super hydrophobic

i remember this exercise i would go through in my head while bored in 10th grade english where i would try to think of a True Opposite of something. like the opposite of an orange isnt a banana because theyre both fruit, the opposite of an orange isnt industrial strength super hydrophobic spray because theyre both matter, the opposite of an orange isnt nonexistence because even conceiving nonexistence causes it to become existent. so tl;dr for that exercise: nothing has a true opposite other than absolute negation, binaries are impermanent, even supposed transcendence of a binary implies a binary of Absolute / Ultimate and Conventional, and conceiving the transcendence of a binary while /within/ the very frameworks of that binary guarantees the transcendent’s binary grounding.


Plant of the Day
Wednesday 10 August 2016

The beautiful flower and remarkable foliage of Nelumbo nucifera (sacred lotus) seen growing outside in containers at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. This plant is a rhizomatous aquatic perennial with long-stalked, rounded leaves and pink or white flowers held on long stalks above the water surface. These are a challenge to grow in Britain and need to be overwintered in a glasshouse. The leaves are considered to be super hydrophobic with their water-repellent surface and scientists are using the plant’s design to develop inexpensive ways to create synthetic coatings with anti-wetting properties. These can be used on everything from ship hulls to water-proof fabrics.

Jill Raggett