to cast aspersions on that scene as a whole bc I know some trans women who kinda found themselves for the first time in the “forced femme” concept but its also just kinda…not great in terms of how most of the scene views trans women.

Also I’m sure furries have some version of this stuff, amirite @4lung?

Let me explain why this isn’t true. I understand most of tumblr is all about saving Africa from your room and never going outside. Basic economics state if everyone gets a million the value of a million is lost and becomes a dollar, there has to be a balance so money has a value.

Everyone gets a million dollars super inflation kicks in. I understand economics and math isn’t tumblr speciality and saying you offend me is. Please know your shit before spreading bull

You know I just realized? I completely forgot Bakugou says, “I’ll be one of the richest people in the world!!” (official english translation) early on when he’s first introduced. 

Bakugou never mentions it again as far as I remember, but it’s so odd how one of the reasons why he wants to be a hero is to get rich. Couple that with the fact that he can cook (and it seems like he’s cooked enough to be comfortable with using a kitchen knife), and I wonder if his family isn’t very well off…? 


WongFuProductions “Super Inflated” -Wong Fu Weekends

I fricken started fangirling the last five minutes. Oh my gosh!!!! I wish I recorded my reaction. Fricken……Ahhhhhhhh!!!!!