super infinite rec

giant fic rec (updated 7/6/15)

All chaptered stories are complete unless stated otherwise. If there is a chaptered story linked to livejournal, I have not provided links to every single chapter, only the first chapter. The rest of the chapters can be found on the author’s journal (usually easily found in their masterlist if they have one). Most aren’t in any particular order (but I will put my favorite chaptered stories at the top). Anything with a heart next to it is an absolute must read. I tried to put genres and warnings on all that needed them, but some of these are very old and I don’t have time to read every single one of them again, so I’m sorry if I miss something! I’ll be updating this frequently^^

Fandoms listed (in this order): SHINee, VIXX, DBSK, Super Junior, Infinite, BTS, Marvel, Fullmetal Alchemist, Danny Phantom, Teen Titans, Free!, Attack on Titan

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massive fic rec

a revised, reorganized, even longer fic rec here

here’s a list of the fandoms (and ships) in order:


BTS (taekook, vhope, taegi, vmin, vmon, namjin, yoonjin, sugamon, yoonmin, ot3-ot7)

VIXX (neo, navi, nhyuk, nbin, haken, rabin, hyuken, hyukbin, ot3-ot6, vixx/other groups)

SHINee (2min, taekey, jongtae, ontae, jongkey, jongyu, taekai, ot3-ot5)

DBSK (yunjae, jaemin)

Super Junior (kyumin, kangmin, simin, teukmin, shinmin, hyukmin)

Infinite (ot7)


Marvel (spideypool, superfamily, other)

Fullmetal Alchemist (royed, elricest, heied)

Danny Phantom (pompous pep, pitch pearl, danny/dash, no pairing)

Teen Titans (bbrae, robrae)

Attack On Titan (jearmin, eremin)

Free! (reigisa)

Teen Wolf (sterek)