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I have the superpower of unconsciously knowing exactly which character is going to die and making them my favorite.

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Do you know of any curses that would cause someone to lose their closest friends/make people dislike them? My friend had a friend that betrayed her and spread rumours that her bf broke up with her over, I wanna get back at the person that caused that

The best one I can think to offer you would be…

Perhaps even…

Maybe try…

  • [“Thrown Out of the Nest” Curse] (to isolate someone from their family or a group of friends for their harming behavior; for those who are constantly being verbally or physically abusive toward others)

Or, if you wanted something super intense…

  • [Releasing the Hounds] (an intense curse to summon five ghost hounds to rip apart five aspects of the victim’s life - finance, romance, family, friendship, academia; you can change these aspects as you see fit)

Don’t forget your curse safety too!

Good luck anon!

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Can I get me some headcanons of how the Bayverse Autobots would react to noticing reader got a tattoo of the Autobot emblem? (Because they figured they're part of this war now might as well right?) Hope I'm wording this right. Thank you so much!!

Bayverse Autobots

Optimus is a little worried that you’ll get aprehended for your involvement (especially with what happends in AoE), but is somewhat proud of you for making the dedication.

Bumblebee, Crosshairs and Hound are super proud of you for being so dedicated to their cause, and will probably show you off to the others.

Ratchet would roll his optics, but say that it looked good on you. He’s secretly happy you decided to get it.

Ironhide laughs, and asks why you decided to get it. He’s touched (and really proud) that you’d do that.


“Animation offers a medium of story telling and visual entertainment which can bring pleasure and information to people of all ages everywhere in the world.” - Walt Disney

Puppy just received this in the mail!

Which means that I have now been subscribed to this wonderful game for 720 days!

I played a little more than this, because of the trials, but I still feel like it’s a special moment. I never expected to see that outfit on any of my characters! 

Here’s to many many more days of good times! <3

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MCCREE, reaper, and 76 at a carnival with their s/o. could u imagine the hilarity that ensues I'm laughing just thinking about it (ok but give me ur cutest and fluffiest stuff i am r e a d y)

This is my favorite thing to write you have no idea Nonny this is gonna be LONG

McCree: Plays every single shooting game and wins all of them. He even brings a small cart for all the stuffed animals he wins for his s/o, and beams every time they thank him. He hates the Tilt-O-Whirl so much, and always pukes after it, but he loves the big swing ride and will ride it five million times during the night. He loves funnel cakes and always has a powdered sugar mustache afterwards, giving his s/o the perfect opportunity to kiss him. Prefers to go to the carnival at night bc it’s prettier and cooler, and always cops a feel and make out session at the top of the Ferris wheel.

Reaper: Gets mad when he can’t win the fucking duck game and eds up shooting one of the little ducks. Turns out that one was the big prize. He pretends like he doesn’t want the super cute basset hound plushie at the dart balloon game but his s/o sees through it and wins it for him. He’s flushing hard when they give it to him and he murmurs his thanks before kissing their cheek softly. Really likes fried Oreos, and the haunted house. Has his s/o hold his hand while he’s getting his face painted w a little skull and he doesn’t wash it off for like two days. Holds his s/o close the entire time they’re on the Ferris wheel, and also likes going at night.

Soldier 76: Such a gentleman, it’s crazy. Asks what his s/o wants him to win, and he wins it for them and preens when they kiss his cheek in thanks and giggle happily. Loves to do the bumper cars and gets way too into it, same with the roller coaster. Prefers the day time, but will go anytime bc he gets sunburnt easily. Loves it when people bring their dogs with them and asks to pet every single one bc he’s totally a dog person. Hates the swing ride and shoves McCree into a trash can after the cowboy forces him onto the ride. Kisses his s/o and confesses his undying love to them at the top of the Ferris wheel and they take the cutest couples’ selfies.


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Relationship Status: in the words of a t-shirt i saw once, totally available!! please disturb me!!

Pets: moony my moony (sleek black long-haired purr machine with big yellow eyes, currently in the care of the lovely stef), i guess my mom’s dog? duchess (four-month-old king charles cavalier spaniel, bouncy excitable lap dog extraordinaire), currently hanging out a lot with my mom’s friend’s dog honey (super anxious white hound, currently staring out of the window like she’s in a music video)

Last Song I Listened to: hello helicopter by motion city soundtrack – yo ros we were listening to the same band when we did this!!!!

Favourite T.V. Show: hmm rn i’ve been watching on and off supergirl flash and brooklyn 99

First Fandom: harry potter, if you count ‘fandom’ as ‘geeking out about it with my mom and dad’

Hobbies: drawing, reading, writing, playing video games, staring into space dissociating

i tag anyone who wants to do this!! yes you!

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I wonder what sam and deanie are doing right now in the darkness

well i imagine, to save on production costs,

that covers basic plot for episodes 1-5, until someone arrives with one of those big super fans you always see in gyms

some headcanons about my son, azumane asahi
  • is just as much of a doting parent as suga and daichi
  • the go to person for things like band aids, advil, snacks, spare change, as well as pads and tampons cause “you should be prepared for anything y’ know.”
  • is very passionate about dogs
  • mostly adopts dogs with disabilities that would otherwise be put down
  • he currently has a super energetic walker hound that has 3 legs and a blind st bernard thats very laid back and keeps the other in check
  • ends up going to college to be a veterinarian
  • ok so theres a hc going around that hes a stress baker and i like to think that he bakes different things depending on how stressed he is
  • like he’ll call suga or noya or someone and be like “please help me i am Seriously Stressed™ right now" “how stressed exactly” “i have an angel food cake on the table and a key lime pie in the oven” “ok hold on ill be there in 5″
  • his hair is probably really thick and aside from him liking his ‘wild’ appearance he probably grows it out so it actually looks decent
  • he’s tried putting his hair in a braid a couple of times, but his hair always gets super tangled so he usually just sticks to buns
  • whever he’s about to ride a rollercoaster he always gets these irrational fears right before
  • but he always ends up loving it and he goes on it at lest 10 more times before the end of the day