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ZoSan Fic Rec  - Part II (aka one chapter fic rec)

Okayyy SO, I had wayyy to much ZoSan fics to rec everything in a single post, so here’s the rest of it !

Most of the fic listed here and short ones, mostly one chapter ! Also once again, lot of stuff from Unda !

  • Get what you want / Get what you need - Unda : Sanji knows that you don’t always get what you want but he’ll be damned if he’s going to let anyone keep themselves from getting what they need. - The idea for this fic is incredibly original and so awesome ! Another fic by Unda and once again it’s awesome ! I really loved it from start to the end and Sanji was my precious son, way too pure for this world.
  • Usopp is a liar - Unda : Usopp, Luffy and Chopper set off on a doomed quest to discover what’s really under Sanji’s fringe, gradually dragging the rest of the crew into their quest with them. A response to the one piece kink meme, no pairings. - Okay so this one is NOT ZoSan, there is no pairing but it’s so funny and AWESOME that I have to put it in ! It’s rather short and a lot of fun, I laughed out loud reading it. if you ever need something to lift your mood, this is a goto !
  • Wrong Number - Dangit : Tumblr Prompt:
    I sent a selfie of myself in the tub to the wrong person and you responded back with another selfie. Holy shit, you’re hot.
    - This fic here is also super cute and I loved the fluff. But warning, maybe it’s just me but Ace seemed quite OOC in this one..
  • Delivery - Styx_in_the_mud : Sanji is stuck delivering pizzas when Patty is out of commission for a while. Zoro likes to order pizza after training. Both of them are sort of idiots, but Zoro can be smooth as fuck if he puts his mind to it. - SO MUCH FLUFF I CAN’T. It’s awesome, just go read it. Seriously. Sanji’s shyness and Zoro’s bluntness and ARG I CAN’T !
  • Hate Follow - Unda : He knows that it’s probably unhealthy to hate follow people on tumblr but THIS GUY, this fucking guy… he’s just too much. - Unda, AGAIN, but this one… Omg so funny. Also Zoro and Sanji are so thick, it’s unbelievable ! There is a genderfluid character and I found it well written so Yay for inclusion !
  • Pi is Transcendental - Dangit : Tumblr Prompt:
    I’m actually really good at math but the tutor is really hot so I’m pretending to be dumb
    . - Can you see a pattern in the authors here ? Yes I definitely have my favs in the ZoSan fandom. Zoro is such a dork in it and asjfsnfnsf, just go and read.
  • The tought that counts - Unda : Finally we have an explanation for all of Sanji’s terrible wardrobe choices, and they’re all Zoro’s fault. - THIS ONE IS SO CUTE. I can’t. I wish I could but I can’t. Zoro is like super thick and the pining is ARGGG, please read it and send me a line by line report.
  • unintended consequence - itsmylifekay : Imagine person A making person B a friendship bracelet, expecting person B to never wear it, but when it’s given to them person B puts it on and is rarely seen with it off.A group of marines charge, Zoro slices through them, and in that instant Sanji feels his own eyes grow wide. Because there, on the arm now outstretched towards him, steel glinting in hand, is the stupid bracelet he’d given Zoro. The bastard is actually wearing it. - SO MUCH FLUFF UGGH. Can I just say go read it once again? This fic rec is getting out of hand and so does my excitement level. OKay so this one is also one of the first ZoSan fic i read and it’s super cute and go read it ?
  • Bartender AU - Unda : Sanji owns his own bar and the best part of it is the view into the flat of the attractive green haired man across the road. Zoro’s favourite evening pastime is unsubtly irritating the barman in his bar or just watching him hopefully from his window.  - This is such a great idea for a fic, and Unda’s genius struck once again, leaving me helpless in front of a great fic and what can I say, too much fluff, I can’t handle.

Alright so I think I’ll stop here for now ! I’ll probably do a Part III at some point, so be patient guys ! :)

Part I - Part 1.5

Since Katsuki’s quirk reveal summer has always been kinda tricky in the Bakugou household. 

The kid has always been quite intense since birth and no week has ever ended without the usual quota of broken things and it just uped a little bit since his powers activated. 

Summer though…

After an extra strong heat wave, Katsuki’s parents have to cancel the family’s summer plans and redirect their vacation budget to entirely rebuild Kacchan’s bedroom. 

His bed dies an explosive death in the middle of the night when Katsuki’s 7 year old and his parents run to the bedroom to find him sound asleep surrounded by wood dust and riped sheets. A small fire has started in a corner and the window lies now on the street floor in a pool a broken glass.

After another summer with another extra strong heat wave and another vacation cancellation, Katsuki’s parents upgrade their air-conditioning system and put fire detectors in every room. 

Kacchan’s bedroom gets five and a reinforced bed.

blj2007  asked:

Ok, so that was a MAJOR mind fuck, and my heart hurts deeply, but also it's super hot in here, and I'm trying to Sherlock the shit out of it, and I can't even be mad about any of it because you are absolutely beyond brilliant and I adore you.💕

🙈 thank youuuuu!! i can’t believe you would say you adore me after that clusterfuck of a fic 😂 sherlock away!! there are some parts of the backstory i’ll confirm (and have on twitter), but others that i won’t because it would lead us all down a rabbit hole and that just ends in disaster. thank you for the love, tho!!! ♡ xx



Look at this shit how am I not supposed to spend 5 hours remaking my OCs in this CC